MTL - Ten Billion Shenhao From Sign-inChapter 614 season finale!
Urban Life

“Today’s sign-in +1 is not used, please start today’s sign-in!”“Sign in successfully, get 10 billion cash, which has been transferred to the bank account, please check.”Ding, 10000000.00 yuan has been credited to your bank card.“The treasure chest has not been opened today, do you want to open the treasure chest?”“Successfully open the treasure chest, get a luxury cruise ship worth tens of billions, a private helicopter worth tens of billions!”Chu Ping: “This system is too awesome!” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Punch In a Perfect WorldChapter 290 Devil Emperor Inheritance, Immortal Emperor

Check in in front of Shicun Liushen, and get the reward Innate Saint Dao Embryo.Check in in the False God Realm, and get a bonus cross-border amulet, which can be used to randomly enter other worlds.Check in at Tianshen Academy, get rewarded with the secret of writing, the speed breaks through the limit of the world, and evolves time.Check in in Xianyu, and get rewards.After entering the perfect world, Shi Zhong got the check-in system and became a member of Shi Village.Since then, the Eight Realms of the Lower Realm, the Three Thousand Dao States, the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands, the Immortal Realm and the Sea of ​​Heaven, etc., have all left footprints of stone bells. - Description from novelbuddy