MTL - The Sims: I Create a Fairy Way For All BeingsChapter 160 0 Xiaosheng wants to stand on the 3rd list

A teenager who obtained a life simulator, with the help of the life simulator, went from an inexperienced martial artist to the peak of cultivation, seeking immortals and chasing gods, paving the way for all living beings, and eventually becoming a generation of Taoist ancestors. [Avenue is fifty, Tianyan is forty-nine, escape to one of them! Therefore, everything in the world has a chance of life! ]Sixteen years old: You broke through the ninth-rank martial artist, in order to deter all the enemies with ulterior motives.Two hundred years old: You broke the bondage of heaven and earth, opened the body of the gods, and witnessed the way of immortals.Three hundred years old: You realize the nature of heaven and earth, and prove the way of heaven and immortals.Seven hundred and eighty-six years old: You have five proofs of the immortal way, one step to the sky, and the position of the monarch.…After countless simulations, [You have opened up an immortal path for all sentient beings and are respected as the Taoist ancestor. ] - Description from MTLNovel