MTL - City: From Inheriting a Courtyard To a GiantChapter 731
Urban Life

Pretending to be Jiang Lai’s boyfriend to meet her parents, but was given a house and a car by routine, and she wanted to do the fake show for real?Never expected to encounter a gun battle, a close call, awakening the infinite inheritance system.[A set of courtyard houses at the foot of the imperial city, is it inherited? 】[LV5 pistol arc shooting, is it inherited? 】[Bajiquan Grandmaster, do you want to inherit? 】National martial arts and marksmanship, language and musical instruments, culinary and acting skills, high-rise buildings, island territories, everything can be inherited.Slowly, Qin Yan discovered that he had actually traveled to a world where film, television and drama merged.A Xiang, Carambola, Gao Wen, Andy, Shi Miao, each heroine appeared on the stage, starting a domineering life. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Across the Sky From the Stop of Timev5 Chapter 1065 The Yamata no Orochi who was brutally beaten! !
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When Hao Shuai discovered that he had the ability to travel through the heavens…What? Does anyone want this treasure? no one asked me to take itWhat? This treasure is yours? But Pindao feels that this thing is destined for meRemember, after I die, I must throw my body into the sea, because in this way I can continue to surf. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Live Beautification SystemChapter 589 an ending
Urban Life

In a person’s life, three percent depends on hard work, seven percent depends on talent, and ninety percent depends on appearance.Ding Mu, originally an ordinary person with a little handsome, a little money, and a little smart, could only live an ordinary life with a little luxury and a little glory.By chance, Ding Mu wanted to download Meitu Xiuxiu, but got a real-life beautification system of aliens. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Hao is Also a Kind of Life~ One hundred and ninety-two: A unique way of repaying gratitude
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Have you ever thought about what the goddess in your mind will look like in front of others? - Description from MTLNovel