MTL - The Male Lead Doesn’t CooperateChapter 92 Don't be the male protagonist of Gongdou Wen (end)

System: You are the hero, go and capture that cute girl, she is the heroine.Male lead: I have a fiancee, so I can’t cheat.System: The heroine has appeared, she has been reborn now, you go to attack her.Male lead: The female lead was so badly harmed by the male lead in her previous life, let her go in this life.system:……Read the guide:The unit dramas are all written through books or overhead, without textual research, everything serves the plot.Content tags: face slap system fast travel through bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Song Cun ┃ Supporting role: many ┃ Others:One-sentence introduction: The male protagonist is difficult to do, so don’t do it. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Call Me DaddyChapter 133 , The last lesson of being a father (End)

Su Aobai used to be a bad son. In the men’s slap in the face, he was a rich second generation who was outstanding in everything, but he lost his wits when he met the male protagonist. His family was wiped out, and the overbearing father was pissed to death; , he is the second generation of Xiu with excellent talent, the hero who was abolished because of a woman’s ridicule, and the woman retired the marriage. In the end, the hero came back once he got the opportunity, and destroyed his sect, and the father of the suzerain died…Now, Su Aobai has become an old father, and has children who are as miserable as he was back then.Su Aobai refused at first, and the system promised him that he would be rewarded if he raised the favorability of his children. After that, he became really popular.Sure enough, what’s the point of being a son, the father is the most embarrassingTentative world:World One: Educated Youth Dad (End)World II: Prodigal Dad (End)World 3: Foolish and Filial Man in Fu Baowen (End)World IV: Redemption Text Dad (End)World Five: Apocalyptic Trash Dad (End)World Six: Ruanfan Men Don’t Be White-eyed Wolves (End)World Seven: The National Husband of a Gold Digger (End)Content tags: face slap system fast travel cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Su Aobai ┃ Supporting role: sons and daughters ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel