MTL - How To Wear a Goddess StatueChapter 206 extra three

In the eyes of outsiders, Luo Das is a perfect lady from a famous family. During a trip to the museum, she traveled back to the ancient kingdom generation a thousand years ago and became a statue of the goddess of the river established in the temple.After spending three days and nights as a stone statue, Luotas saw Eleuil, the daughter of the previous king who was exiled to the temple. The little girl raised her eyes and looked at the statue silently and stubbornly.The most legendary woman in the history of the kingdom, the battlefield death god who fought all her life but was poisoned before ascending the throne, is just a seemingly lonely little princess at the moment.Lotus: Well, it’s kind of cute.***Eleuil was exiled to a remote temple by her uncle, thinking that she would face a bleak future. She looked up at the statue and thought: If the gods really exist, please appear in front of me.So that night, the gods fell into a dream and reached out to her, which determined her lifelong beliefs.The young princess knelt in front of the statue and bowed her head reverently: “I will always respect you, believe in you, never betray, never blaspheme, and swear to you in the name of Eleuil!”Ten years later, it was she who held the icy wrist hanging down from the idol and kissed, and sighed uncontrollably: “Please forgive my offense, my eternal god and sweetheart, only you, I can’t let go.”Luodus: What about the cutie you said? ? ?***——The legend of the ancient queen and the gods will eventually become the most magnificent chapter in the interweaving of myths and history, and it will be passed down for thousands of years.Reading tips:1. The cool and glamorous queen who kills decisively × the elegant and abstinent goddess of decathlon2. The background of this article refers to the overhead ancient countries of ancient Egypt, Babylon and other civilizations. It is not a serious fantasy, and the name is as easy to remember as possible.3. Contains the settings of past and present life4. Emotional interaction takes place after both protagonists become adults5. Update every day around 12:00 noon, compare your heartContent tags: strong, special love, travel through time and space, epic fantasySearch keywords: Protagonist: Luodus, Eleuil ┃ Supporting role: Gods of Solanchia, people of the kingdom, and hostile forces ┃ Others: HE, 1v1, ability, god, ancient country, Western fantasy - Description from MTLNovel