MTL - Black Dragon KingdomChapter 520 Confused Fair Saint

The war between justice and evil has lasted for thousands of years.The evil alliance headed by the five-color dragon is retreating steadily in the war against humans.The old continent has been lost, and the five-colored dragons have retreated to the new continent to survive. The human side has won a great victory. At the point of the long sword, the evil race is defeated and defeated.Plains, mountains, seas, ice fields, underground, deserts, plateaus, forests, all the places in the world that can stand, there are human beings everywhere.Even swamps, a world where human beings cannot live at all, are decreasing day by day under the persistent policy of human beings to fill in swamps and reclaim land.In this moment of despair.In the dark swamp, three dragon eggs left behind by a certain female black dragon in order to escape slowly hatched.…Ace wakes up from the darkness and learns that he is about to face a dire situation for the entire human world.Rack your brains to survive.Rainforest grafting, swamp planting, absolute militarization, exhausting all methods to farm desperately to improve combat effectiveness.In the face of the enemy, you can’t be soft, your genes are deteriorating, your will is weakened, and you can eat away at every step.Hundreds of years later, the black wings covering the sky enveloped the world, and tens of millions of dark legions rushed towards the human world like a tide.With a population of tens of millions and three million soldiers, the empire is left with only a dying force, which is overwhelmed by the tide-like army of monsters.The millennium-old empire collapsed, the sculptures of heroes turned into dust, and the magnificent temple was burned.Among the ruins, the world crowned Ace.Readership (anyone can apply)828633016 - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Cp with the Female Partner Exploded In the Entertainment CircleChapter 171 Extra 10

After Cheng Qing’s death, he transmigrated into a book he had readThere is a female supporting actress who is arrogant and charming, and is so beautiful that she is top-notch only by her appearance – Luo XiBecause he always stumbles upon the heroine in variety shows, he has gradually become disliked by thousands of people.In the end, I broke my leg horribly.Cheng Qing felt sorry for her, so she took the variety show and wanted her to avoid the hero and heroineLater, Losey really avoidedShe followed Cheng Qing the whole time.“Qingqing, can you cook?”“Qingqing, can you do laundry?”“Qingqing, can you drive?”Cheng Qing will do anything for herLuo Xi would crouch in front of her and smile: “You are so nice, you can do anything.”Cheng Qing choked: “…I won’t”Luo Xi looked at her with wide eyes in doubt, Cheng Qing was helpless: “But I learn.”In the variety show, Cheng Qing and Luo Xi were pulled cpThe cp powder is overwhelming, shouting for food every dayLater, Luo Xi asked Cheng Qing, “Do you like me? That’s why you help me with everything.”Cheng Qing was silent for a moment and replied, “Sorry.”From now on… um, start the wife-chasing crematorium mode? (probably – dog head)【Reading Tips】*The gentle and intellectual young lady vs the arrogant and innocent young lady* Same-sex marriageable background*Sweet doting on his wife, there is a plot of chasing his wife in the crematorium (possibly, dog head)*Updates are a bit slow*Progress seems to be a bit slow*Sweet text, everyday style[This article will be entered into v from chapter 25 on December 23, and three chapters will be published on the same day as v. Thank you for your continued support, and please continue to support in the future. 】The gentle and warm lady sister vs the cold and lonely big shadow queenContent tags: Breaking the mirror, reunion, entertainment, supporting women, wearing booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Cheng Qing, Luo Xi ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Substitute Female Support, Dog DebutChapter 67 It's over~

Yan Heng never thought that he would become a stray dog ​​with disabled legs. No one wanted to look at him, even the woman he loved avoided him. Jiang Wanying, who he used as a stand-in, appeared in front of him in a wheelchair.She took him to see a doctor and brought him home. She was his salvation and the only warmth in his dark memory.But her disability and face injury were all because of him.——When she was pushed to the cliff, he chose another woman without hesitation.Fortunately, she lost her memory at this moment, and everything can be salvaged.Note: Yan Heng is not a male protagonist.Content Labels: Rebirth Face Slap System Modern OverheadSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jiang Wanying ┃ Supporting role: “I am a salted fish after dressing as a wise woman [Quick Cross]” ┃ Others: Finish the text search column~One-sentence introduction: a surrogate female supporting role, raising a dog to debutIntention: self-improvement, great virtue - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Fucking Beauty In Escape GameChapter 89 extra complete

Demining at the top: This article is an emotional flow, what is the plotAs one of the bosses of the escape game, Li Xi fell in love with a human being at first sight. After reading the love tutorial, he decided to dress up as a weak little white flower and sneak into the dungeon.So…A fierce ghost strikes, and he hides in the man’s arms with teary eyes: It’s so scary, you have to hug each other to stop crying~Li Gui, who was frightened by the BOSS, annihilated himself on the spot.Everyone who thought the boss had made a move: Heh, another vixen who relies on his face.Later, under the leadership of the boss, everyone went to the BOSS’s palace. The little white flower vixen who was nothing but pretty in their eyes jumped off the throne, kissed the boss, and whispered: “Don’t be afraid, Duan Duan, I’ll see you later!” Hit lightly.Everyone:? ? ?Everyone: Is it still too late to call Dad? (ΩДΩ)Shou won’t interfere too much in the dungeon, and pretends to be weak by following Gong every day, but the actual backhand can push everyone in the dungeon into the ground =w=High-cold, black-bellied, vengeful veteran cadres attack vs love and act like a baby, and the force is extremely popularShou only confronts and acts like a babyThe host and the recipient are each other’s first love It’s a small cookie, not cruelContent tags: strong supernatural gods and monsters infinite stream sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Li Xi ┃ Supporting role: Duan ZhenOne-sentence introduction: The devil pretends to be cute and acts like a spoiled dog again!Conception: To promote the integration of magic and technology, and lay the foundation for a better society! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Entertaining Into Bitterness DramaChapter 97 freedom ends

A bittersweet drama: As long as the heroine forgives her kindly and kindly, pays without regrets, and gives up again and again until the bad guys who bully her are old and unable to act, she will get a happy ending.When Mercury is dressed as the heroine of each bitterness drama…forbearance? Pooh.Terrible heroine, change her life online.Content tags: Time travel, face slap, fast wear, cool textSearch keywords: protagonist: mercury ┃ supporting role: many ┃ others: fast wear, cool text - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I’m Just a PharmacistChapter 144 Fanwai: It's good to have you

As an alchemist who was once called a ghost in the world of comprehension, Lin Jing didn’t really have much opinion on changing her shell and changing the world, as long as she could still make alchemy.​​No, the people here don’t practice pills, they only practice medicine. Lin Jing calmly accepted the fact that she had become a pharmacist, and then devoted herself to the great cause of refining magical potions.​​It’s just that when her potion came out, everyone exploded.​​Customer No. 1: “Oh my God, what kind of medicine is this! My stool accidentally touched a little, and it ran away with long legs!”​​Customer No. 2: “What is your stool running away? My pet stole my medicine and even started swearing at people!”​​Client No. 3: “What are you guys? My house drank the potion and flew straight away. Do you feel the horror of waking up early in the morning and finding yourself in outer space?!”​​Lin Jing calmly ignored the unfriendly experiences of the customers. She is just a little pharmacist, she only makes medicine and refuses to bear the consequences.(This article is also known as [Daughter-in-law, she is cute, sweet and sticky], well, this is a sweet pet text in a cool skin (〃?〃))​​Content tags: Time-traveling female strong interstellar sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lin Jing ┃ Supporting role: Ming Weiwan, pre-received for collection → “I like his sister” ┃ Others:One sentence introduction: Only sell medicine, not after-sale! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - She Has Been Retired For Three MonthsChapter 53 end

Ye Jiu, as a boss who has retired for March in the Kuai Chuan Bureau, was suddenly told by the boss to go back to work?Is this what people do?As a result, the bosses who were in a bad mood and full of resentment began to emerge in an endless stream when they were doing tasks.Was someone preemptively contracted his magic spirit? It doesn’t matter, she went directly to contract the villain leader, and brought the villain leader into the human world to play crushing. (Horse Monkey Shochu)Was someone falsely claiming credit for robbing the emperor’s fiancé? It doesn’t matter, she directly rebelled and beat the blind bastard to death to be the empress herself, and by the way, the three thousand beauties in the harem belonged to her. (Two or three things about the goddess and the upper position)Was framed and wanted by the entire Holy See of Light? It didn’t matter, she sat directly in the seat of the Holy See saint of the dark and greeted her mother’s compatriot’s brother of the god of light. (On the self-cultivation of the dark saintess)She didn’t know if the top bosses came to Xinxing Village to fry the fish pond, but Ye Jiu expressed that she was very happy when she was surrounded by beautiful soft girls.Enemy: Are you doing a mission or picking up girls!Ye Jiu: I can’t enjoy myself after doing this task for so long?(PS: This story is purely fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental. Please do not take it seriously if it does not conform to the actual plot. If you don’t like the setting, you can quit silently. Thank you??????? Welcome to the comment area to chat together.)Content tags: strong female fast wear ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Ye Jiu ┃ Supporting role: All quest world characters ┃ Others: A system A named milk bag - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Year of HerbsChapter 642 New beginning
Gender BenderMartial Arts

The heroine has no cp———————————Yi Linglong, no one has seen her face, no one knows her gender, but there are rumors in the rivers and lakes that this is a man who looks like a good woman.His martial arts are strong, cold as frost, and a dagger seems to be able to kill all living beings in the world.He kills one person in ten steps and does not stay for thousands of miles, but he has a maverick that is different from other Jianghu people.His story can be said for three days and three nights. As a unique existence among assassins, he has become a legend. …“I told you about the deeds of my male god, did you hear it?”“I heard, I heard. Is there anything else? I’m going to collect sauerkraut.” Hua Rongyue waved her hand and turned away.“Hey? Why is it not like you? Is it interesting, cooperate with me anyway, what is my male god doing now? You can figure it out, let me figure it out.”Hua Rongyue, “…”——If my calculation is correct, your male god estimates that 80%, maybe, is now accumulating sauerkraut in a small medical hall…Content tags: Jianghu grievances, disguise, misunderstandings, women disguised as menSearch keywords: Protagonist: Hua Rongyue (Yi Linglong) ┃ Supporting role: People in the Jianghu ┃ Others: Hua Rongyue, Yi LinglongOne-sentence introduction: rushing through the rivers and lakes~ - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Death BenefitChapter 1059v2 calculation

Everything has changed since Earth became a collectible.Modules have become the source of all superpowers, and the adventure dimension has become the best way to obtain modules.Internal Force Module + Meridians + Acupoints + Flame + Knife = Burning Wood Knife Technique?Magic module + spell model + spiritual guidance + missile = magic missile?Internal force + blood + space + life + death + grinding + transformation +? ? ? =? ? ?Lu Bai, who received his own death compensation, began a journey of constantly gathering death wool. - Description from novelbuddy