MTL - The Cp with the Female Partner Exploded In the Entertainment CircleChapter 171 Extra 10

After Cheng Qing’s death, he transmigrated into a book he had readThere is a female supporting actress who is arrogant and charming, and is so beautiful that she is top-notch only by her appearance – Luo XiBecause he always stumbles upon the heroine in variety shows, he has gradually become disliked by thousands of people.In the end, I broke my leg horribly.Cheng Qing felt sorry for her, so she took the variety show and wanted her to avoid the hero and heroineLater, Losey really avoidedShe followed Cheng Qing the whole time.“Qingqing, can you cook?”“Qingqing, can you do laundry?”“Qingqing, can you drive?”Cheng Qing will do anything for herLuo Xi would crouch in front of her and smile: “You are so nice, you can do anything.”Cheng Qing choked: “…I won’t”Luo Xi looked at her with wide eyes in doubt, Cheng Qing was helpless: “But I learn.”In the variety show, Cheng Qing and Luo Xi were pulled cpThe cp powder is overwhelming, shouting for food every dayLater, Luo Xi asked Cheng Qing, “Do you like me? That’s why you help me with everything.”Cheng Qing was silent for a moment and replied, “Sorry.”From now on… um, start the wife-chasing crematorium mode? (probably – dog head)【Reading Tips】*The gentle and intellectual young lady vs the arrogant and innocent young lady* Same-sex marriageable background*Sweet doting on his wife, there is a plot of chasing his wife in the crematorium (possibly, dog head)*Updates are a bit slow*Progress seems to be a bit slow*Sweet text, everyday style[This article will be entered into v from chapter 25 on December 23, and three chapters will be published on the same day as v. Thank you for your continued support, and please continue to support in the future. 】The gentle and warm lady sister vs the cold and lonely big shadow queenContent tags: Breaking the mirror, reunion, entertainment, supporting women, wearing booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Cheng Qing, Luo Xi ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Spouse Selection CriteriaChapter 71 Daily life after marriage

Meng Xiyue had no intention of entering into the book “Deep Sad Love: The Little Wife Runs with the Ball”, but fortunately, she was just a passerby.Looking at the love between the male and female protagonists, Meng Xi’s crescent moon was sour and she determined the standard of mate selection: her other half must have a positive outlook, no pits in her head, and calmness in any situation, preferably not a love brain.Then one day, Meng Xiyue met the villainous female partner in the book…Edible Guidelines:1. Small cookies, the full text is about 18w to end2. Mo De’s feelings Meng Xiyue × brain tonic drama jingle Xia Yu’an3. 1V1Content tags: entertainment circle sweet text through booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Meng Xiyue, Xia Yu’an ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Whole World Wants Them To Get DivorcedChapter 99 extra two

After a car accident, Si Yu got into a novel about Lily’s marriage and love, and became the villainous supporting actress in the book.The female supporting role is the wife of the president. The president’s name is Lu Xi. She is super rich and beautiful.Siyu collapsed.Lu Xi is the heroine, what does it have to do with her!Si Yu racked her brains to get a divorce, but later found out that as long as she wanted a divorce, she would have all kinds of bad luck: bite her tongue while eating; fall down the stairs; open the door and get caught by the door…In order to survive, Si Yu had to change his strategy.Lu Xi dressed up and came to her, and said coldly, “Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.”Si Yu stepped up and hugged him, and said coquettishly, “Wife, let’s stay together, okay?”******At the celebration banquet, the actor Si Yu pressed the beautiful president of Light and Shadow Entertainment against the wall to make fun of him. This scene was photographed and posted on the Internet, and it also became a hot search.Netizens ridiculed: Mr. Lu has a wife, she still dares to seduce? shameless!Just when Si Yu was about to be hacked, the female president of Light and Shadow Entertainment posted a Weibo.Light and Shadow Entertainment Lu XiV: Let me introduce, this is my wife @siyu.Forced to become a “newcomer” in the entertainment industry X Gao Leng abstinence / female presidentDog blood, 1V1, focus on falling in love.Friendly reminder: non-shuangwen, the emotional line is slow.Content tags: entertainment circle marriage and love sweet text through booksSearch keywords: protagonist: Si Yu, Lu Xi ┃ supporting role: ┃ others: reverse sign, glOne sentence summary: Divorce is too hard - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Fucking Beauty In Escape GameChapter 89 extra complete

Demining at the top: This article is an emotional flow, what is the plotAs one of the bosses of the escape game, Li Xi fell in love with a human being at first sight. After reading the love tutorial, he decided to dress up as a weak little white flower and sneak into the dungeon.So…A fierce ghost strikes, and he hides in the man’s arms with teary eyes: It’s so scary, you have to hug each other to stop crying~Li Gui, who was frightened by the BOSS, annihilated himself on the spot.Everyone who thought the boss had made a move: Heh, another vixen who relies on his face.Later, under the leadership of the boss, everyone went to the BOSS’s palace. The little white flower vixen who was nothing but pretty in their eyes jumped off the throne, kissed the boss, and whispered: “Don’t be afraid, Duan Duan, I’ll see you later!” Hit lightly.Everyone:? ? ?Everyone: Is it still too late to call Dad? (ΩДΩ)Shou won’t interfere too much in the dungeon, and pretends to be weak by following Gong every day, but the actual backhand can push everyone in the dungeon into the ground =w=High-cold, black-bellied, vengeful veteran cadres attack vs love and act like a baby, and the force is extremely popularShou only confronts and acts like a babyThe host and the recipient are each other’s first love It’s a small cookie, not cruelContent tags: strong supernatural gods and monsters infinite stream sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Li Xi ┃ Supporting role: Duan ZhenOne-sentence introduction: The devil pretends to be cute and acts like a spoiled dog again!Conception: To promote the integration of magic and technology, and lay the foundation for a better society! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Don’t Be a Secretary For a GeniusChapter 156 Finale (below)

One sentence copy: What should I do if the genius tyrant can’t move? Make do with it, how can you leave?Jing You is a genius who loves money, like a money-making machine without emotion. The president’s life skills are blank, and Jiang Shengyan is both a secretary and a mother.We have known each other for ten years and worked together for five years.The relationship between Jing You and his secretary Jiang Shengyan changed quietly on the day Jiang Shengyan asked for leave to go on a blind date.Jing·Puzzled·You: If Jiang Shengyan gets married, where can I find such a suitable secretary?Absolutely! Do not! Can! by!It must be because there is not enough work!Jingyou: Secretary Jiang, please come to my house to work overtime tonight.Jiang Shengyan: I have a plot against a person, but she doesn’t know it. Then I had to use my own way to turn ten years into a lifetime.—So a person who loves money, always repeats the sentence in his dreams: “Sister Fairy, I will give you all the money I make.”That unique gentle tone made Jiang Shengyan go crazy with jealousy.As everyone knows, the fairy sister Jing You babbles is her.—The entire secretarial room thought that its president was an emotionless machine.Until someone saw Secretary Jiang press the president on the table to kiss him.Everyone in the secretary room: I can do the CP of the president and secretary Jiang!—#Later, Jiang Shengyan finally knew that the president was trying to make money because of her.Money Pot, Vinegar, Elegant President Shou x Gentleness, Black Belly, Fairy Secretary Attack (Gong Shou only represents character, hold high the banner of mutual attack)Modern overhead, same-sex marriage. The sand sculpture Su Shuangtian, the golden finger is thick enough.Edible Guidelines:1. The age difference is 7 years old, and the secretary’s mother is a girlfriend2. The president’s appearance is immobile, but in fact it is a two-way crush3. This is a president who loves money very much.4. All members are not in one channel series*This article has no prototype, please respect the author’s creative achievements and do not mention other works in the comment area, thank you.Content tags: The wealthy family has a soft spot near the water tower sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jing You, Jiang Shengyan ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel