MTL - Girlfriend Needs To Be Coaxed Every DayChapter 94

Copywriting 1:Late at night in the harsh winter, Gu Nanzhi met a child who ‘run away from home’ in the bar street.The child stepped on the snow alone under the street lamp, looking pitiful.Gu Nanzhi was moved with compassion, and asked someone to drink a glass of milk.I thought that we would meet by chance, and it would be over after a while, but I didn’t want this kid to become her class representative in a year and a half.Later, he became the lover she missed day and night and felt too far away from her heart.Copywriting 2:Lin Zheng, who was 18.9, has excellent grades and many talents. He is the most famous person in the school.It’s a pity that at the welcome party of her first year in school, she publicly confessed that she broke everyone’s thoughts.It’s just that no one knows who the object of this mysterious confession is.Later, at the graduation party, everyone urged Lin Zheng to bring someone out to meet him, so as to calm down the depression that the fat water was flowing to outsiders.Lin Zheng was pushed to the cusp of the wind and waves and had no choice but to call someone to come over.“I’m sorry, she admits she’s born, I’ll go out and pick it up.” Lin Zheng left everyone behind and got up to pick it up.When she came back ten minutes later, Lin Zheng’s hair was loose, her lipstick was gone, and there was still a bright red hickey on the side of her neck.Whistles sounded one after another in the box, “Which little wolf dog is this? Wild enough!”“My family.” Lin Zheng sat down calmly, toasted and apologized, “I laughed, let’s talk about it next time I have a chance.”After the words fell, a lazy female voice came out from the Bluetooth headset, “Little friend, are your ears itchy again?”Lin Zheng leaned back, with the wine glass sticking to his lips, “Your ears are not itchy, but your heart is itchy. Teacher Gu, do you want to feel it?”√ Teacher and student, 1v1, HE√ Soft and Cute vs Gentle and Royal SisterContent tags: soft spot sweet article campusSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lin Zheng, Gu Nanzhi ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:One-sentence introduction: Huh? Isn’t it sweet and obedient?Conception: Daydreams can also come true - Description from MTLNovel