MTL - Bloodline Lord of WarChapter 211 feynman's home

After the last elemental high tide ended, the world entered the “Great Ebb Tide Era”, and countless races such as elves, giants, orcs disappeared in the long river of history. However, the continuation of life has its own way. After a long time of accumulation, the blood of ancient alien races gradually merged into human beings.You have the blood of a giant, become my warrior, and I will let you look down on the common people again;You have elven blood, join me, and I will let you feel the call of the moon god;You have the blood of an ancient dragon, show your surrender to me, and I will make you the apex of the gods!I am the blood lord, I have the ability to awaken the power of blood, my name is Robin.This is a system, lord, war article, I hope you like it - Description from MTLNovel