MTL - Ghoul’s Infinite Journeyv4 Chapter 42 you will feel strange
Fan-FictionSupernaturalUrban Life

After a mental patient committed suicide, he was reborn in Tokyo? My brother is in Neon Lanyun?br> Then, the infinite space called him?“Conquering the world and becoming the king of the world is just my part-time job. My life only exists to seek interesting things and things.”“Well… at the moment when life dies, the desire for death and survival is intertwined. It’s really unstoppable!”“Let me… let me… feel something more interesting!”By the protagonist of being sick.PS1:Do you think this is a brainless and harem-covered anime doujinshi?Do you think this is a novel that is fun to complain, has no morals, has no lower limit, and only sells cuteness and pretends to be stupid?Do you think this is a dark and curious, bloody, tyrannical and inhumane killing movement?Oh ho ho (sinister laugh), don’t be so simple.PS2: “I don’t want to take medicine!” by the protagonist.PS3: Newcomers and new books, ask for everything, recommend tickets, collections, rewards, etc. - Description from MTLNovel