MTL - Daughter-in-law Who Fell From the SkyChapter 92

The loyal little assistant made a wish to heaven on behalf of her boss, hoping that the boss can get rid of her unmarried scumbag husband as soon as possible, and by the way, meet someone who is sincere to her boss.The boring Tianzun in the sky accidentally heard the little assistant’s wish, and she made a difficult decision to throw her most beloved and stupid apprentice down, lying perfectly on the bed Wen Jinyu, the assistant’s boss, was on the bed.Wen Jinyu, who just came out of the shower, raised his eyebrows when he saw a person in ancient costume on his bed. Did this person time travel?Su Jingke was very confused after seeing Wen Jinyu, didn’t she just doze off, why did she come to the new world? ? ?Deputy cp:Shu Xiaoran was very fascinated, didn’t she just take a promotional photo for a celebrity, why was she abducted by Xiao Xiaoxiao? ? ? And that second-tier Xiao Hua dared to touch her! Don’t you know that I’m your boss’ best friend! ! !Tianzun was also very fascinated, didn’t she just come down to see the little apprentice, why was she being targeted by a fox? ? ? And that fox wants to sleep with her, don’t you know I’m a god! Still very powerful! ! !Resolute cookie, no big abuse!Content Tags: supernatural, supernatural, love in the city, entertainment circle, sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Su Jingke, Wen Jinyu ┃ Supporting roles: Shu Xiaoran, Xiao Xiaoxiao, Bai Jue, Tianzun, Shu Huiran ┃ Others: Sweet Wen Su Su Su Shuang - Description from MTLNovel