MTL - Underworld Game ProducerChapter 215 Li Wen's Dream (The Finale)
GameUrban Life

Li Wen runs a game company on the verge of bankruptcy. This is a world where the game industry is very developed…The picture quality of games produced by well-known companies is comparable to reality, and each masterpiece is the ninth art carefully crafted.However, he found that in these games, the main character is strong and the enemy is weak, and the level can be easily passed without thinking…There is no underworld game in the whole world?How can I enjoy the ‘joy’ of the game in this way!It is impossible to obtain real ‘happiness’ for a cool game.He decided to let the players in this world enjoy the ‘joy’ of the game.“I don’t know why, this game is obviously so dark, and it’s so depressing to play, but I just can’t stop!”“Please be a human being!!”Since then, there has been an underworld game producer in this world. - Description from MTLNovel