MTL - The Cp with the Female Partner Exploded In the Entertainment CircleChapter 171 Extra 10

After Cheng Qing’s death, he transmigrated into a book he had readThere is a female supporting actress who is arrogant and charming, and is so beautiful that she is top-notch only by her appearance – Luo XiBecause he always stumbles upon the heroine in variety shows, he has gradually become disliked by thousands of people.In the end, I broke my leg horribly.Cheng Qing felt sorry for her, so she took the variety show and wanted her to avoid the hero and heroineLater, Losey really avoidedShe followed Cheng Qing the whole time.“Qingqing, can you cook?”“Qingqing, can you do laundry?”“Qingqing, can you drive?”Cheng Qing will do anything for herLuo Xi would crouch in front of her and smile: “You are so nice, you can do anything.”Cheng Qing choked: “…I won’t”Luo Xi looked at her with wide eyes in doubt, Cheng Qing was helpless: “But I learn.”In the variety show, Cheng Qing and Luo Xi were pulled cpThe cp powder is overwhelming, shouting for food every dayLater, Luo Xi asked Cheng Qing, “Do you like me? That’s why you help me with everything.”Cheng Qing was silent for a moment and replied, “Sorry.”From now on… um, start the wife-chasing crematorium mode? (probably – dog head)【Reading Tips】*The gentle and intellectual young lady vs the arrogant and innocent young lady* Same-sex marriageable background*Sweet doting on his wife, there is a plot of chasing his wife in the crematorium (possibly, dog head)*Updates are a bit slow*Progress seems to be a bit slow*Sweet text, everyday style[This article will be entered into v from chapter 25 on December 23, and three chapters will be published on the same day as v. Thank you for your continued support, and please continue to support in the future. 】The gentle and warm lady sister vs the cold and lonely big shadow queenContent tags: Breaking the mirror, reunion, entertainment, supporting women, wearing booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Cheng Qing, Luo Xi ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - When the Green Tea Female Partner is Forced To Attack the Female LeadChapter 48

The king of green tea, Zhao Qingdai, overturned. It turned out that she was just a vicious female supporting role. How arrogant she was when she robbed a man, how tragic she died in the end.At this point in the development of the plot, she has robbed the heroine’s three boyfriends.System: Hurry up and blow up the female lead’s favorability, and embark on the road to life!Zhao Qingdai kicked the scumbag man angrily, crying to the heroine, “Where is green tea, she is clearly my sister’s little bitch~Du Jingmo has a green plum, which is full of greenery and exudes the fragrance of tea.One day, Ome changed.Huan Wen Nuan is attentive, acts like a spoiled child and does not stop, sisters and sisters cry all day long, and they give hugs and hugs when they have nothing to do.Du Jingmo: This green tea is pretty fragrant?Zhao Qingdai actually has a secret.Du Jingmo is the moon favored by the creator.Also her bright moonlight.Still her heart is bright.A cold face and a soft heartContent tags: Soft spot female supporting system sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Zhao Qingdai, Du Jingmo ┃ Supporting roles: Gu Cheng, Du Zhong ┃ Others:One sentence introduction: Gold Medal Green Tea Survival PlanPurpose: face up to yourself and face life bravely - Description from MTLNovel