MTL - Marshal, She Has Seven Appearances a WeekChapter 43 Jin|Marshal her|Jiang|Seven a week|first|personal|post

A third-tier star, Lu Weiyu, an ordinary beta, urgently needs a backer.After finally getting into the marshal’s banquet, just about to strike up a conversation——Marshal raised his phoenix eyes and said, “Get lost.”Lu Weiyu rolled away non-stop, and was pulled back by the marshal before he rolled away.With a low voice and domineering eyes, the Marshal put him in his arms: “Did I tell you to get out? Get back.”Lu Weiyu nodded tremblingly.The marshal surrounded her, humming: “If you touch someone, you will be responsible to him.”Lu Weiyu was dumbfounded, and said nonsense: “Okay, take responsibility.”The marshal pinched the man’s chin and snorted coldly: “What are you responsible for? Women, don’t play with fire.”…It was only later that Lu Weiyu found out that the marshal had fallen ill again.Marshal: “I hit you with my life.”——Demining:Glyph of sand.ABO, I don’t know what to write, just arrange it.The cultural design is mine, please leave if you don’t like it.Which channel to write about is my business, and I don’t need others to tell me what to do.theContent tags: female supporting role sweet text wearing booksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lu Weiyu ┃ Supporting role: Zhao Shumi ┃ Others: Wearing Books, Dog Blood, Sand Sculpture - Description from MTLNovel