MTL - Weak A, She Just Wants To Live To the EndChapter 147 Extra 6 beautiful

Lin Anan penetrated into the novels of the ABO entertainment circle and became a vicious cannon fodder of an 18th-tier weak A. Not only did he end up pitifully, but his abilities were weak like Beta.Lin Anan immediately decided to bypass the protagonists and keep the plot low-key to the end.However, while pretending to be a Beta to make a living, he accidentally marked Er Yu Nanxi, a vicious and drunken woman who was lost in love.Thinking of Yu Nanxi’s methods, Lin Anan had no choice but to run away.When encountering Yun Nanxi’s fever again, Lin Anan, who just wanted to take a detour, was found to have a very high pheromone fit with Yun Nanxi.In order to save enough money to run away as soon as possible, she could only bite the bullet and stay behind, pretending that she didn’t know Yu Nanxi.Just when Lin Anan was saving money and preparing to run away, he was recognized by Yu Nanxi and blocked in the dressing room. Yu Nanxi said coldly, “During this time, you can make me look good.”Lin Anan was cowardly and weak: “Well, I actually don’t know what happened, but I can make it up, really!”“Why don’t I wash it for you? I’ll go with you, but I don’t have enough money now…”The corner of Yu Nanxi’s mouth twitched: “Want to wash it off? It’s beautiful!”Lin Anan: ? ? ?—After becoming famous, Yu Nanxi, the actress who never took intimate scenes, actually took part in a Double O Lily movie with a kiss scene recently.What’s shocking is that there are not only several kissing scenes with the second girl in this movie, but also many indescribable scenes with the third girl.When the filming of the official film started, the kiss scenes of Yu Nanxi and the second female Tang Xin were all shot in dislocation.Fans clapped their chests and said that Queen Yu Ying is still Queen Yu Ying, how could she film a kiss scene.On the second day, it was Yu Nanxi’s turn to shoot a kiss scene with the third female Lin An’an.Fans looked at Lin An’an, an eight hundred and eighty-eighth-line star profile, and ignored it at all, but saw Yu Nanxi holding each other’s face and kissing him.Fans: ! ! !—-Gao Lengying, who looks pure and arrogant at heart, is the eighteenth-line weak cannon fodder trying to live to the end.—-Most of the content of the article has been revised later! !Other:1. Before Yu Nanxi (attack O) did not differentiate, he liked other people, after he differentiated into O, he liked Lin Anan (accepted A), with double body, private setting: female A has no pendant organs, but emotional organs during susceptible period Contact can make the other person pregnant.2. Emphasis on the emphasis: look at the text after looking at the copywriting settings! This is just a novel, don’t take it too seriously, read the text harmoniously, and don’t need to inform about abandoning the text. I wish every little cutie can find the text they like, thank you all.Content tags: love contract, entertainment, sweet text, modern overhead, main subjectSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lin An’an, Yu Nanxi ┃ Supporting role: Wu Xixi, Chen Mi, Tang Xin, Bai Yunshuang ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel