MTL - War Hymn of Warcraft [WOW]Chapter 117 Sands of Time in Nozdormu

I would like to dedicate this article to WOW, which I have been slag for a long time, and my friends.Azeroth, a glorious continent…He has endured the explosion of the Well of Eternity, experienced the infestation of the ancient gods, witnessed the war between humans and beasts, suffered natural disasters, and resisted the fission of the earth…When a person who has disrupted all history appears on the timeline, what changes will it bring?Protect the diversity of wild authors, one less pirated article will make one more author survive, so please raise your hands, Ono thank you~~—–Irregular copy—–Zhan Zhixing originally thought that it was the most mysterious thing that he had passed through, but he didn’t expect that within a few years, he discovered that even more mysterious things were still to come.“Labor and management are human, you let me go.” Zhan Zhixing looked at the brain with a black line and roared, “You are the chief of the dignified tribe, can you stop coming to Stormwind City to find me every now and then? You came here the year before last. At that time, I was thrown to Outland by His Majesty Varian to talk to Kael’thas; the year before last, I went to Northrend to train the two fools of the Frozen Throne; I only purified the Iron Chin last year, and this year you gave it to me in Pandaria For those things. Can you spare me a moment? I don’t want to go for a walk around Draenor again!”“It happens that I will go with you, and see my father by the way.” After finally catching Zhan Zhixing, Garrosh Hellscream will not let go casually, “Isn’t Valian also trying to create opportunities for the two of us? Wouldn’t it be nice if you honestly came to the tribe?”“Go to the Horde?” Zhan Zhixing’s facial expression froze instantly, recalling how he treated Kael’thas and the Lich King before, he couldn’t help but shudder, “Forget it, I’m fine staying in the Alliance. ,real……”#deep demining#This article is an adventure series in pure love. The feelings of the two protagonists are intertwined in the entire war in Azeroth, firm 1V1, mutual attack, long. .Some branch lines are ignored, and a small number of characters’ age and personality are distorted according to needs. Due to the needs of the plot, most of the plots are moderately fictional in the context of Warcraft.Don’t forget to bookmark it, if you have time, you’d better leave a comment, these are the motivation for me to move forward ^_^~~Content Labels: Game Online Games Another World Continent Fantasy and Magic Knights and SwordsSearch keywords: Protagonist: Battle Zhixing ┃ Supporting role: Varian, Illidan, Arthas, Kael’thas, Thrall, Garrosh ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel