The Novel's ExtraChapter 101Side Stories – What If Story (END)
School LifeComedyPsychologicalDrama

Waking up, Kim Hajin finds himself in a familiar world but an unfamiliar body. A world he created himself and a story he wrote, yet never finished. He had become his novel’s extra, a filler character with no importance to the story. The only clue to escaping is to stay close to the main storyline. However, he soon finds out the world isn’t exactly identical to his creation. ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

MTL - God Level DemonChapter 2963 Finale

“Shameless Xia Ping, not only did you steal my martial arts manual and medicinal pills, you even took my fiancée! We’re not finished!”“He’s the embarrassment of the Martial Way and a parasite of the human race. A complete scumbag.”“There’s nothing that he won’t do. Not only would he not help an old person cross the road, he would even steal the lollipop of a three year old.”“He causes problems everywhere. All of the geniuses of those big families have been beaten up by him before. Now, he’s no longer tolerated by either humans or gods!”Countless martial arts experts of Yanhuang Star hated Xia Ping down to the very bone. They were just itching to completely crush him into pieces.As for Xia Ping? Facing the hatred of so many people, he just calmly pulled up the interface of the “Grand Hatred System” and looked at all the wonderful things there. He rubbed his chin, “I’ve already saved up so many Hatred Points. What should I exchange for now? Saint-grade medicinal pills? Or perhaps that Primordial Pill? The peerless martial art skill, Tathagata Palm also seems pretty good too. But then there’s that divine weapon, the Cosmic Cauldron. It really is too difficult to choose!” - Description from novelupdates

The Demon Prince goes to the AcademyChapter 703

[The Demon King is Dead], a story in which the Demon King got immediately killed in the Prologue. I became the ‘Demon Prince’ of said novel. …Help me.

I'm Really a SuperstarChapter 1696: ‘Let It Go’ debuts!
RomanceMartial ArtsActionAdventure

Zhang Ye was originally a mundane college graduate with aspiring dreams to become a star, but unfortunately has below average looks and height. However one day, he woke up and suddenly found himself in a parallel world!It’s like the same world, but wait a minute…many brands, celebrities and even famous works from his world changed and are gone in this new world!Armed with the profound literary knowledge of his previous world and a heaven-defying Game Ring that gives him magical items, stats and skills, Zhang Ye embarks on a journey to pursue his life-long dream of becoming famous!Follow Zhang Ye as he takes the new world by storm, one plagiarized piece at a time, to hilarious reactions!

MTL - Perfect SuperstarChapter 919 end
ComedyDramaFantasyMartial Arts

Lu Chen had a dream, an incredibly long dream.. The dream world was familiar yet at the same time unfamiliar. Singer, actor, freelance writer, he actually went through three sections of different lives in a dream world! When he woke up, Lu Chen thus embarked on a bright road of becoming a perfect superstar! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Cultural Invasion In Different World (Cultural Invasion into Isekai)~ Fanwai·6 is waiting for you at Arthur Crowe tonight.

This novel is also known as Cultural Invasion into IsekaiA group of dragons are watching “Game of Thrones” day and nightHigh Elf and Druid are in tears after watching “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”Humans​ and Dwarfs are greatly spending money on “Hearthstone”Even the god personally arrived in the mortal world to read “Sherlock Holmes” novels.Eventually, a great Druid has started a “pick and drop” business, all Dwarfs and gnomes have joined for the construction of internet stores.A cultural invasion in different world from earth! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick TransmigrationChapter 1179 Yonban Extra 2
ActionAdventureComedyMartial Arts

She is the rising (new) movie queen of the entertainment circle, who is also Beijing’s Ye Family long-lost Second Young Miss. Everyone knows that the Ye Family Eldest Young Miss is the chairman of Fenghai Group; Ye Family Third Young Master is a Major General of the military area; and yet, Ye family wants the second young miss to come back home, but she is just a flower vase (pretty face) of the entertainment industry.Father doesn’t love her, Mother is not fond of her. However, no one knows that she is merely a vase on the surface. In fact, she is actually the top special agent that gives endless headaches to all international big shots. She, is higher (loftier) than the military industry added together!But she didn’t imagine that, with one slip, she unexpectedly got bound to a system that draws energy from completing tasks.From then on, she crossed numerous parallel worlds and rewrote all kinds of miserable lives. Regardless of which world, she lived flourishingly. But she did not expect to attract a mysterious force’s big shot during these tasks…When she draws the energy to return to the summit of reality, With the body of Ye’s family second miss, she can have whatever she wants​, but the family business can’t accept it. It’s just that it’s not good to have a man who is always behind her, how can she be worthy of the title ‘Top Secret Agent’ given by the international big shots?! Wait for her to unmask her identity, one by one, it is precisely the time for the Phoenix to overlook the land under the heavens.One is a mysterious teenager who is frighteningly outstanding. The other is a top agent who is famous all over the world. It’s a love showdown between the strong and the strong. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - House Dad’s Literary LifeChapter 1299 We will come next time! (season finale)
DramaRomanceSchool LifeSeinen

Right after transmigrating into a parallel world, Yang Yi was a bit stupefied upon seeing a adorable little girl calling him father. Fine, Xixi is 100% my daughter, but my child’s mother is actually an aloof, absolute beauty who’s a famous singer.How do I coax my baby? Yang Yi, who was a assassin in his previous life, scratched his head. How about I tell some stories? Yang Yi didn’t think that the stories he imported from his previous world would be famous world-wide! How do I bring back my child’s mother who left in anger? The experienced Yang Yi indicated that there was no problem a love song couldn’t fix. And if it couldn’t, then two songs! - Description from Novelupdates

History at the LibraryChapter 170

Perdi, known widely throughout the continent, is a very famous author of adult novels. But Perdi’s true identity is actually Vivian, the Imperial Night Librarian.Vivian sends over the fourth draft of her latest novel to her publisher to be reviewed, but her work is criticized because the way she writes hetero s*x scenes isn’t erot*c at all.“What? So you’re saying I’ll only know what sexual relationships are like after I experience it myself? But what can I do when I’m bound to a chastity contract?”Unfortunately for Vivian, she had to sign a chastity contract in order to be hired as an imperial servant, and has been forced to remain a virgin ever since. Worse still, only a member of the imperial family could break the contract … but Vivian only has eyes for Ray, a mysterious man who visits the library every night.But as it turns out, Ray is the imperial archduke and the emperor’s brother! One day, he approaches her with a sweet offer that she can’t resist …

Become a StarChapter 243: (Part 1)
AdventureFantasySlice Of Life

What if you woke up one morning and remembered all 999 of your past lives? Chae Woojin, an actor who will shine brighter than the stars. A story about his journey towards his dreams!

I Don’t Want the Obsession of a Twisted ArchdukeChapter 67

I reincarnated as the wife of the cursed archduke in my own twisted novel.As the author, I have a responsibility to fix this novel.I have lifted the curse, which is the main problem of this story.I thought my job was done. But when I was trying to go back, the archduke asked me, “Did you really think I wouldn’t know that you’re planning on returning to your fiance?”‘My fiance?’What I’m gonna do? He completely misunderstood the situation!All I want is for him to please let me go home!

MTL - I’m Really a SuperstarChapter 1695 ["LETITGO" debut! 】
AdventureComedyDramaSlice Of Life

Zhang Ye was originally a mundane college graduate with aspiring dreams to become a star, but unfortunately has below average looks and height. However one day, he woke up and suddenly found himself in a parallel world!It’s like the same world, but wait a minute…many brands, celebrities and even famous works from his world changed and are gone in this new world!Armed with the profound literary knowledge of his previous world and a heaven-defying Game Ring that gives him magical items, stats and skills, Zhang Ye embarks on a journey to pursue his life-long dream of becoming famous!Follow Zhang Ye as he takes the new world by storm, one plagiarized piece at a time, to hilarious reactions! - Description from novelupdates

MTL - Scum Male’s Whitewashing Manualv2 Chapter 306 end

Mission: Transmigrate world by world into a scoundrel’s body; clean up the original’s life.Wei Mingyan is a liar, through and through. But he doesn’t see himself as such. His motto? “If one deceives others for a lifetime, then all lies would become the truth.” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - I Have a Time Travel SimulatorChapter 489

The more he got to the Comprehensive world, Beiyuan Baiqiu originally thought it was just an ordinary Comprehensive daily world.Who would have thought that after entering high school, unusual things would happen one after another, and I would awaken myself through the simulator.Since then, Beiyuan Baiqiu has embarked on the road of being invincible.[Demon Slayer, Campione!, No Game No Life, Problem Children are Coming from Another World…] - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Interstellar Favorite Superstarv2 Chapter 134 Dreamy and sweet to the century wedding
ActionMechaSci-fiShounen Ai

Entering the interstellar era, Su Tan wrote novels, became a celebrity, hosted and ate food, and began to dominate the interstellar entertainment circle. Until one day, the strongest star / anorexia anorexia / cold abstinence emperor ate his food-long! fat! It’s up! Emperor, “Fine, marry him back, and I will punish him personally.” Su Tan, “? ?” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Great Voyage: The Cartoonist of the Straw HatsChapter 252

Luo Lan traveled to the world of pirates, but the golden finger cheated him, it seemed useless.Fortunately, I met Luffy at the beginning, and I planned to hang out in the hat group and wait for the finale.But what he didn’t know was that after reading his comics…Luffy frantically racked up experience in the comics and awakened Nika form ahead of time!Zoro had just finished his duel with Sasaki Kojiro in the morning, and he fought Kenpachi again in the afternoon!Sanji hangs out with guys with thick eyebrows all day long, shouting about youth, passion and so on~Usopp asked the two Wang Yue to create a shallow sword, awakening the bow and killing star!Chopper gathered the power of the twelve beasts to prove that I am not the weakest fruit of everyone!Robin’s thousand hands formed a seal at the same time, and told you what is the spiral pill washing the ground!…When the top war comes, the *hat group makes a strong debut and shocks the world! ! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Instructing the Archaeological Team, Was Actually Regarded As a Tomb RobberChapter 1006 season finale

Traveling through a parallel world, Ye Cheng planned to be a copywriter and copy tomb robbing novels, but he became a gold medal writer in one fell swoop.But who would have imagined that, with the unearthed ancient tombs, Ye Cheng’s novels have become reality.Numerous archaeological teams rushed to ask for advice.As a result, as Ye Cheng solved more and more ancient tombs, he couldn’t explain it more and more!… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Movie Master~ closing speech
Urban Life

I want Hollywood to be the Hollywood I want – Lancelot StrelowHis life was full of ups and downs, rebellious, and brilliant. No one can deny his excellence. With hundreds of millions of box office in his left hand and countless trophies in his right, even the most critical film critics have to lower their heads, let alone It is said that countless movie fans all over the world worship him, leaving an indelible mark in this era.But, he is a bastard.He is a complete jerk, he relies on Hollywood to become famous, but he is a rebel in Hollywood, his disgusting personality makes him the public enemy of the entire Hollywood, he unscrupulously impacts everyone’s bottom line, and he stimulates everyone unrestrainedly With his nerves, he lightly challenged everyone’s authority, and his unrestrained talent was like a nightmare from which he would never wake up. However, no one could refuse him.You can only avoid falling in love with him if you completely loathe him – The New York Times - Description from MTLNovel

Thriller ParadiseChapter 580 - I, Joker (End)

This is a game that surpasses dimensions. It is also a competition for the search of truth. Unknown seals, a game of chance with ghosts and gods… The digital struggle, the redemption of humans… In the virtual world that links with reality—It consciously decided us. It consciously chose us. It consciously decided our consciousness. And now, throw away your fear. Throw away your selfish thoughts, questions, and resistance… Free your mind. Welcome to: Thriller Paradise.

MTL - Rebirth and RedemptionChapter 113
RomanceSchool LifeYaoi

A campus bullying incident led Chu Feng to receive a message of Rong Yun’s suicide after ten years.Rong Yun’s relic is a novel based on him…At this point, he came to know that Rong Yun had always liked him.In deep regret, Chu Feng returned back to high school.This time, he wants to protect Rong Yun, his achievement and let him have a different life. At first, he only wants to compensate for his mistakes, but he didn’t know when his compensation become’s true love. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Becoming a Saint by Leisure Readingv7 Chapter 917 Master and Disciple Discuss Fang Zhigu

Chen Luo’s transmigration story starts at a mourning hall.This is a world where reading can help you obtain enormous powers.Reading Confucian classics trains you to the path of righteousnessStudying Taoist doctrines will help you grasp the source of everything and the ultimate principle underlying reality.Understanding Buddhist Scriptures will make you comprehend the essence of rebirth and karma.But contrary to what is expected, why does Chen Luo’s cheat only give him books for leisure reading!….What? 《Strange Tales from A Chinese Studio》is now being treated as the bible of the Monster Country?What? 《The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils》opened the world of martial arts?What? 《The Plum in the Golden Vase》….Don’t panic, don’t panic, these are all small details!This scholar, have you ever heard of the book 《Tales of the Three Kingdom》 where gallant generals and cunning strategists are a dime a dozen?That Taoist priest over there, ever read 《Investiture of the Gods》? You people from the Taoist sect are outdated!Hey, please halt high priest, I have a copy of 《Journey to the West》 here, are you interested? - Description from Novelupdates

I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday EroticallyChapter 155: Rino Ooki 10

I am a second year in high school belonging to the male only「Human Culture Research Club」.A beautiful female transfer student, Mia Kurusu, joined the club.Kurusu had a perfect appearance and character.Of course all the guys in the club were charmed by Kurusu.In some way or another they had become desperate trying to get close to her.Due to a strange event, I stole a march on them to get closer to her.After that, dazzlingly erot*c days awaited me.

MTL - Kneel to MeChapter 175 extra two

After Song Juyao died and emerged from the virtual world, she learned that her entire life had just been a reality show which was led and controlled by others.One billion viewers watched this live broadcast, all of them pointing fingers at her and ridiculing her life whilst the director team thought up every possible method to design setbacks for her, pulling her into the mud over and over again.Then, Song Juyao was reborn. This time, her memory was not suppressed.This was a crazy world. People were discontent and bored of their lives. They had also lost their enthusiasm for various kinds of entertainment, falling to the point of seeking all sorts of thrills in order to arouse their emotions.Later, they found a precious treasure. She was perfect. They held her in the palm of their hands and went wild for her. They even regarded her as a God and worshipped her fanatically. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - I, Xingyue, a Manga Artist!v2 Chapter 1265 ending

I originally thought this was a world like an ordinary urban novel…Drawing comics by myself, traveling is pretty good.But tell me, what happened to this magician called “Emiya Kiritsugu” who jumped on my face?Who changed the settings?Currently involved in the content of “F/Z”, “F/SN”, “Fantasy Carnival”, “The Emiya’s Meal”, “The Holy Grail of the Imperial Capital”, “FLA”, “Elmello II Event Book”, “FGO”, “FE”, etc.Others related to “JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure”, “Rebellious Lelouch”, “Persona 5”, “Attack on Giant”, “Death”“FGO”, “FE Series”, “FA”, “FSF”, “Cangyin”, “Magical Girl Illya” will be involved next… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Thriller Paradise~ End this testimonial

This is a game that surpasses dimensions.It is also a competition for the search of truth.Unknown seals, a game of chance with ghosts and gods…The digital struggle, the redemption of humans…In the virtual world that links with reality——It consciously decided us. It consciously chose us. It consciously decided our consciousness.And now, throw away your fear.Throw away your selfish thoughts, questions, and resistance… Free your mind.Welcome to: Thriller Paradise. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Pampering My Cute PetChapter 59 One extra

There’s nothing that Yu Wan has in common with her new neighbor– whether it’s charisma, personality, or cooking skills– other than that they both own dogs. Their two cute pets get along well (a bit far too well) and start what seems like a rocky friendship between the two; however, Yu Wan has more important things to worry about. Her wildly popular novel is about to take off into a drama adaptation, but the handsome, mysterious, and callous neighbor- is the director?!Shen Qingzhou (as he thinks of someone): I’d say three. ] - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - The People Who’re Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead~ 123 | 1119.05

What does it feel like to be a cannon fodder in your novel?After ruining countless of his novels with sh*t endings, Gu Yan who finally received his retribution understood.Heaven spared no one.In order to protect his small life, Gu Yan has been sent to diligently clean up his own mess.However, never did he expect that his ‘clean up’ would be too thorough.Seeing that the man who was suppose to have killed him kneel down on one knee and take out a ring while saying to him, “Marry me.”Gu Yan: “…” - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - The Villain is Outrageously BeautifulChapter 121 Come to Japan
Shounen AiXianxiaYaoi

Xu Xing Zhi wrote in his story: At the mountain, near the ocean was a group of villains, they are cute and clever. They are fantastic oddities of every description, they are industrious and conscientious, they want to escape from the prison.Afterward, he transmigrated into the story. The world said: Your presence disrupted the balance of the world.You will have to kill those villain bosses that escaped from the prison.Xu Xing Zhi said: “Sorry, I am a salted fish.”The world said: “It’s alright, the villain is your junior brother that you pampered from young, he listens to you the most.”Xu Xing Zhi: …… I did not write this.Boss with a gentle face: “ Senior brother, you love this gold necklace or this silver necklace? You slowly choose, I will listen to you.”Xu Xing Zhi: “….. I really did not write this.-this, was all you wished.Meng Zhong Guang softly said: “… but if I lost Senior Brother, I really will have nothing left.”This heart, ridding with gaping wounds, filled with pus and sore, had truly loved you before. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend MyselfChapter 99 Real world (end)

Bending herself to fall in love with the female master. The straight pipe, writer Ke is bind to the romance system, the task is to love the female masters from each novel she written.In order to complete the task, she dresses as a vicious female matchmaker, at the expense of her thick face, she approaches the female lord.However, the female lord just reached out her hand…Ke Li: Don’t be jealous, I will bend myself!The female host silently retracted her hand, which was ready to beat someone.After bending herself….Ke: The male master can rollMale Lord: …. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Manga GuidebookChapter 162 October schedule

I came to a world where comics are prosperous, but why do cartoonists here have such an incomparable title of secondary school!With the idea of ​​interest, Chen Zijun planned to become a cartoonist.Reader: “Shameless old thief, hurry up and fill the ice hole, how can it be repaired.”“Ah, ah, without Haruhi Suzumiya seeing me dying.”“April is your lie, I burst into tears after reading it.”“Our days are inscribed on the ring.”In this way, Chen Zijun happily started the old thief road of digging holes and not filling them in another world.Group number: 663695803, welcome to join the group to play. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Underworld Game ProducerChapter 215 Li Wen's Dream (The Finale)
GameUrban Life

Li Wen runs a game company on the verge of bankruptcy. This is a world where the game industry is very developed…The picture quality of games produced by well-known companies is comparable to reality, and each masterpiece is the ninth art carefully crafted.However, he found that in these games, the main character is strong and the enemy is weak, and the level can be easily passed without thinking…There is no underworld game in the whole world?How can I enjoy the ‘joy’ of the game in this way!It is impossible to obtain real ‘happiness’ for a cool game.He decided to let the players in this world enjoy the ‘joy’ of the game.“I don’t know why, this game is obviously so dark, and it’s so depressing to play, but I just can’t stop!”“Please be a human being!!”Since then, there has been an underworld game producer in this world. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist AgainChapter 68 Shingo Extra
ComedyDramaRomanceSchool Life

As an author who transmigrated into her own abusive novel, Shi Luo didn’t feel any pressure from it. Besides, it’s not like she transmigrated into the female protagonist who got abused physically and mentally anyway. And so she decided there was nothing she had to do, all she had to do was just to watch it unfold in front of her eyes.But this development seems a bit wrong! Wasn’t this supposed to be an abusive novel? How unlucky! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Pen Down A MarriageChapter 46 Extra
DramaJoseiRomanceSlice Of Life

What happens when you run really low on luck and get intimately entangled with a perfect on the outside and ruthless on the inside man? Well, sparks fly but not the kind you imagine in cute fluffy love stories. Already an orphan, Xia Xi Jin has been struggling through these past years to make a bare minimum living. She is a struggling writer who seems to have a careless attitude towards life and a dirty appearance. However, after a one-night stand with President Xi Mu Tian everything changes. Being forced into a marriage Xi Jin tries to adapt to her new life, new friends and begins to unravel the mysteries of her past and that of her husband. Can love bloom in this penned down marriage of convenience. Read to know! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - My Animation EraChapter 764 Exclusive role (seeking subscription)
Urban Life

Traveling to a parallel world, Gu Miao became a hard-working animation director.When he emerged from “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” and successively produced many phenomenal and explosive animations such as “Bear Infested”, “Happy Baby”, “Super Beast Armed”, “Guobao Special Attack”, the industry suddenly set off a sensation. There is an upsurge of “traversing themes”.Facing the reporter’s interview, Gu Miao waved her hands and said confidently: “No one knows time travel better than me!”Thus, “Digimon” was born… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Tokyo Bubble LifeChapter 402 401, can't I go out with girls?
Urban Life

Entering Tokyo in the bubble era, in this strange era, the only familiar ones are Matsuda Seiko, Nakamori Akina, Kudo Shizuka… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - From White Box To Supervision~ new book released

Beichuan, who loves animation, finally came to study in District 11. After graduating, he always wanted to become an original artist and worked hard for it, but unexpectedly it became a production process. For this reason, his goal has a new change, becoming Supervision!“Lao Xu, please stop your pen.”“Senior Nakamura, you have to continue to live.”Disclaimer: This book is a lot of daily life, it is a white box fandom single heroine, don’t spray if you don’t like it. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Finding Glowing Beauty in BooksChapter 64 Extra
ComedyJoseiRomanceSlice Of Life

What does it feel like when you have a best-selling detective fiction author for a boyfriend?Whenever you offend him, he would look at you disdainfully, “A character molded after you could only ever appear in my novel as a deceased victim.”Whenever you seriously offend him, he would threaten you, “The very next victim who dies in my novel would be named after you.”Whenever you seriously, seriously offend him, he would add on to the previous threats, “Furthermore, the victim would have died at the hands of an extremely perverse and twisted serial killer, and would have suffered an extremely painful and terrible death.”But, by a stroke of coincidence, if you happen to be this best-selling author’s editor, he need not resort to the above mentioned tactics. In fact, all he has to do is one, single thing –-Delay the submission of his draft. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - Have You Ever Met Such a Cold AuthorChapter 63 Fanwai You Hongzhi x Huo Miao (3)

Even though he lived in America, Tang Cu had been deemed the “godly author” since his debut 8 years ago on a famous Chinese online novel website. However, many people did not know he had a severe social anxiety disorder which caused him to be considered “cold.” After being invited to do an interview for the company’s 10 year anniversary celebration in China, he finally gathered his courage to meet with his #1 fan, Pian Yu.Pian Yu had been following Tang Cu’s novels for his entire career and, after noticing the lack of romance in Tang Cu’s popular novels, they wrote fanfiction for his novels to include the ‘romance’ Tang Cu left out.However, Pian Yu turned out to be a male college student named Lu LianGuang. - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - When an Angst Writer Meets a Doting WriterChapter 25 Festival
School LifeYaoi

This book is about how a famous web writer who specializes in doting genre falls in love with a Mr. cellophane writer who specializes in angst genre. - Description from Novelupdates

How To Live As A Writer In A Fantasy WorldChapter 259: Eventful (1)

Reincarnated in a fantasy world. All of the novels worth reading here appear to be SAT English problems. So I began writing my own fantasy novels as a hobby to augment my previous job.However, the novel I wrote had an odd ripple effect. That’s fantastic as well. ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

MTL - Pat Me PleaseChapter 103 extra 4

After finishing playing mahjong, Yu Zhou, a recently resigned writer, returned home and found a young lady from ancient times, Xiang Wan, who was a former prime minister’s daughter, sitting on her sofa. After some simple communication, Yu Zhou, with her adolescent mind, accepted this “roommate” who had traveled through time.On the other hand, Yu Zhou’s novel was adapted into an audio drama, which was unexpectedly performed by the well-known voice actor Su Chang, causing Yu Zhou to be overjoyed yet also in tears, because Su Chang was her ex-girlfriend.Through their new connections, the girls re-examine their own lives and achieve personal growth. This absurd yet realistic experience may also “pat awake” Yu Zhou’s stagnant love life. - Description from Novelupdates