MTL - The Gold is Yours, You Are MineChapter 132 Finale (2)

[Read (avoid) read (thunder) guide]【】Everything is true, stop false propaganda】[The characters are just opponents and teammates before they become adults. The relationship line begins when both parties are adults, and the finale will confess their hearts][Although there is a little daily life of playing games, it is actually just a youth pain literature, without the slightest popular science content][The full text is empty, privately set up like a mountain, the author does not know how to play badminton, and has no relevant work experience, please enter carefully if you mind][Primary school students’ writing style, out-of-class contestants, all logic is only for the plot, please enter carefully if you mind][No prototype, no substitutions][If you see something you don’t like, please stop the loss in time, thank you, see you next time if you have a chance]——All of the above are acceptable and then read the copy——When Xie Shi’an was eighteen years old, she won the championship of the national competition and went straight to the World Championships. The girl is full of ambitions and her future is boundless.On New Year’s Eve that year, she and her friends faced the rushing river and made a wish.“I want to make it to the World Championships!”“I want to be admitted to the ideal university!”“Then I want to win the National Swimming League Championship!”“I want a grand slam!”“Then I will bless my friends’ wishes to come true!”Later, Xie Shi’an, who was deeply grateful, had a life-and-death teacher and friend, suffered from injuries and illnesses, and did not win a Grand Slam until she retired. Fortunately, there was a bean sprouts by her side.Jian Changnian became a monk halfway and was picked up by Coach Yan back to the provincial team. When he first arrived in the provincial team, he was dubbed “bean sprouts”.She is weak and unconfident, but she has an impossible person in her heart.After Xie Shi’an retired, she became the first female athlete in the country to win the Badminton Grand Slam.It’s her fifth year since winning a Grand Slam.The first domestic documentary about athletes, “Meteor”, was released and won the Best Documentary Award at the Berlin Film Festival.At the end of the film, a line of small characters appeared.“I would like to dedicate this film to all struggling souls.”Badminton·Double Heroines·Two Ways to Go·HEGenius x hardworking, three years old.“The wind will change the trajectory of the badminton flight, and my landing point is you.”ps: “Deep kindness, life and death, mentor and friend” comes from “Golden Hazel Song (Two Songs)” by Gu Zhenguan in the Qing DynastyContent tags: strong urban love industry elite inspirational lifeSearch keywords: Protagonist: Jian Changnian, Xie Shi’an ┃ Supporting roles: several ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel