MTL - The Hero of the Zerg is Not Easy To BeChapter 133 Extra: The love story of the cubs (8)

Alpha Chen Junhua, as a representative figure of the Conservative Party, was listed as the top three unmarried characters in the Empire by Imperial Omega. At the same time, due to Chen Junhua’s other identity – the imperial marshal, he was secretly liked by many people in private. But no matter what others think of Chen Junhua, it has nothing to do with him, because Chen Junhua has passed through! ! ! —————————He also entered a Zerg society, became a male worm sought after by worms, and also had an unmarried female worm, Chen Junhua said…Thank you, no appointment. When Chen Junhua was about to break off the marriage at the fiancee’s house, he saw the fiancee who was bullied by the worm. Looking at the swarthy eyes of the fiancee, Chen Junhua’s conscience ached… Okay, anyway, whoever you marry is a marriage, just you . After marriage, Chen Junhua… Really fragrant, military female or something is really the best. —————————Strong, 1V1, the former Alpha is now Zerg attack × Zerg army female is toughContent tags: strong love, a match made in heaven, interstellarSearch keywords: Protagonist: Chen Junhua, An ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - After Wearing the Book, I and the Protagonist Attack the Female KingChapter 72 extra

As a general of the First Army of the Alliance, Lu Cichuan died with the enemy in a battle. When he woke up again, he found that he had come to a completely unfamiliar world.After analyzing the popular science through intelligent light and brain, Lu Cichuan realized that he had penetrated into a Zerg text and became the third prince of the villain’s scum. The kind that remains.Lu Cichuan: …The Zerg were all sick, and his rebellious wife broke his head on the wedding night. Lu Cichuan was unwilling to stay here and entangled with the Zerg. He ordered the intelligent light brain to quickly find out the possibility of returning to Emperor Star. method.When I was idle, I was idle. When Lu Cichuan was asked how to deal with the female prince who dared to commit crimes, he made a mysterious trip to the dungeon where the female prince was imprisoned.The female monarch was covered in blood, her wings were forced to spread, and she was nailed to the gray-white wall, her long hair covering her face, but the moment those ice-blue eyes lifted, Lu Cichuan’s heart skipped a beat.Guangnao: Admiral, your heart is beating so fast.Lu Cichuan: …Guangnao: Admiral, with all due respect, you are in love with him.·Luo knew from an early age that he was not a normal female. He seemed to suffer from a kind of androphobia. He would rather die on the battlefield than marry any lazy male, parasitic on him, draining his blood and inch by inch. Meat.He carefully disguised his abnormality, but one day, he was discovered by the overly sensitive and vicious Third Highness and forcibly accepted as a female monarch.He should have continued to disguise and serve the male, but the moment his hands touched him, Luo couldn’t help losing control and threw the delicate male out.After being brought back to the palace for disposal by the awakened male insect, Luo Ben thought that what awaited him were many cruel methods of cruelty.Unexpectedly, the pale and beautiful little male worm only tickled and waved his whip ten times, then he cried out that his hand was aching, and threw himself to the female female to “wash it clean and apply medicine”.A long time later, Luo looked at the handsome S-rank male worm in front of him on the battlefield with a knife and a beast, and he had deep doubts.Luo: Are there really top ten male insects who are motivated and self-improving, and are single-minded and single-minded.Yes…it’s his hero.Gentle and handsome, fighting strength, attacking, early-stage disgust with male insects, late-stage true fragrant loyal dog, obedient and obedient————————Content tags: strong interstellar sweet text through the bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lu Cichuan, Luo ┃ Supporting role: Lu Ning, Lu Wen, Alvin ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Crossing the Zerg Doting Wife UnlimitedChapter 83 end

Feng Zao, the Earth pharmacist who somehow traveled to the Zerg, reluctantly accepted the fact.Met the other half who wants to start a family and want to be together forever. Then started the road of romantic love wife.The Zerg native resident Hughes is tall and tall. Because his appearance is not the type that male insects like and his personality is dull, he always thought that he would be assigned to the male insect by the main brain system.The first time I saw Hughes, Feng Zao’s eyes lit up: This is the sportsman I like, ah, damn it! How can I get in touch with him.It was the first time that Hughes had red ears, and he pretended to be calm, but his heart kept beating: This male is so cute, I want to rua~“Hugh, let’s have an egg, okay? We also have a baby bug, preferably one that looks like you.”“…Listen to the hero,” he said in his heart: it’s better to be like the hero, the miniature version of the hero must be cute.One day, Hughes received another call from the Bug Cub Academy.“Master, the little worm is in trouble again”Content tags: Childbirth Interstellar Sweet TextSearch keywords: Protagonist: Feng Zaoxius ┃ Supporting role: Kodak Anwen ┃ Others: Gentle, inferior and sweet petOne sentence introduction: I just want a sweet lifeConcept: A happy little romance can always be found in a plain and simple life. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Zerg’s Favorite ProtagonistChapter 167 7 Thirty years

【1】President Song Bai has written abusive articles for ten years, exclusively abusing Sadin.Song Bai put on the male worm in the pen and was abusing Sadin.Looking left and right, I couldn’t bear it.In the end, I decided to take it home and pamper it.【2】As soon as the news that the female insects hurt the male insects came out, the whole country was in an uproar, and the people who ate melons said they would definitely leave.The males say no to leave, eat melons and say revenge before leaving.The male worm basks in the first baby, eats the melon and says that he will leave after giving birth to the male cub.The male worm took a group photo of a family of four, eating melons and saying…he couldn’t say anything.【3】The moment he hurt the hero, Sardin’s heart was ashes.He was full of despair, and he was willing to accept any punishment as long as he did not divorce.Many years later, the heirs are around their knees, and their lover is on the side.Sadin realized later that this punishment was to punish him for peace and joy in this life.The outside is sloppy, the inside is indifferent, and the outside is cold and the inside is soft.Note: Zerg background, it doesn’t matter if you read it for the first timeNote 2: Mutual favor, attack favor, just look at favor and attack with caution.Note 3: Clean party carefullyContent tags: childbirth, a soft spot, interstellar sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Song Bai, Sadin ┃ Supporting role: wb@一二三外人 ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel