Affinity: Chaos-Chapter 1555 Do Not Open I

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Chapter 1555  Do Not Open I

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Gradually, Duke's eyelids started to flutter open and his vision soon returned. His eyes felt heavy and his body was slightly sore. As he lifted himself off the ground, he touched himself gently to see if he had sustained any injuries from falling.

He sighs in relief when he realized he had gotten none. But something felt strange, he felt strange. Recalling what just happened, he started to look around. The faces of those around him changed, but he was still on a train.

He searched himself in a bid to look for his phone, only to discover his clothes had changed too.

Duke had on what looked like an apron with a baggy jean to match. Which was entirely different from what he previously had on; a sweatshirt and a tight skinny jean.

The light suddenly flickered on and off. It happened again, but this time around it took a long while before it flickered back on. Passengers were already showing signs of agitation as it continued to flicker. Most people whispered among themselves, while others brought out their phones, using the flashlight to aid their sight. The light finally flicked off and it refused to come back on.

"Mommy, what's happening?" A girl asked, and Duke couldn't help but look in her direction.

Just as the mother was about to ease her child and tell her everything was alright, the train suddenly tumbled with a loud crash making everyone scream in fear.


"What's happening????"

"Are we under attack?"

'Ladies and gentlemen, please evacuate…' The voice suddenly went static but the information was passed. Everyone struggled to get out from the moving train that had only one exit by all means.

A loud growl ripped from outside making everyone halt, and sending chills down their spine. Everyone that rushed to take the exit began to move backwards slowly. But Duke stood right where he has been standing since he opened his eyes.

'Why… does all this feel so familiar?' He wondered, surprised.

A loud monstrous voice echoed in the train, "The Free service of the planetary system has come to an end. The main scenario will now begin!"

Duke's eyes widened where he stood.

Did he hear that right?

"Wh…o said that?" Duke mutters worriedly.

[A mythical creature with an innocent look suddenly appeared.]

Duke couldn't fathom why that sentence popped in his head, but in that exact moment the train came to a halt and the entire cabin grew dark.

"No way!" Duke mumbled with a tinge of fear.

"Trains stop all the time." He tried to reassure himself to dismiss his thoughts.

Suddenly, everyone grew quiet when a hum was heard. It sounded serene and beautiful. It could put a baby to sleep, calm a densed soul and also easily send chills down someone's spine. And in this situation everyone could relate with the third option.

Duke's eyes widened the more. Realistically speaking, there was no way this could be true. It was completely impossible, but…

"Look!" The girl that had called for her mother pointed out. "An angel…" She said softly.

Everyone fixed their gaze to the pointed direction. A round light was surfacing just above the exit. It started to shape itself, and soon, a creature surfaced, one unlike any man has set eyes before. It had the resemblance of a goblin, its furs were white, it had red horns perfectly placed on its head and wings well-carved on its back.

"No way!" Duke murmured while everyone else was keen to figure out what the creature was and how it possessed its look.

It was at that moment it struck him.

'How can this be happening?' Duke was flabbergasted at what was happening. Even though he was trying to reassure himself this was a dream, it felt so real, and so did the pinch he gave himself a few seconds ago.

Duke placed his hands on his chin as he started thinking critically.

That creature appeared in the opening paragraph of the book he read. He remembered it so well given the ability it possessed and what it did. It induced the tragedy that carried on for thousands of chapters.

Duke's eyes widened and he turned to look around.

Why is it here? If it's here it means no one is safe and no one should take its innocent look for granted, but how will he communicate that to all?

'This doesn't make sense!' He felt like his world was crumbling, but he kept calm and collected.

"Mommy, is that a cartoon character? I want it."

"What is the meaning of this? Is this a show?"

"Move the damn train already, we have no time for this nonsense!"

A lot of people frowned and threw cusses at the creature who remained still.

Duke's worried eyes remained on the creature. "I have to stop them." He muttered and looked around. "But how?"

"It sure is noisy here." The creature finally spoke, silencing everyone but it was only for a moment. The people started to bant and rant at the fact that; it can talk.

"I need you…"

'Oh no.' Duke frowned worriedly.

"To be quiet!" It roared, and immediately a sound was heard. It sounded like the sort when a balloon popped. Only that it wasn't balloons, but in this case, heads, human heads exploding.

"This is your new reality, you either adapt to it or you go…" The creature pointed to another man that had been ranting. "Poof" and his head exploded.

Duke hated to admit it, but it was real. His doubts and disbelief started fading away slowly.

But how did he get inside the novel?

'How about a live adaptation of the story? You'd get to be in it.'

The words etched into his memory almost in an instant. When the author said 'live', Duke didn't think he meant it literally. He should have specified.

Duke watched on as the floor quickly became painted in blood.

The creature started talking and everyone turned to it in fear, except for Duke, who already had his eyes fixated on the creature since he arrived.

"You were able to breathe, eat, and execute without paying the costs, Ha! You've all been enjoying privileged lives, and yet, still question the dynamics. But it's all over now. Nothing is free in life, isn't that right?"

"No currency, house or domestic achievement you've come about matters in the macroscopic dimension. And now… the constellations are now making an entrance. Pay attention to what's in front of you and understand it."

A mini screen appeared before Duke.

~The main scenario has arrived~

Annihilate one or more living organisms. -

Time Limit:- Ten Minutes

Reward:- Coins

Failure Penalty:- Death

"Well, good luck everyone! I expect to see an interesting course take place."

And in a flash the creature vanished.

"Mommy." The little girl called her moms attention. The mother quickly squats to her height.

"Mommy is right here I won't let anything happen to you, okay?"

"Mommy. We can do it! This is a game, you have played games with me before and we always win."

"Baby, this is no game." The mother tried to explain amidst tears rolling down her face.

The mother didn't say anything further. Instead she hugged her daughter tight.

Duke place his hands on his jaw as he ponders. The girl is right, they just have to figure out those rules.

A weird creature that looks like an angel with a serene voice.

A few dead bodies in the train.

Trembling office workers covered in blood.

A mother praying and crying fervently on her seat.

Duke couldn't believe this was happening but he couldn't deny it any longer. It was clear that the book he had been reading for so many years was coming to life right before his eyes.

"But what do I do to survive?" He wondered.

More importantly, Duke wondered why he was putting on these clothes.

"I don't remember any characters putting on a delivery or cooking wear, at least not in the early chapters." Duke paused as realization suddenly hit.

There was a side character that did put on delivery wear. But his identity didn't come about till a crucial moment. Apparently, he had been in all episodes but it was unknown to other important characters because he wasn't important.

"Fuck me! Why do I always have bad luck!"

Mommy. We can do it! This is a game, you have played games with me before and we always win."

"Baby, this is no game." The mother tried to explain amidst tears rolling down her face.

"It is and a simple one. Every game has rules, we just have to figure out what the rules for this one is."

The mother didn't say anything further. Instead she hugged her daughter tight.

Duke place his hands on his jaw as he ponders. The girl is right, they just have to figure out those rules.