Divine Emperor of Death-Chapter 3546 Vainly Courting Death

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Chapter 3546 Vainly Courting Death

"Don't worry. I know Saintess Lunaria just pulled along you Guardians, so I won't target you all. Besides, Guardian Ryheris Yilan, you also saved my wife Isabella from the Accursed Warlock. I can't thank you enough for that, and that goes for the Aurora Cloud Gate, simply owing much enough that I an unable to retaliate."

Davis turned to look at the other side, still keeping his bright smile before he faced straight and raised his brows.

"You're going to release me or what?"

Saintess Lunaria heaved a breath.

She waved her hand, deactivating the immense amount of energy in the chains, causing the six chains to lose their luster.

The chains came loose from Davis, allowing him to pat his robe before a figure appeared beside him and used life energy to heal his shoulders, which seemed to have bled from being crushed a bit.

However, Davis simply smiled at Myria, who seemed she was about to cry, and held her hand, turning around to leave.

They walked away a few steps, causing the Void Dust Empress to look as though she wanted to say something.

She didn't want this kind of situation to unfold, but everything had gone past her, making her think if he would still accept his daughter or hurt her.

"Whatever's stopping you from killing me…?

But before she could say anything, Saintess Lunaria's voice echoed out.

"If it wasn't there, what would you do?"

She had her eyes narrowed as she asked, causing Davis to stop and turned to look around with a sharp gaze.

He let go of Myria's hand, glaring at Saintess Lunaria with unconcealed disappointment.

"Look, I respected you because you did many things for us. You gave us a home. You allowed us to grow. You saved my father. You did many things- probably did many things in the shadows, I don't know, so I walked in here with the full intention of explaining myself."

"However, you… set me up."

He pointed right at her face, appearing livid.


But suddenly, the sight in front of her changed.

She could only see Davis and Myria, who had almost exited the palace but were now standing on a vast greenery spreading throughout the horizon. She was also standing on the same scenery, causing her heart to shake.

Albeit vaguely, she recognized this place, causing her to turn to look around and see- no one.

There was a canopy, but there was no one, making her eyes squint as she looked around.

At this moment, Davis and Myria also arrived beside her.

They didn't even look at her, making her purse her lips. She wanted to apologize, but she couldn't find the right words.

Was it even her fault? What choice did she have since the Aurora Cloud Gate had also functioned as the protector of the First Haven World? They always have been and always will be protecting the world from world-ending events until ruin, but she didn't expect these two to understand, and she didn't need them to understand.


Just as she was about to say something, a white-robed silhouette suddenly landed before the canopy, causing her to freeze.

Davis and Myria also saw who it was and felt it was about time for all the confusing events that were going on in the First Haven World.

However, as soon as the World Master appeared before the table, she leaned lightly, spitting out a mouthful of blood that painted her veil in crimson, causing Myria and Saintess Lunaria to be shocked beyond compare while Davis gulped.

"Don't tell me our union caused your enemies to locate you…?"

Davis boldly asked.

The spatial rumbling in the First Haven World… what was it if not the episode of a shattering universe… which meant that-

"It's the Celestial Transcendent…"

The World Master answered without turning to look around, her voice strained, "… he tracked your anomaly down and did quite a number on me… but I managed to escape complete death somehow…"