Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter -1 - Ranks/Levels/Realms(Spoilers as of 317)

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Chapter -1 - Ranks/Levels/Realms(Spoilers as of 317)

Ranks F>E>D>C>B>A>S







>VOID RANK(A crucial rank that allows one to freely traverse the void of space)



Celestial Rankings encapsulate multiple ranks as their definition of power is much simpler

Rank 1: Epic(Middle Rank 1) Legendary(Middle Rank 2)

Rank 2: Mythical(Middle Rank 2) and Phantasmal(Peak Rank 2)

Rank 3: Transcendent(Middle) and Saint(Peak)

Rank 4: Void(Middle) and Soul(Peak)

Rank 5: UNKOWN


Ranks converge as higher levels are reached, with the same names applying for Cultivators. Example: Transcendent Rank>Transcendent Realm, Saint Rank>Saint Realm, Void Rank> Void Fimerment Realm>Soul Forging Realm


Skill Levels follow the same ranks, with the addition of specialized skills that grow with the user. In terms of power:




Skill Trees:

[Lich Lord of Abomination] (15/15):: Abilities- Summon Poison Totem(5/5), Summon Undead(5/5), Noxious Outburst(5/5), and Dereliction of the Saintly Poison Lord(5/5) >> [Abhorred Lich Emperor](30/30) :: Additional Abilities- Undead Legion(5/5), Will of the Undead Emperor(5/5), and Delay Death(5/5)

[Amorphous Space Beast] (15/15) :: Abilities- Spatial Cage(5/5), Destabilize(5/5), Shattered Star(5/5), and Miniature Space(5/5). >> [Lesser Cthulhu](30/30) Additional Abilities- Morph(5/5), Child of Space(5/5), Portals of Terror(5/5), and Sever(5/5).

[Blood Lord] (30/30):: A technique that only those with the purest forms of blood can use. It is Ancient Blood Magic that includes the abilities Dawn of the Blood Lord(0/5), Blood World(5/5), Drain Life(0/5), and Nightmarish Descent(0/5).

<<Absolute Skills>>

<<Absolute Sin>> :: A skill given to the holder of all the "Seven Deadly Sins" skills. The user is considered to be the Absolute Sin, empowering every sin type skill they hold. It gives access to the skills: [Sin Empowerment], [Harbinger of Sin], [Sin Manipulation], [Sin Syphoning], and [Arch Demon Lord Transformation]

<<Astral Connector>> :: Your connection to the stars is unique, being able to assert an influence that bends the laws of space to your will. A proficient Connector is able to freely traverse through space, even to locations they have never been to before. Abilities include Marker, Connector, Astral Traveler, Expansive Space, and Star Seeker.

<<Blood Progenitor>> Your very core holds a unique relationship to blood, granting you wondrous ways of utilizing it that many can only aspire to. Abilities Include Unique Origin, World Veil, Blood Sea, A Drop of Blood, Telepathy, Vampyrism, and Panacea.


[Vampyre Progenitor](Awakening) :: The Bloodline of the Vampyre Progenitor has fused with your origin, slowly continuing to awaken to its full potential as time progresses. Bloodline boosts include: Ancient Being, Vampyre Ruler, Supernatural Beauty, Decelerated Aging, Blood Controller, Bloodline Affinity, Bloodline Bestowal, World Portal, All Element Resistance, Natural Blood Armor, Enhanced Charisma, Unnatural Healing, Unnatural Speed, and Blood Gourmet