Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2006 ZENITH! II

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Chapter 2006 ZENITH! II

The changes were too grand!

The blooming changes were so ridiculous that the bubbling blood within him broke like a dam and went on to pervade into his Origin.

His Origin which contained three Dimensional Layers faced an unprecedented shock as fantastical volumes of crimson gold blood tinged with a myriad of other colors washed into it like endless waves that went on to bathe the Dream, Prana, and Avalon Cosmos that were rotating beautifully!

They went on to bathe the mountainous Reality Passages and the gold, green, and purple Ascendancy Stanchions as it seemed like Noah's origin was undergoing a great flood!

But the surging waves of blood contained pristine authority.

<The Blood of immense Quintessential Kainos Authority has bathed over your Dimensional Realities.>

<You can choose an Aspect of your Origin to elevate and exceed its current limitations.>


"No way…"

A ridiculous prompt that even caused Noah's heart to tremble appeared.

This was the Age of Quintessence.

And he was the Quintessential Kainos Emperor!

He had to stand out and show that he was the most perfect example of an Emperor of this Age, and his Lineage that had reached ZENITH seemed to want to portray this the most as its elevation granted him the choice of exceeding a limitation of an Aspect of his Origin!

As for what limitation he wanted to exceed…

"The number of 100 Trillion Kainos Royal Cosmos seems just a bit low…"


His voice echoed out domineeringly as the blood of the ZENITH Quintessential Kainos Emperor lit up his Origin like fireworks.

Kainos Royal Dream, Prana, and Avalon Cosmos shone like incandescent stars as they bore a great authority, Noah's entire Origin becoming more pristine!

<The Maximum Number of Kainos Royal Cosmos within a Dimensional Reality has been raised from 100 Trillion to 200 Trillion.>

It all culminated into a shocking result.

<The cost of the formation of cosmic singularities will be correlated to the current cost of the highest achieved Dimensional Layer.>

A ridiculous result that had too many consequences as it would undoubtedly make Noah even more ridiculously powerful…but as the theme remained for his Dimensional Realities- the resources required would also effectively double for him!

But what did he gain for expanding this pathway of his Origin?

100 Trillion Cosmos had completed his Dimensional Layers as each time, he gained 25% forceful understanding in the respective Dimension.

Exceeding this limitation now meant that Noah could effectively obtain another 25% forceful understanding at 200 Trillion Cosmos!

It was a shocking conclusion that meant the Decretum of Avalon…could be completed as soon as Noah focused on the Avalon Dimensional Reality.

And this was just the main point!

If the number of Cosmos were expanded, what about the limitations of the number of Reality Passages and Ascendancy Stanchions between the Dimensional Realities?!


The answer was unfathomable as Noah would have to see, his surroundings that were filled with dense Seas of essence constricting as dozens of Grotto Panaceas appeared.

His Clone in the Avalon Dimension with <Silent Killer> had continued to keep a steady supply of Loot coming as he sniped Alpha and Ultima Strata LEGENDs, where he was now even preparing to face the Grotto Haven Nightwalker that 5 Primordial Suzerains could not handle!

While the resources were negligible when thinking of the cost of the Fourth Dimensional Layer, he could still proceed with the cost of 375 Billion Kainos Royal Cosmos that was now shared equally by all three Dimensions!

The mystical stellar flower like treasures unfurled and turned into streams of light that sank into Noah as singularities of Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos began to bloom.

The slow understanding of the Decretum of Avalon also began to rise ever faster as what took others Millions or Billions to achieve…would take Noah a day.

Because mind you, not even a full day had passed since he formed his Third Dimensional Layer and gained an initial understanding of its Decretum!

In this Age of Quintessence, who hell could even compare?

The ZENITH Quintessential Kainos Emperor Lineage remained true to the meaning of its name as this was merely the first surprise.

There were still changes unfolding even as Noah formed his singularities.

<The effect of the Throne of Quintessential Tyranny has been elevated from True Dual Empowerment to True Quintuple Empowerment. While sitting upon the Throne, it also becomes easier to harmonize with Nature and grasp the mysteries of Natural Laws and Decreta.>

A light of Illumination covered his incandescent throne as the innumerable weaving of particles of natural laws became even more discernible in his eyes.

With enough time spent on unlocking the complexities of the fabric of Reality around him, Noah felt like he won't even need to be within an Empyral Domain of Nature to grasp new Natural Laws!

And yet the boons of the ZENITH Quintessential Kainos Emperor were not done.

<The elevation of your Lineage has followed the Will of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor and focused a large percentage of the remainder of its authority onto the ascension of the [Limit Breaking Mana Refinement]>

<Your wish to change the positions of the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique and the Limit Breaking Mana Physique is being carried out by the remaining Quintessential Kainos Authority.>


A profound change he had wished for due to a recent change of events was carried out at this moment!

And it was bound to be a grand change as he wanted to utilize a powerful authority to change something fundamental about himself!

Upon the Throne, his stellar hands grabbed the hand rests tightly he couldn't help but bellow out, his mouth and eyes releasing beams of gold and blue light at this moment.

Gold for Dream, Blue for Mana.

<The Process to commandeer the authority of the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique has begun.>

<The conception of the Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique has begun.>



He had planned to strip away the authority of the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique and grant it to something else entirely.

Something that at its core…had Mana.

The reason for this was because of the appearance of the greatest enemies that rejected what made up the very fabric of Reality!

The answer to oppose them…lay with Mana.