Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2007 Restructuring! I

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Chapter 2007 Restructuring! I

The Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique had been etched fundamentally within Noah's aspects of Existence as it affected too many things.

Through its many Cycles, he gained increased base Damage Values, an increased number of Reality Passages, and its milestones of cycles even affected other Physiques as its effects were thorough enough to even affect the Decretum of Dreams among other lesser features!

Now, Noah was conducting a complete restructuring of such a concept and converting it into something else.

From the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique to the Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique!


Tendrils of Mana and Dream Essence began coiling around Noah's body dangerously as if they were fighting for Hegemony, Noah's visage half illuminated gold and half illuminated blue as ever so distinctly, the gold began to be eaten up as the blue of Mana gained more surface area.

It was a fundamental change that would take a little bit of time!

While his Aspects of Existence underwent these changes, his Will remained strong as it observed what was brought upon by others.

The elevation of the Dictum Emperor and Tyrannical Emperor had their own boons that when quantified in broad terms- they granted Noah an edge in Destiny and his path of Conquest.

But the prompts were too many as they would be gazed upon at a later time.

At this moment, the boons of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor which stemmed from the Sanguine Emperor continued to take the spotlight as among the many pathways of strength this concept provided Noah…it was also where his uniqueness in Ascendancy Halos stemmed from.

Thus, of course the redefined concept of Halos into Ascendancy Stanchions was elevated even more than before!

Noah put the prompts of the other concepts on hold as he focused on this aspect of Empowerment.

<Due to the authority commandeered by the Quintessential Kainos Emperor from the concept of the Sanguine Emperor, the maximum number of conceptual Bloodlines fused to form the Ascendancy Stanchions has been increased to 120.>

The first and what already seemed like the most ridiculous point.

The number of conceptual Bloodlines, or really the Flames of Edicts fused into a. Single Halo had now been ridiculously brought to a maximum of 120!

<The greater the number of concepts and quality that make up Ascendancy Stanchions, the greater the stability afforded to the Unknown path of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor.>

<The unknown path forward has been illuminated ever so slightly, the possibility of your Origin withstanding the Integration of Natural Laws and Decreta being influenced by the stabilization of your Origin by Ascendancy Stanchions. When the 6th Dimensional Layer reaches full saturation and the maximum Ascendancy Stanchions are holding your Origin firm, the Integration of Decreta can be achieved instantaneously for the respective completed Dimensional Layers. For every single Dimensional Layer, a Natural Law of Reality can also be integrated after sufficient understanding.>

The path forward was illuminated by the Ascendancy Stanchions.

So long as Noah could form and saturate his Sixth Dimensional Layer, the Stanchions would provide the stability within his Origin to make it possible to integrate Decreta and Natural Laws into himself!

It was a stupendous result brought about by an unbelievable elevation.

Noah had to absorb it all and take everything in thoroughly as while his Main Body did so…his Clones would provide the support and resources required to make it possible!

There were the actions of certain Clones that were worthy of note while Noah absorbed all the new changes from the elevation of so many concepts to HERESY and DHARMA.

They happened around the same time as one in particular was of significance!

It involved an enemy that Noah had run away from before.

It was the Nightwalker that had single-handedly taken on 5 other Suzerains due to an Absolute Dimensional Relic that he wielded!

Among exceptional existences or those blessed with fortune, he could be considered within their ranks.

But…this was just hours ago.

After the retreat of the Primordial Legions, the Legions under the Dreamwalker had not been able to proceed forward as his forces were sniped from all angles indiscriminately.

The power of these attacks was gradually rising and reaching unprecedented levels as whenever the Nightwalker was nearby, he would defend those he could quickly reach!

By now, his Legions surrounded him in a protective domain field while he grasped the Absolute Dimensional Relic within his hands tightly.

Far away from him, in an entirely different Dimension- the one responsible for all this was preparing while accounting for what he could do now.

His visage was carefree with his eyes utterly bright- eyes that were ready to see what new loot would come from a Grotto Haven existence as he would truly have to obtain over 800 Panaceas just to bring all three of his current Dimensional Layers to 200 Trillion Kainos Royal Cosmos.

So he looked forward to the result of the upgrades of the Resplendent Treasure Emperor while his body was also undergoing even more changes still!

He had attained enough power to match Suzerains and more as from upgrades of the multipliers of the

Ascendancy Stanchions, the increased base boosts of 450,000 from the completion of the Third Dimensional Layer, his Throne of Quintessential Tyranny, and the ridiculous Augmentation from Natural Laws and Decreta- especially the Decretum of Avalon whose augmentation exceeded was all enough to culminate is propelling Noah to have nearly 10 times his battle power from just hours ago as he went from being able of dealing a few Trillion Damage Values to now being capable of approximately 30 Trillion Damage Values.



It was a ridiculous number, and it was achieved much too quickly!

One didn't even have to fathom Noah's Innate Dimensional Barrier that was 500% of his strongest achievable Defense Value.

With such numbers…he should be capable of surviving against any Suzerain!

And so he made a move on the one whose weapon appeared under <Aids and Cheats>.

What was even more unique was that Noah's Clone remained in the Apollyon Dimension.

He didn't even make his presence known against his first Suzerain enemy as he didn't even cast any of his normal skills or abilities- simply utilizing the single target ability of Silent Killer while in another dimension entirely!

It was an utter show of disrespect.


In a nondescript area in the depths of the Rosebud Domain of the Golden Succubi.

Noah drew Silent Killer coldly!