Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2013 The Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique! II

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Chapter 2013 The Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique! II

Noah's body was radiant as countless cerulean lines pulsed with grandeur and color, his visage already forging tens of Mountainous Infinite Reality Passages while his will as always paid attention to the residual information flowing in about all of these changes.

The Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique held too many wonders as surprises would continue to bloom as Noah proceeded across its cycles.

To top everything off currently, one more Prompt came down as it acted like a topping on an already extravagant feast!

< As Mana circulates across your body through the Quintessential Kainos Mana Circulation Vessels, your body will naturally produce Mana Panaceas daily- a Quintessential Loot that even Nature Integration existences can utilize to fully replenish their Mana reserves and attain 200% Increased Maximum Resource Reserves and Regeneration for a day.>

A vibrant addition that was not expected but always welcome!

His body was the ultimate Panacea for others, and this would be expressed uniquely as like a treasure domain or existence, Noah would actually generate <Mana Panaceas> around his body naturally!

<I'm truly speechless through more that I continue to watch you.>

A distinct voice that had been quiet recently perked up as Lavalliere's will could be heard.

She gazed upon Noah's form that had the wild storms of essence dying down somewhat, seeing the man whose entire body was covered by a stellar light as his very features changed within a matter of hours.

He now had vibrant rivers of cerulean blue strands of hair while his eyes shone brightly, his current status continuing to be elevated to the point that anyone's expectations of him from just days ago would be entirely overturned!

Noah had been greatly absorbed either himself and everything happening around him as he had pushed Lavalliere's mysteries aside to allow her to speak whenever she wished, but he would soon be close to actually being able to help her as he allowed the transformation brought about with the Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique to finish while focusing on her just a little.

"How close are we to breaking the shackles that bind you? What will you need?"

Since his power elevated, so did his perception as he continued to see the shocking chains of a myriad of essences sprouting from the form of Lavalliere.

Her form that seemed to be an amalgamation of a Relic and Absolute Dream Authority, where among the chains of destiny, Karma, Fortune, and Fate that were blooming out, all of them seemed to be congregated towards one massive chain that metaphorically rose to the highest point above Lavalliere!

This chain…

<What I am bound by the most at the end of it all is Providence. The Fundamental Natural Law of Providence that makes the workings of destiny and the other three concepts seem like the moving of one's own fingers. It is Providence and the Decretum of Dreams that made it possible for me to recover somewhat when devouring Relics filled with fortune…it will also be these authorities that ultimately release my soul from this Connate Relic.>

The Fundamental Natural Law of Providence!

It was another Fundamental Natural Law on top of Manadynamics, Entropy, and Relativity that Noah was coming across- uniquely being exposed to the concepts of more Fundamental Natural Laws that normal ones as time passed!

His now cerulean Tri-Pupils shone with a powerful light as he replied while thinking of how to quickly grasp these laws and more.

"If it is Providence, then I will grasp it. Whatever else is required, I will obtain it. You've been with me long enough to see that I will attain that I set my mind to, Lavalliere."

Words filled with Tyranny echoed out as Lavalliere was silent briefly before she spoke with some hesitation.



<I was known as Dimensional Ruler Eowyn before I was sealed in this Relic.>

Lavalliere introduced herself as Noah could see the image of a chained girl at the depths of the Relic bound to him, her head raised with determination and hesitation as she continued slowly.

<Because of my position and the height of the Dream Dimension back then, I was privy to many details and secrets- and it is precisely because of this that when I continue to watch you do what you do and exceed all boundaries, but when I still know what I know- I truly cannot fathom how you will come out of all of this.>

Her hesitation slowly slipped as her words became firmer and firmer, her will looked onto Noah as she spoke seriously!

<The 9 Anchors and the Desolate Mausoleum are not just something that exist- but it is something set in place a long time ago. It doesn't merely just hold the interests of beings like the Empyral Deceiver, but the interest of those truly powerful who had enough power to make Dimensions act as Anchors to suppress the Desolate Mausoleum.>


<The path you are on will directly invalidate their work and undo what was done a long time ago, and your challenge will truly come when they are alerted to this. The Dimensional Rulers will eventually pass the word that they cannot contain the Dimensional Inimicus as at that juncture…I truly do not know how you will come out of this unscathed.>


The path that Noah was on.

It was the most illustrious path as it was also the one filled with most dangers!

He could be like the rest of distinguished existences who had prominently risen within an Age and attain the Seat of the True Emperor, gain the qualifications to leave the 9 Anchors and Desolate Mausoleum as he touched upon the secrets of what happened here and then moved on with his life.

But no.

His path of the 9 Dimensional Realities would devour the very Dimension set in place as at the end of it all, he wanted to even take the Desolate Mausoleum- the Infinite Realities…to himself!

It was something that was bound to come with the heaviest of challenges.

<The Empyral Deceiver is a great and terrible challenge as he holds the most freedom and authority to interfere now, yes. But…there are those older than him. There are those who have been moving even before the cycling authority of the True Emperor was initiated for many Ages. There are those who seek to keep the 9 Anchors and Desolate Mausoleums as they are, and I truly do not know how you will survive them when they find out. This was always the reason for my hesitation when you began on this path. Even as I see you overcoming one thing after another, I always thought of the insurmountable wall at the end of it that I do not know whether you can scale!>

Her words were actually filled with caution and care when she spoke as Noah took them in silently!

He gazed at himself and at everything he had achieved as one had to ask, was it enough?