Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2014 The Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique! III

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Chapter 2014 The Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique! III

With all the advancements he had made and those that were still to come- would it truly be enough at the end?

Even with such a thought filled with unknowns, Noah still forged forward as he spoke with power and confidence.

"Where and when can I expect these enemies?"

<Dimensional Rulers might have already passed word after the appearance of the Dimensional Inimicus. The juncture when you completely swallow up a Dimension and fully remove an Anchor from the Desolate Mausoleum will be the time when a move would be made…and even though it is nearly an impossibility for any beings to enter the 9 Anchors and The Desolate Mausoleum, it can still happen through the 9th Anchor.>

The 9th Dimension.

There were the Dimensions of Dream, Mirror, Niflheim, Prana, Fantasia, Elysium, Avalon, and Apollyon.

The Ninth Dimension…

<The Quantum Dimension. A Dimension that very few have access to as the leading figures of the 9 Anchors reside in here. It does not just act as a Dimension…but also a possible pathway as it holds unique qualities that link it the parallel planes you've just begun to gaze into.>

The Quantum Dimension!

Depending on the flow of events, this could be the domain that the most terrifying enemies Noah had ever faced appear from.

<I do not know what the future will hold, but this has always been the reason for my hesitation. The Desolate Mausoleum, while locked away and abandoned…was locked away for a reason. You are unearthing the interests of existences who have been moving since before the Desolate Mausoleum was even granted that name as whatever happens at the end of this app isn't even something I can imagine.>

Lavalliere finished in a somewhat somber tone as she sighed.


In the face of all this, Noah let out light smile as he brought his stellar white hand forward, gazing at himself and just affirming where he was right now!

"Don't worry too much about the future. We can only prepare for it as best as possible, and my preparations…"

Simply unfathomable!

That was what his preparations and pace of progression were!so he clenched his fist as towards the shackled girl within the connate Relic, he spoke simply.

"Just wait in there a little bit longer. Absolute Dream Authority or Providence…I will have it all within my grasp soon enough."


Noah's state of mind was affirmed even in the midst of many unknowns and potential enemies that were even older than the naming of the Desolate Mausoleum itself!

His heart remained steady.

The Quintessential Kainos Mana Circulation Vessels pulsed and caused his body to radiate waves of dominant authority as around him, vibrant Mana Panaceas began to form around him as the sea of blue essence and multicolored rivers of essence around him were mystical to see.

In the face of all this, he wanted to test this new alteration of power- and he wouldn't have to wait long as always- his Clones being there for him as currently, it was the prominent Avalon Dimensional Chassis that would show the way!

In the Avalon Dimension.

A Suzerain Avallonis Charybdis flew across the purple tinged skies of this Dimension as it passed beautifully floating islands with purple waterfalls of essence- droves of radiant Avallonis Beasts following like a tide behind it as on its back, the visage of the Imperius Avallonis could be seen!

They had traversed too many light years in a short period of time as many domains were crossed, and they finally arrived within the domain of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor that was a long stretch of clusters of idyllic floating islands the size of Grotto Sanctums!

Serene purple waterfalls could be seen at the edges of these floating islands as the Essence formed into cloudy domains of water below, the vibrant aura of life and valor present as Noah stared at it all coldly.

There were countless beings in these domains as the vast majority did not know about the plans their Ruler made with Lilith, but some of those directly under him knew of this relationship!

And such beings were exactly what Noah was looking for as his will spread out to cover any nearby islands.

The most massive one before them was similar to the Dragon Knight's Sanctum in stature and majesty as when Noah's will swept over while utilizing the authority of the Sword of Avalon.

And beautifully, multiple red names rose up along countless white names.

Enemies of Avalon!

Lilith's retreat was too abrupt as the forces that she and the Traitorous Dimensional Rulers left behind were still significant!

This was a boon for Noah as the moment he affirmed this, he raised the dazzling Sword of Avalon.


The Avallonis Beasts behind him clamored and roared out as their wills held a distinct connection with the authority of this Sword, waiting for an order from the Imperius Avallonis to attack his enemies!

But the order never came.

Noah raised the Sword of Avalon as after confirming the enemies, he called out lightly.



A skill was cast as it bloomed in an instant.

But within this instant, the Avalon Dimensional Chassis had been briefly laminated with the vibrant light of the Quintessential Kainos Mana Circulation Vessels over his body, his Heart reflecting the changes his main body had just undergone as he wanted to observe the changes!

He wanted to see <Absolute Pure Mana Output> at work as with sentiment, he utilized the first ever skill he had gained to observe the changes due to the Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique, his Will seeing the Essence of the Decretum of Avalon surging within Noah's body along with the Essence of Reality to bring the skill to fruition- but the moment these vibrant waves of essence left his body to materialize the result of <Fireball>, they were instantly altered.

Altered entirely as the Mana Circulation Vessels sucked this essence in an instant and released an output of serene cerulean Mana!


A droning sound echoed in the skies as from Fireball, the Saintess of Fiery Damnation rose.

But it didn't have its crimson gold colors as everything about it was pure blue.

A cerulean Empress robe draped over her shoulder as strands of hair that were akin to dancing blue flames came down to these shoulders, her skin shining crystalline blue as her exceedingly beautiful expression stood out with her eyes that shone like an endless sea!

When she formed, she blinked her long eyelashes with amazement as her face was soon tainted with excitement, turning around to gaze upon Noah as her crystalline blue hand actually rose to give a thumbs up towards him!

Then with joy in her eyes, she turned back towards the idyllic island far ahead of them as she saw the designated targets, her hands rising towards them as she formed finger guns.

She then blew a kiss as blazing cerulean balls of flames that burned hotter than the cores of Grotto Sanctums began to shoot out from her fingers!