Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2031 Resumption! L

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Chapter 2031 Resumption! L

His visage was mixed in with multiple Dimensional Rulers that stared down Abominations that only increased in number.

Behind his sandy gold throne, a swarm of Grotto Haven Beasts began to spill out as it was a terrific force to wield!

And yet…even here, Noah did not have full confidence.

Because the enemies were unkillable Beasts that rejected nearly everything about the fabric of Reality. Because the enemies had even caused a extremely old Dimensional Ruler to retreat into the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon!

'Then…lets make a few more breakthroughs. Let the Fourth Dimensional Layer begin to form…'

So Noah had a simple thought.

Previously, he thought of remaining with three Dimensional Layers for at least a day or two so he could produce many Kainos Royal Cosmos within his Origin that he would have his people consume.

Every 100 Trillion Kainos Royal Cosmos of a respective Decretum consumed by others…would grant 25% forceful understanding of that decretum!

And just hours ago, it was established that the cost of forging Kainos Royal would always match the cost of the highest achieved Dimensional Layer when it came to Grotto Panaceas. If Noah produced Cosmos for others to devour before he forged the Fourth Dimensional Layer, the cost would be bearable and remain at the production of 375 Billion Kainos Royal Cosmos for a single Grotto Panacea. If he did this after the Fourth Dimensional Layer was forged, a single Grotto Panacea could only grant 47 Billion Cosmos as for 100 Trillion Kainos Royal Cosmos, he would need over 2136 Grotto Panaceas!

But…then the Golden Dimensional Reality Panaceas came along.

For this fantastical loot, it didn't matter how many more layers he forged- for his first 3 Dimensional Layers, the effect would always be a thousand fold the effect of a single Grotto Panacea to forge the Kainos Royal Cosmos of Dream, Prana, and Avalon! This effect cushioned the blow of resource cost and made it bearable for Noah.

And its effects for the Fourth Layer upto the Sixth Layer…was equivalent to the effects of 100 Grotto Panaceas.

Then from the Quintessential Treasure Cache, 50 Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panaceas appeared.

Just what were their effects?

The Will of the Main Body came to full focus.

In the Expansive Space, he stared at the stellar singularities of 50 sleek and stellar obsidian flower like Panaceas whose darkness brightened up everything.

<Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panacea>:: As promised and told before, the Golden Dimensional Reality Panacea was not the Grotto Panacea's ultimate form. The form of an Obsidian Dimensional Reality stands above the Panacea with the designation of Golden, with a single Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panacea being equivalent to the effects of 1,000 Grotto Panaceas when applied to anything past the Third Dimensional Layer. If being utilized to form cosmic singularities in any of the first three established layers, their rate of equivalency becomes 10,000 to 1. A Single Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panacea is sufficient to bring an existence who has never even stepped on any Realm of Power all the way to the Origin of a Grotto Haven with its pure and stable essence. The effects of the next tier of evolution will not follow the same sequence as they are bound to surprise you…


Pure wonder lay in his Expansive Space just waiting for him to utilize.

For Noah's path of forming 9 Dimensional Layers, his resource cost only increased crazily the further up he went.

He needed 267 Grotto Panaceas to form his Third Dimensional Reality before he increased its required Cosmos to 200 Trillion and raised this number to 534. For the Fourth Dimensional Layer, the cost was multiplied by 8 times as the usefulness of Grotto Panaceas was reduced by this number- so he would have required 4272 Grotto Panaceas!

When Golden Dimensional Reality Panaceas came with their 100 times equivalency, he only needed 42.7 of such Loot. And now with the advent of Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panaceas, he would only need 4.2+ or such loot!

It was a fantastical numbers game as he could fully forge his Fourth Dimensional Layer, with his stock of Golden Dimensional Reality Panaceas gained from the Nightwalker and 48 Suzerain Traitors from the Avalon Dimension granting him 490 Golden Panaceas.

The Fifth Dimensional Layer required 16 times the resources as Noah would need 684 Golden Panaceas…or 68 Obsidian Panaceas.

When he put together his total number of Golden and Obsidian Panaceas, it meant he could entirely forge both the Fourth and Fifth Dimensional Layers at this time!

And so, he waited no longer.

"Designate the Mirror Dimension as the Fourth Dimensional Layer."


In the Dimensional Holy Land, Noah retained his stellar human form as he sat on the Throne of Quintessential Tyranny and spoke domineeringly.

His Origin vibrated as around him, he first released Golden Dimensional Reality Panaceas as the Seas of dense essence became entirely tinged gold.

Before proceeding with any Dimensional Layer- he had to have a strong enough connection to do so as he had to at least be able to generate the Essence of this Dimension to form the Dimensional Reality Seed!

For the aspect of the Mirror Dimension, he had attained the VENERABLE Bloodline of the Imperial Dimensional Mirare Lineage- one of the two reigning Lineages within the Mirror Dimension that held multiple Dimensional Rulers at the very peak!

Along with the Mythical Natural Born Sacral Mirror Physique that was already devoured by his Mythical Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique, Noah had met the conditions of generating Mirror Essence.


So the Mirror Dimensional Reality Seed began its formation.

But this wasn't all.

Noah's eyes still carried a trace of unbound tyranny as to prepare for the fight to come, there was still one more thing he had to accomplish.

He waved his hands as from the Expansive Space, 490 Universal Nature Crystals disappeared and came to flourish before him- this also being Loot from 49 slain Suzerains!

Now, he wanted to designate it towards a special Natural Law that would aid him a great deal in what was to come.

A Fundamental Natural Law!