Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2032 Resumption! Ll

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Chapter 2032 Resumption! Ll

Others needed millions and billions of years of progression to achieve powerful realms and fully understand Natural Laws of Reality.

This number fluctuated even more for Fundamental Natural Laws!

But Noah's progression was a unique one.

For him, so long as he had the resources- he could elevate himself upwards exponentially. And the caveat was that he had forged a Concept that granted him Increased Loot Quantity and Quality- which granted him a multiplication effect of his already ridiculous Loot.

And then…there was the fact that he was following multiple story lines at the same time.

He had multiple Clones taking care of what would be designated as <Challenges and Ordeals> of the Hero's Journey, and each one granted its own boons as he didn't need a period of even years!

In fact, in the past day…he had gone from power on the Stratas of Reality to now touching upon the cusp of Nature Integration.


On the cusp of it!

The Realm of Grotto Haven was pristinely powerful, and yet he had breezed through it in a matter of hours!

Existences at the Grotto Haven stage could initiate Damage Values of 1 Trillion…and scale up to be as powerful as 100 Trillion.

The discrepancy between this stage was so wide because even among Peak Grotto Haven Suzerains, one might only be capable of releasing a range of 30-40 Trillion Damage Values while another could release a range upwards of 90+ Trillion. The only distinction between them…was the number of Decreta and Natural Laws understood as this could fluctuate one's capabilities greatly.

With his Base Damage Values from his 3 Dimensional Layers, Physique, and the multipliers from his Ascendancy Stanchions, Decreta, and Natural Laws among many things…Noah had already exceeded the number 100 Trillion when he eradicated the weakened and bound Heliotrope Lion Emperor.

He could be considered to be deviating from the range of Damage Values of a normal Suzerain, but he also was not a match for Nature Integration experts as he did not yet fit in that Realm!

He was in his own defined space.

And the already ridiculous Damage Value he could achieve now…would soon change greatly as he forged his Fourth and Fifth Dimensional Layer, and then fully optimized his Ascendancy Stanchions by adding Amalgamated Edicts to fill the full 120 Slots of a single Stanchion.

And Noah went even further as he now wanted to complete a Fundamental Natural Law!

And the day….was not even over.

By the end of this day, it was hard to say which stage Noah would reach!

So he took calm strides forward as apart from the 490 Universal Nature Crystals that would equate to 24.5% into any Fundamental Natural Law, he also took out the 4 Pure Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Seeds that he had been playing with destiny on where they should be utilized.

The most opportune time had come now as these 4 seeds could grant 100% into any Natural Law or Decretum…or 50% into any Fundamental Natural Law!

This was 74.5% when fully added together.

Due to bringing to fruition wisps of Absolute Mana Authority when utilizing Absolute Avalon Authority, Noah's understanding of Manadynamics was propelled forcefully to 25%.

When added together with what he could achieve with the Universal Nature Crystals and the 4 Pure Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Seeds…he was at 99.5%!

Just shy of full understanding!

But…this was where Noah's Quintessential Dimensional Infinite Reality Passages came in.

Noah had designated Manadynamics as the target of their 11.5% passive daily increase in percentages as Noah knew sometime very soon, the remaining .5% would fill by itself naturally.

There was also the fact that while progressing in the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics…he could attain something termed the Mana Heart!

So he forged forward.

A radiant silver light spread out as the Dimensional Reality Seed of the Fourth Dimension took form, and Noah tugged upon the 4 Pure Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Seeds and 490 Universal Nature Crystals as he swallowed them all.


A symphony of glory and grandeur resounded out as on top of the radiant silver light showing the birth of the Mirror Dimensional Reality, the pristine cerulean light of Mana churned and began to burn around Noah's body as the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics surged up in understanding!

He sought to fully grasp Absolute Mana Authority.

He sought for even more Dimensional Layers and levels of power that gazed with disdain at the Realm Progression currently followed by everyone!

He sought even faster levels of progression as why should he cap himself to making great progress in a single day when he could could further bring this down to mere hours?!


Storms of essence surged in the Dimensional Holy Land and Noah's stellar visage was drowned by the vibrant Seas of essence, the very fabric of Reality beginning to resonate around him as he surged in understanding of a crucial Fundamental Natural Law!

While a certain existence powered up even more for what was to come, his challenger had a solemn look in the Dream Dimension as he approached a certain target.

Having been separated from the Legion of Abominations, Bjorn had taken a few minutes to recollect himself and collect the rest, the strength of his Will to control these terrifying creatures already drained by half as he quickly sought to end the life of the Dreamer of Providence!

His eyes scrutinized the scene before him when he saw the torn domain and a huge monolith rising to the hazy gold skies as he came across the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon.

Withs tens more of Abominations following him, he made a few calculations and connected his will to the other separated Abominations, confirming their location as he soon turned into a streak of light that surged forward!

A legion followed with him as space became twisted and torn, the normal route to the Boss Room of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon not being followed as Bjorn would arrive in a relatively short period of time.

Such a short period of time that when he neared, he could very quickly begin to feel the auras of not just the Dimensional Ruler he was chasing…but the rising auras of multiple Dimensional Rulers!

His eyes flickers as his gaze became solemn.


He still cut across space as soon enough, his figure appeared behind a row of Abominations that were growling menacingly towards the opposing end of a wide golden hall that held a terrifying display of beings.

The Dreamer of Providence he was chasing as well as…

5 other Dimensional Rulers shining with the aura of Avalon!

As well as a Legion of Grotto Haven Suzerains also shining with the aura of Avalon!

And in the midst of this all, a man sat upon a golden throne adorned in gold, and an exact replica of him adorned entirely in purple and holding a resplendent purple Sword stood beside him.

A hazy grandeur of essence currently covered the forms of these gold and purple figures as Bjorn couldn't fully focus on them- the auras of a total of 6 Dimensional Rulers taking that much more precedence in his eyes!

Seeing such a scene, Bjorn made many crucial moves.

One of the first was to communicate with the ecriture of <I> on his hand.

Beings like him had lived for an extremely long time. They out aside any thoughts of pride and probability as with the Legion he led, even if he still had the capability to mitigate the authorities of multiple Dimensional Rulers, there were still too many unknowns.

Bjorn wanted to eliminate any unknowns that could affect the coming future with nothing else but brute strength!

So before the battle even began, he touched upon a signal.

He sent word across the spacetime continuum as he reached towards the figure he was under in authority. He instantly reached out to a Member of the Tribunal to let him know of these unexpected developments and the involvement of Avalonian Dimensional Rulers in the Dream Dimension!!!

It was an action that would cause for the conception of a disastrous and cataclysmic battle with extremely heavy consequences!