Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2645 Isn't it unfair? I

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Chapter 2645 Isn't it unfair? I

2645 Isn't it unfair? I

He stared at a Tier 1 Hyperversal Extremity, and this being didn't even know he was there!

That was how astonishing the power brought about by his Havenly Quintessential Hyperversal Emperor Lineage was!

The feature of Havenly Quintessential Obfuscation was simply that obscene as just imagine if he was actually capable of damaging a Tier 1 Hyperversal Extremity…and he could arrive right in front of them without their knowledge.

Or whenever he finishes the poisonous virus he wanted to create…he could integrate and infect a being before they could even react!

Many possibilities and ideas bloomed with this terrifying feature as Noah moved in after gazing at a Hyperversal Extremity who couldn't even notice him.

His figure moved past other legions of Shadowlings and Apex Aeonic Shadow Elders, bypassing multiple more Tier 1 Hyperversal Extremities as he even passed inches away from Tier 2 Hyperversal Extremities!

And still, nothing.

When such a reality played out, it truly made it seem like he was an entirely different Lifeform on another plane of existence compared to those around him, to the extent that even to the best of their abilities…they wouldn't even realize his existence unless he wanted them to.

That is until…


The senses of the Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities ahead noticed an incongruency.

The Flashing Shadow and The Shadow Extremity Overlord were the first ones to turn and gaze towards Noah's direction as their expressions changed, even more so when their gazes received blank questioning stares from the Tier 1 and 2 Hyperversal Extremities as if they didn't know why they had suddenly gazed at this direction!

It was at this point that Noah released the effects of Obfuscation as…



He was right next to a Tier 2 Hyperversal Extremity who instantly flashed away into shadows the moment she sensed an existence who had bypassed her senses appear near her!

When her will and the wills of others refocused, they were even more shocked to find that it was an Apex Aeonic Lifeform that was among them whom they couldn't even sense before!

And even more so…the identity of this Apex Aeonic Lifeform.


The Shadow Extremity Overlord uttered out as this single word meant too many things.

In their current state, one could blame a myriad set of choices and actions that contributed to how things played out.

Some from the Cult of Endless Shadows placed blame on the being who had declared war on the Avernus Clan and was supposed to be viewing the very Armament of Extremity that was stolen that day!

At the same time, they all knew how the events had truly gone down as their gazes towards Noah were complex.

In the midst of all of these gazes and before they could react any further, Noah nonchalantly floated among them as he spoke out.

"Isn't it unfair?"


His voice wasn't filled with the heaviness and grandess of the Vitalis Hyperversal Authority, and yet it resonated in the minds of all those here!

"Isn't it unfair that when you are weak and poor, the rules are always enforced against you? But when you have influence and power…the rules are merely suggestions that can be broken without consequences? That the Investiture of Extremity is merely a glorified agreement meant to control the masses but not the ones who contributed in forging its commandments?"


His words struck deep into the hearts and minds of the Cult of Endless Shadows- especially their leadership!

It was the the extent that while the Shadow Extremity Overlord remained silent while gazing towards Noah, Flashing Shadow's visage spoke vigorously against Noah's words.

[The Cult of Endless Shadows is not weak..nor are we poor.]

"And yet the Avernus Clan came into your home, killed your Extremities, and took your Armament of Extremity. And now, they're right over there going about their lives like nothing happened."


His words caused waves of flaming shadows of wrath to rise within the Hyperversal Extremities around him as Noah continued before anything else unfolded!

"You all can glare as much as you want, or you can read between the lines. Being weak and poor is not a crime. But being weak and poor and choosing to stay on such a path without any drive for change…that is the biggest waste of life in all of Extremity."

When he arrived at these words, Noah snapped his fingers as above him, tendrils of a profound authority that caused the Origins of all nearby beings to tremble and be drawn to it!

" is an opportunity for change. Something I obtained in the Supernal Havens of Extremity that you all cannot even manage to enter yet. Something that will reform your very being into one that is capable of easily forming Absolute Dynamis of Extremity, and even increasing your rate of progression towards Extremity and past it in the thousands."


Terrifying words only entered the minds of the existences belonging to the Cult of Endless Shadows as after Noah uttered them…


A massive veil of shadows erupted from the Shadow Extremity Overlord as it covered everything in the surroundings, isolating the vast numbers of beings from the Cult of Endless Shadows away from the eyes and senses of others!

It now seemed like they were in a churning domain of stellar darkness.

And yet above Noah, many points of multicolored Singularity bloomed as they radiated an intense light of grandeur!


The Shadow Extremity Overlord uttered out slowly while others gazed forward with caution and incredulity.

Yet Noah remained impassive as more and more extracted Blood Sources proliferated around him!

"Exactly what I stated and more. These are Blood Sources that will grant a thorough change to your existence. As a Hyperversal Extremity…you should be able to discern the truthfulness of my words at the very least. Out of every opportunity and fortune that you have come across in your lifetimes, this will be the most significant one!"

His words domineeringly let the facts be known as the figure of the Shadow Extremity Overlord flicked his fingers, one of Noah's Blood Sources instantly appearing between his index finger and thumb as he gazed at it closely!

He could feel his very existence vibrating with excitement as it told him to devour this singularity in his hands right away!

And as a Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity, he also felt something within this Singularity that he recognized from the few times he came across it.


An authority that had eluded even him as he held very little of it in his Aspects of Existence!