Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1820: World Fragment

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Chapter 1820: World FragmentTranslator: CKtalon

There was a black loop right in the middle—it was the Demon Bull’s nose ring.

Zhou Wen was overjoyed. Although the Apocalypse-grade Demon Bull was powerful, it wasn’t truly invincible.

The reason it was so difficult to kill was mostly because of this nose ring.

Now, a nose ring had dropped. It was much more useful than the Demon Bull Companion Egg.

Zhou Wen hurriedly picked up the nose ring.

‘Obtained New World item, Vajra Chakram.’ Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw the notification in-game.

The words ‘New World’ were definitely related to the Apocalypse grade. Perhaps this was the key to his advancement to the Apocalypse grade.

‘Level insufficient… Unable to use… Level insufficient… Unable to use…’ Zhou Wen attempted to inject Essence Energy into the Vajra Chakram, but to his dismay, the game constantly indicated that it couldn’t be used.

This left him somewhat depressed. He couldn’t take anything that couldn’t be stored on him out of the game, but if he left it in-game, he would lose the items once he refreshed the dungeon. That would be terrible.

After some thought, Zhou Wen could only summon Demonic Neonate to see if she could use the Vajra Chakram. Although she wasn’t at the Apocalypse grade, she had a New World.

After Demonic Neonate came out, she immediately saw the Vajra Chakram. With a wave of her hand, it landed in her hand and wrapped around her wrist, automatically shrinking to a suitable size.

Then, he saw a game notification that an additional Vajra Chakram was added to Demonic Neonate’s list of skills.

Seriously!? Zhou Wen was immediately depressed. A perfectly good treasure had been taken away by Demonic Neonate, but he failed to obtain anything.

Thankfully, having this thing belong to Demonic Neonate was equivalent to him having it. Zhou Wen checked the other items dropped by the Demon Bull.

Two Apocalypse-grade dimensional crystals and a Zone Core. No Companion Egg.

Zhou Wen summoned Imperial Lord Behemoth and made it absorb the dimensional crystals and Zone Core.

This glutton soon advanced to the Heaven level. All his stats reached 400.

400 was already the limit of an ordinary Calamity. It was very difficult to have every stat reach 999. Even for evolvable Companion Beasts, not every one of them could reach 999.

He dripped his blood to refresh the dungeon, but the Mount Laojun dungeon could only be refreshed once a month. It would take another month to respawn the Demon Bull.

Since he couldn’t pin his hopes on Mount Laojun, Zhou Wen changed strategies and went to another Small Buddha Temple dungeon.

The three-faced Buddha was most likely at the Apocalypse grade. If he killed him, there was a chance of advancing to the Apocalypse grade.

Small Buddha Temple was extremely strange, but to Zhou Wen, most dungeons’ taboos were useless. It could be said that he was immune to all taboos.

Just like the punishment taboos in Wuzhuang Daoist Temple, they wouldn’t land on Zhou Wen at all.

There were very few taboos that could directly kill him. Mount Laojun’s life-for-life taboo was one of the rare few.

When he arrived in front of the three-faced Buddha, it didn’t react at all. It didn’t take the initiative to attack Zhou Wen, nor was it triggered by him.

Zhou Wen slashed out, and the sword beam landed on the head of the three-faced Buddha like a divine smite.


The dark-gold light on the three-faced Buddha’s body shone brightly, blocking Zhou Wen’s sword beam. Then, the entire Small Buddha Temple shook. The three-faced Buddha statue moved as it slowly stood up.

The hall exploded as a result of the three-faced Buddha’s body. The huge and strange Buddha body stood above the ruins of the hall like a supreme Buddha.

Zhou Wen was as tiny as an ant in front of him. He turned his face to Zhou Wen and with the bleeding-face side, he only glanced at him. Immediately, an invisible force rose as though it wanted to tear Zhou Wen’s body to pieces.

The Human Realm domain was activated. He had Prisoner and Mystic Thearch augment him at the same time. Prisoner’s New World power was also activated by Zhou Wen.

The invisible force was immediately blocked, preventing it from invading Zhou Wen’s body.

When the three-faced Buddha saw this, he aimed another of his faces at Zhou Wen. It was the benevolent face that smiled at him.

Zhou Wen felt his mind instantly blur. He had the urge to rush to the three-faced Buddha like a moth to a flame.

However, it only lasted for an instant before everything returned to normal.

Upon having two attacks fail, the three-faced Buddha finally looked at Zhou Wen with his front-facing side. This time, Zhou Wen felt as though the eyes were a bottomless abyss that wanted to suck him in.

Suddenly, the three-faced Buddha’s expression changed drastically. His huge, towering body leaned forward as his body rapidly shrank.

It turned out that Demonic Neonate had crawled out from behind Zhou Wen. Her chubby white hands held a black ring as she aimed the Vajra Chakram at the three-faced Buddha. The ring seemed to spin in the void as it sucked the three-faced Buddha in.

After absorbing the three-faced Buddha, the Vajra Chakram flew out of her hand and floated in the air, spinning and flashing irregularly. The void inside seemed to shatter layer by layer, like a cosmic Big Bang.

After a long time, the Vajra Chakram calmed down and landed in Demonic Neonate’s hand. Then, he saw a game notification.

‘Killed Apocalypse-grade creature, Three-Body Buddha. Discovered dimensional crystal. Discovered World Fragment.’

Demonic Neonate’s hand trembled as two things dropped from the ring. One was a dimensional crystal, and the other was a handful of strange things.

It was a material between gaseous, solid, and liquid phases. It seemed to be a combination of three phases of matter, but it also seemed to be constantly changing. At times, it looked like a dark-gold crystal, at times a dark-gold cloud, and at times a dark-gold liquid.

Sometimes, all three states would appear at the same time, as though there were infinite changes. It looked strange and mysterious.

Zhou Wen reached out to grab it, but he felt that his palm wasn’t touching anything. However, the item was there. It had never moved as though it was just a phantom.

From the looks of it, this is the item that helps one advance to the Apocalypse grade. Zhou Wen was delighted. He condensed In the Human World again and reached out to grab the World Fragment.

This time, Zhou Wen finally felt his fingers grab something. He held the strange World Fragment in his hand.

Circulating the Lost Immortal Sutra, he was about to absorb the World Fragment into his body.

Suddenly, he felt his ears heat up. It was the earring formed by Truth Listener that shimmered with a dark-gold glow.

Zhou Wen immediately understood something. After some hesitation, he handed the World Fragment to Truth Listener.

Just as the World Fragment made contact with the earring formed by Truth Listener, it immediately fused into it and vanished in the blink of an eye. The light on the earring also became strange.

‘Truth Listener fused with World Fragment… Evolution in progress…’ A game notification popped up again.

I did all that for someone else again. Zhou Wen left the dungeon helplessly. He wanted to refresh the dungeon again, but he received another notification that it would take another month.

How am I to advance to the Apocalypse grade in that case? Thankfully, I already know what’s needed to advance to the Apocalypse grade. As long as I obtain a suitable Apocalypse fragment, it won’t be difficult to advance to the Apocalypse grade. However, what kind of World Fragment is suitable for my Lost Immortal Sutra? Where can I find such a World Fragment? Zhou Wen thought to himself.