Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1819: Born Proud

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Chapter 1819: Born ProudTranslator: CKtalon

“Young Master Wen, you’re back.” An Sheng immediately greeted Zhou Wen with a grin.

“Ah Sheng, is An Tianzuo around?” Zhou Wen asked.

“Overseer is in his office. Why are you looking for him?” An Sheng was somewhat surprised. The two of them had never gotten along, so why was Zhou Wen taking the initiative to look for An Tianzuo?

“I have something to discuss with him.” Zhou Wen wanted them to move to Guide City. Even if it wasn’t for the An family, it would be safer for Zhou Lingfeng and Ouyang Lan.

“I’ll take you to him.” An Sheng hurriedly led the way and took Zhou Wen to An Tianzuo’s office.

“What’s the matter?” An Tianzuo’s expression was cold. He had never been nice to Zhou Wen.

“I came this time hoping that the An family can move to Guide Ancient City.” Zhou Wen looked at An Tianzuo with a complicated expression. He still couldn’t accept the fact that An Tianzuo was his biological brother.

“Are you worried about Wang Mingyuan?” An Tianzuo immediately understood Zhou Wen’s intentions.

“Yes, I heard that Wang Mingyuan’s wife and daughter might have died in the war. His home was here. If he returns, Luoyang will probably be his first target,” Zhou Wen explained.

“I understand what you mean, but the An family can’t leave.” An Tianzuo’s expression softened.

“Why?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown.

“The An family’s decades of research and plans are all in Luoyang. The present Luoyang City, or rather, the entire Luoyang area, is the fruits of our labor. After leaving Luoyang, everything will have to be redone. There’s no time,” An Tianzuo said.

Zhou Wen didn’t understand what An Tianzuo meant. An Sheng hurriedly added, “We have always been engaged in research on converting dimensional energy into technological weapons. We have already converted most of the dimensional zones in Luoyang into energy pools. We guide the dimensional energy in them to store as energy. Once a war happens, the entire Luoyang area will become a war machine that combines offense and defense. It can be said that Luoyang is now a huge war fortress. If there really comes a day when someone needs to stand up to protect Earth’s home, this will be the last resort.”

Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised when he heard that. To be able to guide the power of a dimensional zone to be used for their purposes was indeed amazing. However, he didn’t know how far the research progress that An Tianzuo and company had made and if they could fight an Apocalypse-grade powerhouse.

“Take Uncle Zhou, the Empress Dowager, Little Jing, Ya’er, and a portion of the An family members to Guide Ancient City,” An Tianzuo said after some thought.

For a person like him to say such words meant that he had acknowledged Zhou Wen. Otherwise, how could he entrust the most important people to Zhou Wen?

“I still have something on. I won’t be meeting Aunt Lan and the rest. Help me by taking this to them.” Zhou Wen saw the determination in An Tianzuo’s eyes and didn’t persuade him further. He only left some ginseng fruits and got An Sheng to arrange for Zhou Lingfeng and company to go to Guide Ancient City.

After leaving the An family, Zhou Wen went to Wang Lu.

“Why are you here?” Wang Lu was somewhat surprised to see Zhou Wen.

“Luoyang isn’t safe. If you don’t mind, the Wang family can move to Guide Ancient City.” Zhou Wen directly stated his intentions.

“Alright.” Wang Lu didn’t ask why it wasn’t safe and agreed immediately.

“Try this.” Zhou Wen handed a ginseng fruit to Wang Lu.

“Is this the famous ginseng fruit that people were talking about a while ago?” Wang Lu took the ginseng fruit and sized it up curiously.

“That’s right. If an ordinary person eats it, they can immediately advance a realm. If they are half a step away from advancing to the Calamity grade, one fruit can directly advance them to the Calamity grade,” Zhou Wen said.

“It’s more suitable for you to use such a precious item.” Wang Lu wanted to return the ginseng fruit to Zhou Wen.

“I still have plenty. Furthermore, this thing is useless to me.” Zhou Wen paused before saying, “I’ll get An Sheng to help arrange for the Wang family to move to Guide Ancient City. If there’s anything you need, tell him. I’ll make a trip to the Moon to see if I can bring Wang Chan back.”

With that said, Zhou Wen left the Wang family.

After Zhou Wen left, Wang Lu looked at the ginseng fruit in her hand and didn’t eat it. Instead, she placed it on a plate and placed everything in a glass cabinet.

On the Moon, Wang Chan nearly jumped up in joy when she saw Zhou Wen.

She was almost bored to death on the Moon. There was no other human around, so how could someone her age withstand it?

Zhou Wen also gave her a ginseng fruit. Wang Chan finished it in a few bites. She found it delicious and asked Zhou Wen for two more.

Zhou Wen didn’t mind and gave her two more. To his surprise, Wang Chan didn’t eat them again. Instead, she ran to the Moon Goddess and gave the two ginseng fruits to her.

“You’re here to take Wang Chan away, right?” Moon Goddess asked Zhou Wen.

“Yes, if possible, can you move to Guide Ancient City with me?” Zhou Wen asked.

“Wang Chan’s Life Providence can’t be changed, but it can probably be controlled now. You can take her back.” After a pause, Moon Goddess said, “I won’t be going. If the Moon dies, this world won’t need a Moon Goddess.”

Zhou Wen persuaded her a little more and told her that if the Moon Goddess couldn’t leave the Moon because of some restrictions, he would think of a way to help her leave.

“I appreciate your kindness, but there’s really no need. Sometimes, living isn’t necessarily the best choice.” Moon Goddess still rejected Zhou Wen’s kindness, having no plans on leaving.

Zhou Wen had no choice but to take Wang Chan back to Guide Ancient City and think of a way to talk it through with the Moon Goddess in the future.

As dimensional zones broke out on a large scale, communication between humans everywhere became more and more difficult. Earth had already become a paradise for dimensional creatures.

Apart from inviting his family and friends to move to Guide Ancient City, Zhou Wen had been constantly grinding dungeons.

He had a feeling that Wang Mingyuan was about to return.

Li Xuan also migrated his family over, but Li Mobai wasn’t among them. Li Xuan angrily complained to Zhou Wen. Li Mobai didn’t know what was good for him. He was too stubborn.

Li Xuan didn’t cook up a fuss, but Li Mobai didn’t act any better. He didn’t take Li Xuan seriously at all and showed no intention of joining Li Xuan in Guide Ancient City.

“Some people are born proud,” Zhou Wen said with a smile. It reminded him of someone.

After rounds of battle, Zhou Wen finally found the Demon Bull’s weakness.

It was impossible to break through its powerful body from the outside. Only from the inside could one severely injure it.

While the Demon Bull was using sound waves to attack, Zhou Wen gathered all his strength in the Human World domain and injected it into the Demon Bull’s body like a needle, immediately severely injuring it.

It sounded very easy, but to do so, he first needed the banana fan that could restrain the nose ring. He also had to think of a way to make the Demon Bull use a sound wave attack in that split second. Furthermore, he had to make sure that the Demon Bull didn’t have the chance to close his mouth. He then had to withstand the sound wave attack and deliver the injection. To accomplish this, Zhou Wen died thousands of times.


The Demon Bull’s body fell to the ground and something dropped.

This is… Zhou Wen’s eyes lit up when he saw the items.