Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1822 - Sky-Swallowing Giant City

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Chapter 1822: Sky-Swallowing Giant City

Translator: CKtalon

“Aren’t you going to consider such a fair-skinned, beautiful, and long-legged wife?” Tsukuyomi looked at Zhou Wen with anticipation.

Zhou Wen wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. Dealing with Tsukuyomi was even more tiring than fighting an Apocalypse-grade creature. Zhou Wen really couldn’t handle what she said and didn’t know how to answer.

Thankfully, time finally passed. Zhou Wen ignored Tsukuyomi and looked at the time. It was two minutes away from the time Tsukuyomi had mentioned.

It was already midnight, but the weather wasn’t bad. The entire sky was like a piece of glazed blue skin stained with patterns. Apart from some clouds, everything else was so clean that it was intoxicating.

The stars seemed to become especially dazzling, and there were many stars that were originally invisible.

After human civilization was gradually destroyed, the night sky became more and more beautiful.

“Heads up. It’s coming.” Tsukuyomi looked in the direction of the giant city and reminded Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen had long seen that the black city was emitting black flames. They weren’t real flames, but they weren’t smoke either. They were more like shadows produced after space was distorted.

Flames rose and filled the sky. The originally quiet starry sky seemed to distort as irregular shadows appeared. The starlight also dimmed significantly.

“What’s going on?” Zhou Wen couldn’t help but ask Tsukuyomi when he saw that there were no other changes to the city.

“You’ll know soon.” Tsukuyomi only gestured for Zhou Wen not to be distracted and to keep his eyes peeled at the giant city.

Zhou Wen turned his head in puzzlement and happened to see a bizarre scene.

The huge stone city suddenly seemed to have a heartbeat as the entire city shrank and expanded.

From the beat, the giant city was clearly bigger than before.

“Holy sh*t, don’t tell me this giant city is alive?” Zhou Wen was alarmed and was glad that he didn’t plan on entering.

If it was really a living creature, wouldn’t he be sending himself into its stomach by entering?

Every once in a while, the giant city would contract and expand like it was swallowing something. Every time, it would become bigger, making it look extremely bizarre.

“I don’t know if this city is a living creature. I only know that this city isn’t an ancient building. At the very least, no human knew of its existence before it appeared. This is because this city happened to appear on the mountain where the legendary Titan Gods lived. Many people mistook it for a city of the Titan Gods. I observed it for a long time and saw it go from a city about the size of your ancient city to what it is now. It only took half a month,” Tsukuyomi explained.

If it’s not the city of the Titan Gods, what’s the origin of this city? Zhou Wen thought, but he couldn’t gather any clues.

Although he had studied some ancient Greek myths, he had only had a rough idea. He knew some of the more famous Greek myths, but he couldn’t figure out how this city was related to Greek mythology.

The giant city continued swallowing and spitting as it grew bigger and bigger. It stood in the darkness like a monster that could devour the sky.

That’s not right. If this thing keeps growing, will it cover the entire Earth? Zhou Wen suddenly thought of such a possibility and immediately frowned.

If this fellow continued expanding without limit, it would probably be bigger than Earth itself in less than half a year based on the current projections. Wouldn’t all humans be in trouble then?

As though reading Zhou Wen’s mind, Tsukuyomi said, “That’s hard to say. I don’t know what this fellow’s origins are either. Ever since it appeared, it has been absorbing energy from the sky every three days. It has never stopped.”

“If that’s the case, I have to resolve this problem as soon as possible to prevent any future troubles,” Zhou Wen said after some thought.

“How? We haven’t even figured out what it is.” Tsukuyomi shook her head.

I’ll get a Companion Beast to investigate, Zhou Wen thought as he summoned a Companion Beast. It was a very low-level black snake.

The black snake slithered forward and headed for the city. Zhou Wen and Tsukuyomi watched nervously from afar, prepared to fight or escape at any time.

When the black snake approached the city, there was no reaction from the black city. As usual, the black snake circled the city gates several times without being attacked.

“Why don’t you try breaking down the door and taking a look?” Tsukuyomi seemed intrigued as she stared at the city gates.

“This is only a Legendary black snake. How can it push open such a door?” Although Zhou Wen said that, he still got the black snake to slither towards the door.

It wasn’t a solution to continue this stalemate. It was good to probe.

To Zhou Wen and Tsukuyomi’s surprise, just as the black snake touched the door, the thousand-meter-tall door was opened by the black snake with a slight touch.

Behind the door was a huge palace. Humans couldn’t even be considered ants in front of the palace. It was unknown what kind of creature it was and how huge it was to live in such a palace.

However, he only saw the palace and no other creatures. All he could do was get the black snake to continue exploring.

Under Zhou Wen’s control, the black snake crawled along the stone path. An even stranger scene happened.

As the black snake advanced, its body unknowingly grew bigger.

The black snake was originally only about a meter long. It wasn’t a Companion Beast that relied on its size to win. It had only traveled about twenty meters into the city, but its body had already exceeded five meters.

Although its body was rapidly expanding, from the black snake’s feedback, it didn’t feel any discomfort.

Zhou Wen made the black snake stop. After the black snake stopped, its body continued growing. It didn’t stop expanding just because it stopped.

This city is rather interesting. Zhou Wen looked at the huge city thoughtfully and continued ordering the black snake to go deeper.

When the black snake crossed the square and arrived in front of the palace, its body had already become extremely huge. It was probably comparable to Behemoth.

Logically speaking, the black snake should have become many times stronger given its gigantification. With such a body, even if it just used pure strength, it shouldn’t be difficult to kill an Epic or Mythical creature.

However, Zhou Wen didn’t sense the black snake’s level increase. It was still a Legendary Companion Beast.

The black snake’s huge body finally arrived in front of the palace. Under Zhou Wen’s orders, it reared its head at the palace’s door.

The palace’s architectural style was completely different from the ancient buildings in the East District. Zhou Wen couldn’t figure anything out from it. All he wanted to do was quickly finish exploring it. He wasn’t interested in studying it carefully.

The door to the palace was easily pushed open by the black snake again. The scene he saw gave him a fright.

Inside the palace, there was a huge head hanging in the hall like a crystal chandelier.

However, the person’s hair was disheveled. His grayish-white hair covered his face, and only his bloody neck could be seen. It looked extremely terrifying. Furthermore, the person’s head was humongous. If Zhou Wen were to enter himself, his body wouldn’t even be fit to be a louse on the person’s head.

Just as Zhou Wen was sizing up the head, he suddenly saw it open its eyes and stare at him.