Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1823: Size

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Chapter 1823: SizeTranslator: CKtalon

The head had clearly discovered Zhou Wen’s presence, but it seemed to be provoking him. The unbridled gaze of pure evil made Zhou Wen frown slightly.

Crack! Crack!

The human head opened its mouth and sucked the huge black snake into its mouth like a noodle before chewing.

Moments later, the black snake, along with its skin and bones, was swallowed. The palace’s door and city gates closed.

“That person’s goading sucks.” Tsukuyomi could tell as well and spoke with a smile.

“It riled me up though.” With a thought, Zhou Wen summoned another Mythical Companion Beast and made it head for the door.

The outcome was similar to the last time. The city gates and palace gates opened at a touch. After the Companion Beast entered, its body expanded, but it was ultimately swallowed by the head.

He summoned several Companion Beasts in a row, but all of them were swallowed by the head without exception. Finally, Zhou Wen summoned a Calamity-grade Companion Beast, but it still didn’t work.

No matter what level a Companion Beast was, they had no resistance against the head. Even a Calamity shared the same fate. They didn’t even have the chance to fight as they were swallowed in one mouthful.

“Thankfully, I didn’t enter. Even a Calamity-grade Companion Beast was swallowed in one mouthful. My tiny body can’t withstand a single bite. That head is probably at the Apocalypse grade.” Tsukuyomi patted her trembling chest with a look of fear.

Zhou Wen didn’t seem to hear her as he summoned another Companion Beast. However, this time, the Companion Beast he summoned was Imperial Lord Behemoth.

“Isn’t it a pity for such a powerful Companion Beast to die?” Tsukuyomi sized up Imperial Lord Behemoth.

“That might not be the case.” Zhou Wen ignored Tsukuyomi’s persuasion and got Imperial Lord Behemoth to head for the door.

When he arrived in front of the city gates, Imperial Lord Behemoth roared angrily as its body suddenly expanded to its largest form.

Imperial Lord Behemoth pushed open the city gate and walked straight in.

Imperial Lord Behemoth’s body was like a small mountain to begin with. After entering the huge city, it grew bigger with every step.

When it arrived at the entrance of the palace, its body was already taller than the two to three thousand-meter-tall palace. It had to crouch low to the ground to enter the palace.

When the strange giant head saw Imperial Lord Behemoth, its expression immediately changed. Although its facial expression was hidden, its constricted pupils and widened eyes undoubtedly meant that it was extremely alarmed.

When Imperial Lord Behemoth came in front of the head, it was already much taller than it. It opened its mouth and swallowed the head before chewing.

The head failed to put up any resistance as it was swallowed alive by Imperial Lord Behemoth.

“I see. How did you discover it?” Tsukuyomi also saw through the trick and asked Zhou Wen.

“I’m not a young man who just came out into this world. How can I really be angered by it? Sacrificing those Companion Beasts was just a test. The distance between every Companion Beast entering the city and the head is actually increased according to a certain ratio. Although that head is capable, it’s impossible for a Calamity-grade Companion Beast not to have a chance of struggling against it even if it’s at the Apocalypse grade.

“This can only mean that this is a rule. All Companion Beasts that reach the head are already restricted by the rules. They can’t resist at all. This way, the conclusion is very obvious. Any creature that walks in front of the head will be devoured if it’s not as big as the head. If something else is bigger than it, it can only be devoured,” Zhou Wen explained.

“Hubby, you’re so smart. I’m liking you more and more.” Tsukuyomi pretended to be naive.

“What are you talking about?” Zhou Wen wore a wry smile.

Thankfully, there were changes in the city again. Zhou Wen hurriedly looked into the city and saw that after the head was swallowed by Imperial Lord Behemoth, a strange change happened in the palace.

The ground in the innermost area of the palace slowly rose up, turning into a huge throne. The throne seemed to be tailor-made for Imperial Lord Behemoth. It seemed to be custom made for it to sit.

The palace itself had also become taller and bigger. It was clearly much taller than the other palaces in the city.

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and got Imperial Lord Behemoth to walk towards the throne. After it sat on it, a strange ability immediately flowed from the throne to Imperial Lord Behemoth’s body.

Zhou Wen could clearly sense that the energy in Imperial Lord Behemoth’s body was slowly increasing. Its body seemed to be strengthening.

This left Zhou Wen somewhat surprised. Imperial Lord Behemoth was already a Companion Beast with 400 stats in the Heaven realm. This was the limit of ordinary Calamity-grade Companion Beasts. If he wanted to improve further and continue raising its stats, he had to have a rare treasure like a ginseng fruit.

Ordinary dimensional crystals, even Apocalypse-grade dimensional crystals, couldn’t help Imperial Lord Behemoth grow.

It was unknown what kind of magical power the palace and throne possessed to allow Imperial Lord Behemoth’s stats to continue rising.

“I get it. One can receive the energy obtained from the giant city’s sky-devouring by sitting on that throne.” Tsukuyomi’s beautiful eyes immediately lit up.

Without waiting for Zhou Wen to say a word, Tsukuyomi had already summoned an extremely huge Companion Beast and made it head into the city.

It was a strange ghost train. Zhou Wen had seen it before. It was one of the hundred ghosts.

Tsukuyomi leaped up and sat in the train, entering the city with the train.

After the ghost train entered the city, it didn’t go to the palace where Imperial Lord Behemoth was. Instead, it took a detour and headed for another palace.

The ghost train grew bigger and bigger after entering the palace. When it arrived in front of another palace, it was already bigger than a mountain.

The door to the palace opened wide, revealing a huge human head inside. However, the ghost train was already bigger than the human head. A huge mouth that was filled with gears opened at the ghost train’s head and swallowed the human head.

Indeed, a throne appeared in the palace. However, the throne didn’t match the ghost train’s figure. Instead, it matched Tsukuyomi’s figure.

Tsukuyomi walked out of the ghost train and sat on the throne. Immediately, infinite energy surged into her body.

“Zhou Wen, quickly come in. The energy here is very strong. If you can stay here for a year or so, you might be able to directly advance to the Apocalypse grade.” Tsukuyomi sat on the throne and didn’t forget to call out to Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen was somewhat tempted, but he didn’t have Tsukuyomi’s ghost train. If he entered and became so big, wouldn’t he end up a giant if he couldn’t return to his original size? That wouldn’t be fun.

Furthermore, with his size, it was probably impossible for him to be bigger than the head after entering. When that happened, he would be the one devoured.

I wonder if my abilities can crack the city’s nomological powers. Although Zhou Wen felt that he wasn’t afraid of the city’s rules, he wasn’t willing to take the risk.