Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1826: : Gaia

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Chapter 1826: GaiaTranslator: CKtalon

“Who is it?” Zhou Wen frowned as he stared at the nothingness.

Suddenly, in the depths of the darkness, a white light gradually lit up. It approached from afar and dimmed to a glow.

A figure wrapped in white light slowly walked out from the darkness.

“I’ve finally found you, Child of Dimension.” The blurry figure’s gaze seemed to focus on Demonic Neonate.

“Child of Dimension?” Zhou Wen immediately understood that the person the figure was looking for wasn’t him, but Demonic Neonate. Demonic Neonate’s Life Providence was Child of Dimension.

Demonic Neonate didn’t react. She stared at the figure and was eager to kill it.

“Who are you?” Zhou Wen asked again.

“I’m Gaia.” The figure sighed and continued, “I never expected Child of Dimension to be reduced to such a state.”

“Why are you looking for her?” Zhou Wen stared warily at the figure. He still couldn’t figure out Gaia’s intentions for Demonic Neonate.

“Only the Child of Dimension can restore balance to the entire world,” Gaia said.

“What do you mean? Is the world abnormal now?” Zhou Wen asked.

“Do you think it’s normal for a Child of Dimension to be reduced to a toy?” Gaia’s tone was filled with sorrow.

“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen’s heart raced as he seemed to approach the truth of the world.

Gaia seemed to have not communicated with anyone for a long time and wanted to express her thoughts. Upon hearing that, she continued, “Back then, that terrifying woman tore through the air and forcefully imprisoned the various rulers in her ship, throwing the world into chaos. She nearly overturned the entire dimension, causing the Child of Dimension to lose the favor she should have received…”

Zhou Wen’s expression changed when he heard that. The story Gaia told was even more bizarre and terrifying than The Thearch’s.

This was the first time Zhou Wen knew that the woman had not only defeated The Thearch, but she had also captured the rulers of many worlds.

World-level lifeforms were existences that maintained dimensional order. They were all super deities like Gaia.

Because they were imprisoned, Earth and the dimension fell into chaos. All sorts of dimensional zones slowly broke out.

Zhou Wen asked Gaia which world-level creatures were imprisoned on the ship. Every name Gaia mentioned left Zhou Wen alarmed.

“Gaia, God, Shiva…” Those were supreme existences in Earth’s myths, and they were only a small sample.

There were also some things that Gaia didn’t know because she had only seen a portion of them. After being imprisoned, they fell asleep. She wasn’t sure which world-level lifeforms the woman had captured and brought onto the ship.

However, the ship later encountered an accident, allowing these world-level creatures to escape and return to their original worlds.

However, due to the damage they suffered while imprisoned, most of these world-level creatures fell into a deep sleep.

“Who is that woman? Could it be that she’s really powerful enough to easily defeat so many Apocalypse-grade experts?” According to Zhou Wen’s understanding, the so-called world-level was likely at the Apocalypse grade. Furthermore, it was very likely a peak Apocalypse.

“Perhaps she’s not that strong, but she can break the rules. Furthermore, many world-level creatures were sealed by her in their slumber. If not for the Immortal Thearch exceeding her expectations and being on the brink of breaking through, her plan would have long succeeded. The Child of Dimension would no longer exist.” As Gaia spoke, she glanced at Demonic Neonate as though she pitied her.

After obtaining information from Gaia, Zhou Wen finally had a complete outline.

Not only did the woman who steered the ship capture Earth’s Companion Egg, but she had also captured world-level creatures from across the entire dimension, hoping to overturn the entire dimension.

Demonic Neonate was originally fated to be the protagonist of the dimension, but because of the woman’s destruction, she had fallen to the state Zhou Wen saw her in.

Everything that woman had done was to save her child, which was An Jing. Perhaps her goal wasn’t just to make An Jing an Earth Companion Beast. She might have a bigger scheme.

An accident had happened midway, the Immortal Thearch that Gaia mentioned was very likely The Thearch. Although she had lost to that woman, she had completely messed up the woman’s plans.

This was why the world was now in such a state.

It could be said that the present world was an accident. Without that woman, Demonic Neonate would be the strongest existence in this world and the protagonist of the entire dimension.

As expected of The Thearch. Zhou Wen praised inwardly, but he was also somewhat worried.

In less than a year, The Thearch would be able to escape. When that happened, it was hard to say if it would be a blessing or a curse for humanity.

“Since the world is now in this state, why are you still looking for her?” Zhou Wen couldn’t help but glance at Demonic Neonate.

“Only by restoring the Child of Dimension can this world return to normal,” Gaia said as her body emitted white light.

The white light flew towards Demonic Neonate. After touching Demonic Neonate’s body, it immediately dissipated like snowflakes landing on fire.

Zhou Wen was alarmed. Gaia was actually transmitting her energy to Demonic Neonate.

Demonic Neonate didn’t stand on ceremony and directly absorbed Gaia’s energy for herself.

Gaia’s projection weakened. Moments later, the projection flickered. After a while, she was almost invisible.

“You trust her that much?” Zhou Wen was very surprised that Gaia wanted to sacrifice herself to help Demonic Neonate.

“The reason for my existence is to maintain the order of this world… If this world doesn’t exist, what’s the point of my existence… The damage to the Child of Dimension is worse than I imagined. I haven’t completely recovered my strength. From the looks of it, there’s no way to completely repair the damage to the Child of Dimension… You have to be careful…” Gaia said intermittently.

“Be careful of what?” Zhou Wen hurriedly asked.

“Be careful of the world-level creatures on the ship… It’s very likely that some of them have already sided with the woman…” Gaia’s voice became weaker and weaker until it was completely inaudible. The projection completely vanished.

Zhou Wen and Demonic Neonate also escaped from the darkness. The darkness remained in front of them as though everything had been a dream.

There are traitors among the world-level lifeforms on the ship? Zhou Wen frowned inwardly.

Those lifeforms were extremely terrifying existences. The only one Zhou Wen had seen was Sweetie. He never expected Sweetie to have been on that ship.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know where Sweetie had gone. If he could find her, he might be able to obtain more useful information.

Looking at Demonic Neonate’s stats, there were no changes at all. Gaia had sacrificed herself; yet, she still couldn’t allow Demonic Neonate to continue growing. He didn’t know how she could advance to the Apocalypse grade.