Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1825: Supreme Dark Hemisphere

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Chapter 1825: Supreme Dark HemisphereTranslator: CKtalon

Just like the last time, the strange flames that could devour the sky rose up again, distorting the entire sky into a demonic scene.

Zhou Wen summoned Torch Dragon and got it to enter the city first and head for one of the palaces inside.

Torch Dragon’s body was extremely huge to begin with, so the giant city’s effects on it were more pronounced. After slamming open the palace door, they realized that the head inside was clearly much bigger than the two heads from before. It was unknown if it was because the heads were growing or if different palaces had heads of different sizes.

Thankfully, Torch Dragon was huge enough. It was still much bigger than the human head. It swallowed it in one mouthful and became the new owner of the palace.

An Sheng watched from the side the entire time. He roughly estimated that his six giants shouldn’t have much of a problem.

However, An Sheng was still very careful. He first let a Frost Giant enter the city. Nothing abnormal happened. After entering the palace, the Frost Giant was slightly bigger than the human head, allowing it to successfully occupy a palace.

The remaining five Giants also entered the giant city one by one and quickly occupied the other five palaces. These giants were barely bigger than the human heads, so nothing unexpected happened.

Zhou Wen summoned Imperial Lord Behemoth out. After it left the palace, its body shrank bit by bit. After leaving the city gates, it returned to its original size.

As such, Zhou Wen was immediately overjoyed. As long as his body wasn’t affected, he had a way to enter the palace.

“From the looks of it, our guess is right. This huge city should be the territory of the legendary twelve Titan Gods. There’s Titan power in the palace. Unfortunately, humans aren’t big enough. Otherwise, we could consider entering to receive the energy,” An Sheng said after some thought.

“It’s not difficult to become bigger.” Zhou Wen glanced at Imperial Lord Behemoth beside him as his body suddenly began to change.

His body rapidly expanded as he transformed into the likes of Imperial Lord Behemoth. Soon, two identical Imperial Lord Behemoths appeared outside the city gates.

The power of the Demon God Bloodline Catalog had already become Zhou Wen’s innate ability. It wasn’t difficult to simulate a dimensional creature.

Even if he didn’t use this method, Zhou Wen could transform into the devil-like Supreme Hell King. That also provided a body that could grow bigger.

After getting An Sheng to wait outside, Zhou Wen entered the city with Imperial Lord Behemoth.

After entering, Zhou Wen immediately realized that something was amiss. The Imperial Lord Behemoth beside him was affected by the city again, but his body remained unchanged.

After some thought, he knew what was going on. The rules of the giant city were equally ineffective against him.

With a thought, Zhou Wen returned to his original appearance and stopped simulating Imperial Lord Behemoth.

Imperial Lord Behemoth quickly returned to its original palace. There was no longer a huge head there. It sat on the throne again.

Zhou Wen wasn’t in a rush to head to the other palaces. Instead, he circled the city to see if there was anything else other than the twelve palaces.

After circling the periphery of the palace, he didn’t discover any other buildings. Only when he walked to the center of the palace did he discover something strange.

The twelve palaces surrounded a square. There were no monuments or pillars on the square, only lines engraved on the ground. Starting from the center of the square, they spread out in a radial pattern.

In the middle of the lines was a black, hemispherical object that covered the ground. The hemisphere was dark and lusterless, like a dark shadow. Light that landed on it was absorbed, giving one the illusion that it was a black hole.

The power that distorted the sky was emitted from the dark hemisphere.

Zhou Wen sized up the dark hemisphere and searched his mind for information related to the twelve Titan Gods. There seemed to be only one thing that was related to a dark hemisphere.

Could this thing be related to Gaia? Zhou Wen thought to himself.

There were many legends about Gaia. The Mother of Gods, Earth Mother, and the grandmother of all the gods. There was a saying that Gaia was a goddess alongside Chaos. There was also a saying that Gaia was the first god born from Katos.

Regardless of which theory it was, Gaia’s status was extremely lofty among the Nordic pantheon.

Whether the dark hemisphere was related to Gaia was only Zhou Wen’s guess. He didn’t plan on taking the risk to study it.

After making no other discoveries, he headed for a palace and pushed open the door to see the huge human head inside.

When the giant head saw Zhou Wen, it opened its bloody mouth to devour him. Zhou Wen casually waved his hand and the sword beam sliced the giant head into two.

The throne rose and Zhou Wen sat on it. Immediately, strange energy surged into Zhou Wen’s body, making him feel the energy in his body constantly increase.

From the looks of it, this thing works for me. Perhaps I can really advance to the Apocalypse grade here. Zhou Wen felt the energy in his body surge and was immediately overjoyed. He immediately had other thoughts.

Tsukuyomi, Imperial Lord Behemoth, Torch Dragon, and the six Giants. Together with Zhou Wen himself, they occupied a total of ten palaces. There were still two palaces left.

Since Zhou Wen could ignore the rules of the giant city, he didn’t need to worry about anything. He summoned Demonic Neonate, hoping that she could occupy this palace before heading to the other palaces.

To his surprise, after Demonic Neonate was summoned, her black eyes sized up her surroundings before she rushed out of the palace door and headed for the dark hemisphere.

Oh no! Zhou Wen knew that something bad was about to happen as he hurriedly chased after her.

When he caught up to Demonic Neonate, she had already arrived in front of the hemisphere. Thankfully, she didn’t do anything. She just stood there and sized up the hemisphere.

“Neonate, don’t do anything rash.” Zhou Wen exhorted Demonic Neonate not to act rashly.

This wasn’t a game. If anything went wrong, the two of them would lose their lives.

Demonic Neonate didn’t move, but the extreme dark hemisphere suddenly changed. Twisted shadows surged out crazily and enveloped Demonic Neonate and Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen was alarmed as he hurriedly picked up Demonic Neonate and wanted to teleport away. To his surprise, no matter how he used spatial teleportation, he failed to leave his spot.

The surrounding space turned dark as though they had been devoured by the dark hemisphere.

I should have known. One shouldn’t be greedy; I shouldn’t have summoned Demonic Neonate. Zhou Wen hugged Demonic Neonate and looked around helplessly. There was nothing but darkness. Even though Zhou Wen’s gaze could penetrate the cosmos and his consciousness could cover the entire planet, he couldn’t see or feel anything in the darkness.

“I’ve finally found you.” Suddenly, a strange voice sounded in the boundless darkness. It was impossible to determine its location as though it came from every direction.