Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1828: Honey Trap

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Chapter 1828: Honey TrapTranslator: CKtalon

“Isn’t it gravity?” Li Xuan looked at Zhou Wen in surprise.

“No, if it were gravity, that human would have been pressed to the ground. It would be impossible for him to stand there,” Zhou Wen explained.

“That’s right. Seems tricky if it’s not gravity.” Li Xuan scratched his head. “Thankfully, someone else is scouting. Let’s wait and see.”

The alien on the stone steps was still advancing, but his speed was getting slower and slower. After a while, one could see the stone steps behind him falling one after another. His speed could no longer keep up with the speed at which the stone steps behind him fell.

In his horror, he tried with all his might to head higher, but he couldn’t walk fast. His footsteps became heavier and heavier.

Finally, the stone steps beneath his feet fell into the bottomless abyss, taking him along with it.

Without any struggle, the stone steps and the creature vanished. The Cube’s scene vanished, and the creature’s attempt at clearing the level ended in failure.

“From the looks of it, you can’t use abilities other than your body there. I’m afraid you have to rely on pure physical strength to walk up,” Li Xuan analyzed.

Zhou Wen nodded in agreement. The creature that cleared the level was likely at the Calamity grade. He hadn’t used any abilities from beginning to end. It was obvious that there was a very powerful taboo power restriction on the stone steps.

“One can’t use their abilities and can only rely on their physical strength, but it has nothing to do with gravity. What kind of power is it that slows down the challengers?” Li Xuan muttered to himself.

“That can only be determined by giving it a try,” Zhou Wen said.

Li Xuan jumped in fright and hurriedly said, “Don’t do anything rash. This Cube battle is clearly different from the past. If you don’t succeed, you will definitely die. There’s no third path. It won’t be too late to go after figuring out the stone steps.”

“I know.” Zhou Wen looked at the Cube’s screen and guessed all the possibilities.

The various human factions were also drawn to the Cube’s challenge, and although the challenge looked very dangerous, those with acumen realized that this might be an opportunity.

Walking on the stone steps didn’t allow one to use all sorts of abilities. They could only rely on their bodies. This restriction had its pros and cons. If one’s body was strong enough, this restriction was a form of protection.

There were suddenly more humans challenging the Cube, but most of them weren’t true powerhouses. Among the challengers, there were very few at the Terror grade.

Anyone with experience could tell that some organization was scouting out a path.

However, the cost of scouting was rather high. In just half a day, more than ten humans had died.

The deaths of these challengers weren’t completely fruitless. Although most of them could only stand on the stone steps and move a little, two of them managed to take two to three steps.

“I wonder who is so heinous to use human lives as a pathfinder.” Li Xuan couldn’t stand it any longer as he cursed softly.

Zhou Wen didn’t like this method of sacrificing lives, but other than that, he couldn’t think of any other way.

The Cube lit up again. Just as the two of them thought that another human was being used as a pathfinder, they realized that the person clearing the level was a female dimensional creature.

Drought Demon Fairy is free! Zhou Wen was slightly surprised when he saw the dimensional creature.

The Zhang family had always sealed off the place where Drought Demon Fairy slept, and although they knew that it was only a matter of time before she gained freedom, they never expected her to appear so quickly.

If such an existence had already broken out, it was hard to say how long Earth could last.

“I’m sorry. We tried our best.” Zhang Chunqiu walked over.

“It’s only a matter of time. Such an existence can’t be suppressed.” Zhou Wen had previously interacted with Drought Demon Fairy. He knew that if she really wanted to gain freedom, the Zhang family definitely wouldn’t be able to suppress her. It was just that she hadn’t left for some reason.

Drought Demon Fairy walked up the stone steps. It was much easier than the dimensional creature from before. She walked even faster than Wang Mingyuan.

However, as she approached the floating platform, Drought Demon Fairy’s speed slowed down significantly.

It was obvious that Drought Demon Fairy was slightly inferior to Wang Mingyuan. Wang Mingyuan had maintained the same speed from beginning to end. Clearly, he didn’t give his all.

However, from the looks of it, it shouldn’t be a problem for Drought Demon Fairy to walk onto the floating platform. Her strength was equally shocking.

No one expected Drought Demon Fairy to slow down significantly when there were less than 20 steps to the floating platform. When she reached the last few stone steps, she had to take a break after every step.

It was originally believed that the speed at which the stone steps fell wouldn’t be able to catch up to her, but the final stretch had taken her too long. The falling stone steps were about to catch up.

Zhou Wen and company felt their hearts race when they saw this. When Drought Demon Fairy reached the last stone step, she stood there for a long time without moving. She didn’t take the step onto the platform.

The stone steps behind fell faster and faster—there were less than ten stone steps left.

Just as everyone thought that Drought Demon Fairy was about to die, she finally took the final step and stepped onto the platform.

The moment Drought Demon Fairy stepped onto the platform, the flames on her body erupted like a volcano that had been suppressed for a long time.

The flames that surged into the sky dyed the entire sky blood-red as though the entire void was burning.

She’s advancing to the Apocalypse grade… Zhou Wen’s eyes focused.

At that moment, the shock Zhou Wen felt was unimaginable. She had only taken one stone step, but she had already begun advancing to the Apocalypse grade. She made it look easy.

It wasn’t just Zhou Wen. The human powerhouses around the world were about to go crazy.

Anyone could tell that Drought Demon Fairy was advancing. Anyone who knew Drought Demon Fairy knew that she was definitely at the peak of the Calamity grade. Another advancement meant the Apocalypse grade.

“What kind of place is that stone staircase?” Zhang Chunqiu was dumbfounded. No one knew Drought Demon Fairy better than the Zhang family. Because of this, no one was more surprised than the Zhang family.

“I’m afraid something big is about to happen.” Zhou Wen sighed.

After walking a certain distance, one could advance to the Apocalypse grade. To humans, this was an unimaginable temptation.

Many talented humans might not be able to touch the threshold of the Calamity grade even after working hard for decades.

Now, as long as one walked a certain distance, they could advance to the even more unattainable Apocalypse grade. How many humans could resist such a huge temptation?

The stronger a human was, the more they couldn’t resist this temptation.

Zhou Wen knew very well that it wasn’t that easy to advance to the Apocalypse grade. To human experts, it was a huge honey trap. Countless human elites would risk their lives and ultimately pay the price with their lives.

The shocking flames on Drought Demon Fairy’s body were still rising crazily. The entire world seemed to have turned into purgatory.

And she was the ruler of that purgatory.

The Cube’s screen changed as a second name appeared on the rankings.

Drought Demon Fairy was ranked second.