Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1829: Absolute Order

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Chapter 1829: Absolute OrderTranslator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen could predict what would happen next. He wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to the Cube’s battle. He continued searching for his dimensional zone to prepare for his advancement to the Apocalypse grade.

Li Xuan came to Zhou Wen from time to time, telling him who had died while challenging the stone steps.

The only good news was that Wang Lu had already moved the Wang family to Guide Ancient City, making it even more prosperous.

A portion of the Zhang family and the Xia family had already moved over. However, these two families had too many businesses. Many of them needed time to be slowly moved.

In the deepest depths of the dimension’s endless sea was a large group of strange underwater palaces.

A white figure slowly approached the underwater palace.

“Wang Mingyuan, are you really going to kill me?” In front of the palace, a group of merfolk-like creatures glared angrily at the white figure. All of them were indignant, but their eyes hid deep fear.

“Submit or perish. Choose one,” Wang Mingyuan said calmly as he looked at the merfolk-like creatures.

“You have already ascended the Destiny Platform. As long as you wait for the final outcome, you can become the king of all species. Why are you forcing us into a dead end?” the leading merman roared at Wang Mingyuan.

“The outcome needs to be created yourself, not wait for it to be handed to you on a platter. Even the heavens can’t control my life, much less decide who I am.” Wang Mingyuan said indifferently, “Whether the Sea Gods submit or perish depends on your single word.”

“Wang Mingyuan, don’t think that you are really invincible in the dimension. In this Endless Sea, our Sea God race is an invincible existence. If we give it our all and use the power of this Endless Sea, even if we can’t kill you, we will definitely severely injure you. When that happens, do you think those fellows who were forced to submit will still obey you?” The leading Sea God continued in a deep voice, “Us Sea Gods have always maintained a neutral stance. We have never fought with anyone for anything. You are the master of the dimension. We only need a small living space. It will definitely not affect you. Why are you making things difficult for us?”

Wang Mingyuan said unhurriedly, “There’s no such thing as neutrality in this world. If it’s not within the rules, it’s outside the rules. So-called neutrality means that you don’t have to keep to the rules. If you don’t, you will be my enemy. Therefore, you only have two choices. You can join the order I established or you don’t need to abide by the order.”

Only the dead didn’t need to abide by any order. The Sea Gods naturally understood what Wang Mingyuan meant.

“Since you can’t tolerate us, let’s be destroyed together.” The Sea Gods raised the tridents in their hands and roared in unison. A strange power rose and stirred the entire Endless Sea.

The Endless Sea suddenly seemed to come to life. With the Sea Gods as its center, it transformed into a huge maelstrom.

The maelstrom was enough to devour planets. It was like a blue black hole that swept through everything and devoured everything.

Wang Mingyuan stood in the middle of the maelstrom and allowed the water to strike him, but he seemed to be frozen in place. No matter how powerful the vortex was, it couldn’t move his body at all.

“Only Absolute Strength can create Absolute Order. Since you aren’t willing to coexist with Absolute Order, embrace Absolute Strength,” Wang Mingyuan said indifferently as he extended his palm and clenched it slightly.


The Endless Sea suddenly surged into the sky.

It was as though the world had turned upside down. All the seawater fell into the sky, and everything in the sea rose into the sky.

The underwater palaces were uprooted as they flew into the sky with the seawater.

The Sea Gods gathered in front of the palace staggered. They were no longer able to maintain their collective control of the sea. One by one, they were lifted into the sky by the seawater. Even the Apocalypse-grade Sea God King was no exception. He screamed as he was swept into the sky.

The sea turned into the sky, and the seabed turned into land. Only one person stood between heaven and earth.

“Is it that difficult to abide by the rules?” Wang Mingyuan sighed and clenched his fists.

Everything in the sea in the sky exploded. The blood of the marine creatures dyed the sea red, and the sea above turned into a sky of blood.

“Since you’re here, why don’t you come and meet me?” Wang Mingyuan suddenly said indifferently.

“Now that you are the king of the dimension, who knows if you will still like an old friend like me?” A smiling voice sounded not far behind Wang Mingyuan. It was none other than Holy God, who had vanished from the Holy Land.

“We may be old, but we might not be friends.” Wang Mingyuan turned around and looked at Holy God.

“It’s been so many years, but you haven’t changed at all. Is it really that difficult to let go of hatred? They have been dead for so many years. It’s time to let go of some things. No matter how much you torture yourself, the dead won’t revive,” Holy God said with a sigh.

“It’s precisely because the lost ones won’t be revived that I can’t let the tragedy repeat itself. Only when all creatures abide by the rules will such a tragedy not happen again,” Wang Mingyuan said indifferently.

“Aren’t you being a little too idealistic? Even if you become the dimension king and can control the life and death of all races, it’s impossible for you to control the hearts of people, much less make every planet in the universe abide by your rules. The stars are born and destroyed, and the mountains and rivers change. As long as there are variables, there will definitely be tragedy,” Holy God said.

“Then let this world no longer have any variables,” Wang Mingyuan said expressionlessly.

Holy God couldn’t help but laugh. “Wang Mingyuan, oh Wang Mingyuan, you are really an extremely conceited person. The variables in the world can’t be calculated even with the power of the gods. Furthermore, you are only a human. Even if you become the dimension king, you aren’t an omniscient and omnipotent existence. How are you going to make this world no longer have any variables? Destroy it?”

Wang Mingyuan didn’t react to Holy God’s mockery at all. He only said indifferently, “Have you forgotten what we saw on that ship?”

Upon hearing this, Holy God’s expression changed as he cried out, “Don’t tell me you want… Are you crazy?”

“How do you know if you don’t give it a try?” Wang Mingyuan said with a smile.

“If you fail, you will destroy everything. I’m afraid the entire world will be destroyed.” Holy God’s expression changed.

“But if it succeeds, this world will become a real Garden of Eden,” Wang Mingyuan said.

“What if you fail?” Holy God asked.

“If it fails, what’s the point of such an unlucky world existing?” Wang Mingyuan smiled.