Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1836: Visiting the Dimension Again

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Chapter 1836: Visiting the Dimension AgainTranslator: CKtalon

After eating the forbidden fruit, his body suddenly floated in the air as the six pairs of crystal wings on his back extended to their limits.

A black flame spewed out from the Child of the Holy Spirit’s body. The white holy light on its body was like gasoline that had been ignited. Instantly, its entire body was enveloped by the black flame as though it was bathing in it.

The white robe was dyed black, and so were the crystal-like wings. His hair and pupils also turned black.

When the black flames completely vanished, the Child of the Holy Spirit looked completely different.

What’s going on? Zhou Wen glanced at the Child of the Holy Spirit’s stats and was immediately alarmed.

Child of the Land of Depravity’s Holy Spirit: Apocalypse grade (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Holy Child

Life Soul: Holy Spirit

Wheel of Destiny: Wheel of Rebirth

Terror Form: Holy Spirit Transformation (S-grade)

Calamity Zone: Infinite Reincarnation (Heaven-level)

New World: Dark Realm

Strength: 1,000

Speed: 1,000

Constitution: 1,000

Essence Energy: 1,000

Talent Skill: Omniscient & Omnipotent

Companion Form: Soul

A tiny forbidden fruit had actually allowed the Child of the Holy Spirit to break through to the Apocalypse grade. This was unimaginable.

Zhou Wen found it unbelievable. The Ginseng Fruit shouldn’t be inferior to the forbidden fruit. Banana Fairy had only advanced to the peak of the Calamity grade after eating so many Ginseng Fruits; she didn’t advance to the Apocalypse grade.

Now, Zhou Wen was somewhat regretful. If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have given all the forbidden fruits to Demonic Neonate. If he had just given them to a few Companion Beasts, wouldn’t he have had plenty of Apocalypse-grade Companion Beasts?

Just one more, and Zhou Wen could eat it himself. He had been looking forward to advancing to the Apocalypse grade, but he had missed that chance.

As though sensing Zhou Wen’s resentful gaze, Demonic Neonate said coldly, “Only she can use it.”

With that said, she ignored Zhou Wen and returned to his body.

He felt a little better when he heard that only the Child of the Holy Spirit could use it.

Why is it so difficult for me to advance to the Apocalypse grade? Zhou Wen sighed and put away the remaining bloody rag.

Sweetie had probably let him enter the Covenant Garden to obtain this rag. However, he didn’t know what use it had, so he could only store it away.

Heaven doesn’t provide me a chance of advancing to the Apocalypse grade. Where else can I advance? Zhou Wen thought about it but couldn’t figure it out.

From the looks of it, the place with the greatest chance of him advancing to the Apocalypse grade was probably the stone steps that the Cube was livestreaming.

Drought Demon Fairy could advance to the Apocalypse grade after walking the stone steps. His foundation shouldn’t be inferior to Drought Demon Fairy’s. After walking the steps, there was a high chance that he could advance to the Apocalypse grade.

Do I have to make the trip myself? Zhou Wen knew that there was a tiny palm symbol there, but if he didn’t go personally, he wouldn’t be able to download the game dungeon.

If he really made the trip, he could just walk straight up. Why would he need the game dungeon? This was an unsolvable chicken and egg problem.

I’m really stupid! Zhou Wen suddenly had a thought.

The stone steps were likely in the dimension. If he went through the Cube, he would directly ascend the stone steps and have no choice but to begin the challenge.

However, if he didn’t use the Cube, he could first go to the dimensional zone and find the stone steps. Then, he could take a picture of the small symbol on them and download the game dungeon.

Zhou Wen found Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu. The two of them had been to the dimension and were more familiar with it. Perhaps they could provide Zhou Wen with some information.

However, the outcome left him somewhat disappointed. After they arrived in the dimension, they had been locked up in an area by the dimensional creatures for cultivation. They hadn’t even seen many dimensional creatures, much less wandered around.

How am I to find that stone staircase? The dimension is so huge. Who knows if I’ll encounter an Apocalypse-grade fellow who will cause trouble for me? After some thought, Zhou Wen realized that the only person he knew in the dimension was Emperor of Shang.

That’s okay. I happen to have some questions. Perhaps Emperor of Shang can give me an answer. Zhou Wen decided to make a trip to the dimensional zone to find Emperor of Shang.

With Demonic Neonate’s Heaven Shrouding Bell, it wasn’t difficult for Zhou Wen to head to the dimensional zone.

After passing through the spatial barrier, he arrived in the dimensional zone again.

Back when he first came to the dimension, he had been suppressed by the dimensional powers to the point of almost being unable to walk. Now, he didn’t feel anything.

This dimension’s scenery isn’t bad. Zhou Wen couldn’t help but praise as he took in the beautiful scenery.

Unfortunately, Zhou Wen didn’t have any concept of the dimension’s layout. Demonic Neonate also knew nothing. She had brought him to the dimensional zone, but she had no idea where they were.

Looking around, he saw that this was a desert. It was completely different from where Emperor of Shang was.

This desert was strange. Zhou Wen had seen white deserts, yellow deserts, and even red deserts, but he had never seen a black desert.

It was an endless black desert. Even with the range of Zhou Wen’s domain, he couldn’t sense its ends.

Just as he was considering which way to go, he discovered a dimensional creature in his domain.

Zhou Wen had once seen an ancient movie that presented a shark that could swim in the sand.

He never expected to see a shark swimming in the desert.

Of course, it was definitely not a shark, but it looked very similar to a shark. It moved in the black desert with only its fin exposed. Its body moved quickly in the black sand as though it was catching something under the sand.

Why does it look like something stupid? Is there no intelligent creature that I can ask? Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed.

Upon having that thought, the shark-like creature seemed to be grabbed by an invisible hand. It was pulled out of the sand and made to float in front of Zhou Wen.

This fellow was only at the Terror grade. It was no different from an ant in front of Zhou Wen. He could crush it to death without needing to do anything.

“Can you understand me? If you can’t, I’ll kill you,” Zhou Wen said to the shark floating in the air.

“I understand… I understand…” the shark said repeatedly.

“Eh, your intelligence is higher than I imagined.” Zhou Wen said with a smile, “What’s your name and race?”

“My name is Demon Shark. I’m a member of the Sand Sea race,” the shark hurriedly answered without any hesitation.

“Hey… Demon Shark… Do you know where the stone steps in the Cube are?”

“I know, I know. There’s a Cube in our desert. I can take you to the Cube…” Demon Shark said with a fawning expression.

“Do I need you to lead the way if I’m using the Cube? I’m asking you if you know where the Cube is and how to get there.” Zhou Wen felt that this fellow was even more foolish than a fool. He was an idiot.

“Your Excellency, I really don’t know. You can ask the elder of our Sea Sand race. He definitely knows.” Demon Shark hurriedly gave Zhou Wen an idea.

“How many Apocalypse-grade experts does your Sand Sea race have?” Zhou Wen originally wanted to flare up, but on second thought, he suppressed his anger and asked the Demon Shark with a smile.