Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1837: Heavenly Happiness God

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Chapter 1837: Heavenly Happiness GodTranslator: CKtalon

“Our Sand Sea race has a total of six Apocalypses—four Elders, the patriarch, and the Sand Sea’s Bravest…” Demon Shark said as it did the calculations.

Six Apocalypses… Is this fellow bullshiting me? Zhou Wen frowned as he stared at Demon Shark, but no matter how he looked at it, it didn’t look like such a shrewd creature.

“Are there so many Apocalypses in the Sand Sea race?” No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t think of such a possibility.

Apocalypses weren’t run-of-the-mill powerhouses. Even a large race like the Immortals felt the tremendous loss if one Apocalypse died. It was impossible for the nameless Sand Sea race to have six Apocalypses.

“Your Excellency, you might not know this, but strictly speaking, our Sand Sea race can’t be considered a race…” Demon Shark explained in a daze.

Through the Demon Shark’s explanation, Zhou Wen learned what the Sand Sea race was.

There was actually no Sand Sea race. There were very few native creatures in the Sand Sea, and none of them were worth mentioning.

As the Sand Sea had a very special force field, ordinary creatures didn’t dare approach it. It was very difficult to find traces of them here. Therefore, many creatures that were being chased would run to the Sand Sea for refuge, but only a few creatures could get inside.

It wasn’t until a hunted creature discovered a treasure in the Sand Sea that the Sand Sea race was truly born.

It was a huge container that resembled an hourglass. As long as one traveled from one end of the hourglass to the other, one could obtain the Sand Sea’s unique ability—Sand Sea. Creatures with the Sand Sea ability could move freely in the Sand Sea as though they were in water. This was the true reason why the Sand Sea race could survive here.

After that, foreign creatures constantly joined the Sand Sea race. Up to now, the entire Sand Sea race had six Apocalypse-grade creatures, hundreds of Calamity-grade creatures, and countless Terror-grade creatures.

This is a gathering place for criminals! Zhou Wen finally understood why the Sand Sea race was so remarkable. They were a race where all sorts of ferocious people gathered.

He had originally wondered if he could take advantage of the situation, but from the looks of it, there was no hope. No matter how strong Zhou Wen was, it was impossible for him to defeat six Apocalypses.

“Do you know of Emperor of Shang?” Zhou Wen asked after some thought.

“Your Excellency, are you talking about Lord Heavenly Happiness?” For some reason, Demon Shark immediately became excited when he heard Emperor of Shang’s name.

“You know him?” Zhou Wen thought of the Heavenly Happiness Token that Emperor of Shang had given him and believed that it couldn’t be wrong. He never expected Emperor of Shang’s name to be so famous in the dimension.

“Of course I know. If there’s a chance, I’ve long wanted to beg him to arrange a marriage for me and let me carry on the family line. I was originally from the Demon Shark race, but the Demon Shark race has long been wiped out. Where can I find another female Demon Shark… Only Lord Heavenly Happiness can do this…”

As the Demon Shark rambled on, Zhou Wen finally understood why Emperor of Shang was so famous in the dimension.

The dignified emperor actually played the role of a matchmaker here.

Of course, that wasn’t right. Emperor of Shang was rather important. It concerned the reproduction of the various races in the dimension. This was definitely a huge problem.

What surprised him the most was that Emperor of Shang had the ability to carry on the lineage of an extinct race.

As long as someone of this race was still alive, be it male or female or hermaphrodite, he had the ability to make them pregnant and have children.

Don’t tell me he’s doing the honors himself? Zhou Wen’s mind was filled with malice. When he thought of that scene, he couldn’t stand it and retched.

Soon, he knew what was going on through the explanation from the Demon Shark.

Emperor of Shang controlled a path that led to the source of life. After entering the source of life, he could obtain the opportunity to use the individual’s reproductive genes. However, the eggs of the creatures that were born had to be left in the source of life and wait for the source of life to automatically send them out.

Wait… When Zhou Wen heard that, he finally felt that something was amiss.

This was because he thought of the place he had gone with Ice Maiden in the past. It was between the Human World and the dimension. There were large numbers of dimensional Companion Eggs. It was said that those Companion Eggs would automatically enter the dimensional zones of the Human World.

Could it be that the dimensional creatures in Earth’s dimensional zones were created by Emperor of Shang? Zhou Wen felt a chill run down his spine.

Of course, this was only Zhou Wen’s guess. It might not be the case.

Thankfully, Demon Shark was obsessed with reproducing. It had asked about the path to the Heavenly Happiness Temple. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to find it.

Demon Shark told Zhou Wen that after passing through the Sand Sea in one direction and passing through the area of the four races, he would arrive at the Heavenly Happiness Temple in the Heavenly Set Mountain Range.

Zhou Wen’s face darkened when he heard that.

Ignoring the fact that the four were large dimensional races, among which were the most terrifying Immortals, Zhou Wen had to pass through them.

“Your Excellency, don’t worry. The Immortals have already submitted to the new king. As long as you join the new king’s camp, you can swagger over. You don’t have to be as afraid of them as before,” Demon Shark said.

“You mean Wang Mingyuan?” Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised that Wang Mingyuan had actually taken down the Immortals. It looked like the dimension was about to completely fall.

“That’s right. Our Sand Sea is also discussing joining with the new king’s ambassador. After we join the new king’s camp, we won’t have to hide here anymore… When the time comes, I’ll go to the Heavenly Happiness Temple… I’ll beg Lord Heavenly Happiness to keep my race going…” Demon Shark’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

“You are really… a shark genius…” With a thought, Zhou Wen put the Demon Shark down and turned to head in the direction it had mentioned.

Demon Shark immediately dived into the sand when it landed. It swam a few rounds in the sand before coming out and looking in the direction Zhou Wen had left.

“Idiot, what are you doing here?” A figure crawled out of the sand and jumped onto the Demon Shark’s back with a smile.

Demon Shark jumped in fright when it realized that the person riding on its back was a black-armored, black-haired, long-haired girl with white hair clips. Only then did it heave a sigh of relief.

“Bravest, I just saw a human,” Demon Shark said.

“Human? How can there be a human in the desert? Are you lying to me?” the girl who was called Bravest by Demon Shark said in disbelief.

“Great Bravest, how can I lie to you? A human just walked over. I chatted with him for a long time…” Demon Shark said smugly.

“I want to see which human is so bold to come to the dimensional zone and even dare to come to my Sand Sea.” The strongest girl asked for Zhou Wen’s whereabouts before diving into the Sand Sea and disappearing.