Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1848: One Living Person

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Chapter 1848: One Living PersonTranslator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen felt an endless power surge into his body. The power was pervasive, filling every cell in his body.

The power even seemed to inject his soul with vitality. His thought processes became abnormally active.

Zhou Wen’s eyes seemed to see many things as everything in front of him rapidly magnified.

Microscopic dust looked bigger than a skyscraper in his eyes. Countless bacteria danced in front of him like huge monsters.

They grew bigger and bigger in an incredulous manner. Soon, Zhou Wen couldn’t even see the bacteria because they were so huge that he couldn’t see their entirety.

The extremely minute world constantly unfolded in front of him. Streams of light flashed as the entire world seemed to change repeatedly between light and darkness.

The terrifying energy was changing the flaws in Zhou Wen’s body, correcting his imperfections in the most minute of ways.

Zhou Wen’s body was changing, and his strength was being corrected. Everything was developing in the most perfect direction.

No matter how perfect a person was, they would become imperfect when magnified.

No matter how perfect a work of art was, there were countless flaws when magnified.

Ancient Sovereign Sutra… Did I cultivate it wrongly?… Small Perfection of Wisdom… Did I cultivate it wrongly? Demon God Bloodline Catalog… Did I cultivate it wrongly as well? Zhou Wen felt the power in his body constantly transform as everything approached perfection.

Was I wrong? Zhou Wen felt his body become more and more perfect as his expression turned odd.

Yes, he wasn’t perfect and had made many mistakes.

But were mistakes meant to disappear? At the very least, Zhou Wen didn’t think so.

Humans didn’t exist because it was right. Zhou Wen felt that it was because of those mistakes that made them humans.

Absolute perfection and absolute correctness meant everything was the same, but mistakes gave life a sense of self.

If I were to choose between the perfect me and the flawed me, I would choose to retain that imperfect self. Zhou Wen’s eyes became more and more determined as the Lost Immortal Sutra circulated crazily. He used his strength to resist that worldly power, preventing the terrifying power from baptizing his body.

Life was like a painting, and mistakes were like brush strokes. Absolute perfection wasn’t a painting. A few out-of-character strokes were the memories of an entire life.

Every Essence Energy Art Zhou Wen cultivated was imperfect and he had taken a wrong path. However, those mistakes contained his insights and understanding. If these mistakes vanished, what was the point of his insights and understanding?

If everyone was on the right path, there would be no path.

Under Destiny, I am myself. The Human Realm domain roared crazily in Zhou Wen’s body, hoping to devour the Destiny power that baptized his body.

The world may be large, but I’ll only take a portion of it. Zhou Wen controlled the terrifying power and charged in one direction.


The blood-colored avatar’s body exploded like blood plasma as the game screen went black.

It really doesn’t work? Zhou Wen smiled, but he didn’t take it to heart.

He wanted to advance to the Apocalypse grade, but not that way.

He activated the Destiny Platform dungeon again and walked onto it to receive the baptism.

He met with repeated failures.

Again and again, every advancement to the Apocalypse grade ended in failure. An imperfect body and strength seemed incapable of advancing to the Apocalypse grade.

However, Zhou Wen continued stubbornly. Perhaps his choice was wrong, but so what? At the very least, he still had a chance to redo it.

“Gosh, slow down.” Li Xuan followed behind Ya’er, who was running around the streets. He felt his legs go numb.

He swore that when he found a wife in the future, the first criterion was whether his wife knew how to take care of children. He couldn’t afford to undergo such suffering.

At that moment, Li Xuan seemed to understand the hardships his mother had gone through to raise him.

Ya’er entered a shop. Li Xuan finally sat down on a chair outside the shop to rest when he suddenly heard someone speaking behind him: “It’s not easy to bring up a child, right?”

“Are you talking to me?” Li Xuan turned his head and saw a man sitting behind him, smiling at him.

“It seems like there’s only the two of us here,” the man said with a smile.

“That’s true.” Li Xuan nodded and said, “It’s indeed not easy to raise a child, but thankfully, it’s not my child.”

“If it’s your child, it won’t be a problem. As long as it’s your child, no matter how much trouble she causes, someone will bear the consequences for her. Unfortunately, she’s not your child.” The man looked regretful.

“What do you mean?” Li Xuan frowned as he stared at the man. He had long felt that something was amiss with this man.

“It’s about time the Li family has a descendant. You shouldn’t waste any time,” the man said.

“Who are you? If you continue spouting nonsense, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Li Xuan stood up as a terrifying power spread through his body, prepared to deliver a thunderous strike at any moment.

“Then let me see how impolite you can be,” the man said with a smile.

Li Xuan didn’t say a word as his fist wrapped in carapace instantly appeared in front of the man.

However, in the next second, Li Xuan’s pupils constricted as horror filled his face.

The man extended a finger and blocked his fist, preventing it from advancing any further.

Li Xuan’s shock wasn’t trivial. Although he controlled his strength and didn’t want to kill, it wasn’t something an ordinary person could withstand.

The other party had actually blocked his fist with just one finger, leaving him extremely alarmed.

Li Xuan’s fist moved again, striking the man with an even more violent force.

The man extended his finger and pressed it on his fist, blocking it again.

Li Xuan threw out both fists at the same time, producing afterimages that enveloped the man like the Thousand-Hand Guanyin. However, all his attacks were parried by the man’s finger. He didn’t even move.

“Not bad!” The man praised the panting Li Xuan.

These words sounded extremely sarcastic to Li Xuan’s ears. His eyes focused as his body was enveloped by a strange carapace. An unparalleled strength erupted from his body as he threw another punch at the man.

Even if a mountain stood in front of him, it would collapse from Li Xuan’s punch.

However, the man extended his finger and pressed it against Li Xuan’s fist again. It made Li Xuan feel as though his body was being pressed down by a mountain, preventing him from moving at all.

“Of the Li family’s three heroes, just having one alive is enough,” the man said as he extended his hand towards Li Xuan’s chest.


The nearly indestructible carapace was penetrated by the man’s palm as his fingers gripped Li Xuan’s heart.

Li Xuan’s eyes bulged as he felt as though his heart was about to explode.

In the next second, a strange energy entered his heart, causing it to suddenly begin beating like a full-powered motor.


Explosive energy wreaked havoc in Li Xuan’s body, making him feel as though his body would explode at any moment.

“Goodbye, Baby Brother.” Li Xuan stood there, unable to move. All he could do was watch as the man retracted his palm and left.

The man’s final words made Li Xuan widen his eyes. The door to his memories seemed to open as childhood memories surfaced.

“You… You… You…” Li Xuan realized something and tried his best to move his body to chase after the man, but his body was completely out of his control. No matter how he struggled and roared, even if he wanted to risk his life, he couldn’t move a step. All he could do was watch helplessly as the man vanished. Tears of blood flowed from his eyes.


Li Xuan fell to the ground, unable to move. Only his heart was beating violently as though someone had left something inside.