Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1849: Li Familys Eldest Son

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Chapter 1849: Li Family’s Eldest SonTranslator: CKtalon

Luoyang’s Overseer residence.

In An Tianzuo’s office, a man sat opposite him with his legs crossed. The chair under his buttocks was only supported by two legs, making him look very languid.

The man who dared to be so unruly in front of An Tianzuo was probably a first in years.

“Have you thought it through?” An Tianzuo looked at the man in front of him with a frown.

“What’s there to think about? Didn’t I already decide when I embarked on this path?” the man said with a smile.

“Perhaps there’s no need to take such a risk,” An Tianzuo said softly.

“Little Zuozuo, when did you play it so safe? Haven’t I lived like this all my life?” the man curled his lips.

An Tianzuo ignored the man’s teasing and continued, “Up to now, no normal human has been able to walk up. Those two can no longer be considered humans.”

“Then I, Laughing Li, will be the first normal human to walk up,” the man said.

“What if you fail?”

“Then I die.”

“What about the Li family?”

“There’s still the second and third sons in the Li family. After all these years, the Li family can still survive without me. With Second Brother around, I’m at ease no matter what happens at home. Third Brother is an unreliable person. He’s always pulling off tricks. He always thinks that no one can understand him and that he’s the only one who’s clear-headed. Actually, he’s just a pitiful person who’s deceiving himself. However, with Second Brother and your family watching him, I’m not worried.”

Laughing Li thought of the man who had stood on the city gate and stared at him when he left Guide Ancient City. He couldn’t help but sigh. “That one from your family is getting stronger and stronger. We are already inferior to him. You were both born from the same parents, but why are your personalities so different?”

An Tianzuo glared at him. “Don’t spout nonsense. If Little Jing hears you, I’ll kill you now without needing you to go to Destiny Platform.”

“You want to protect everything. How long can you keep this up? Sometimes, it’s time for you to let them grow up,” Laughing Li said seriously.

“I’m afraid that she will grow up. If she doesn’t, she will always be my baby sister. I can shield her from the elements. If she grows up, I don’t know if she will still acknowledge me as her elder brother.” An Tianzuo sighed.

“There’s a 50-50 chance. Aren’t you going to take a gamble?” Laughing Li said with an evil smile.

“I won’t use her as a bet,” An Tianzuo said in a deep voice.

“Are you getting more and more indecisive as you age? If you don’t take the risk, I’ll take the risk. If I can enter the Apocalypse grade, I might be able to fight that person in the future.” Laughing Li stood up and walked to the door.

“Laughing Li.” An Tianzuo got up and stopped Laughing Li.

“What?” Laughing Li turned around and asked with a smile.

“Come back.” An Tianzuo only said two words.

“Of course I have to come back. This time, I’ll be ahead of you. You’ve lost.” Laughing Li turned around and walked out of the office, disappearing without looking back.

“You have to win this time.” An Tianzuo looked at the open office door and stood there for a long time.

The Cube’s screen lit up as the scene of the staircase appeared again.

“Another human is making another attempt. Who is that person? Why haven’t I seen him before? Could it be another devil?”

Now, the Federation’s citizens were in a dilemma. Wang Mingyuan, who was first on the rankings, was the greatest traitor of humanity. The second human on the rankings was also the greatest devil in the Federation’s history. The two humans on the rankings weren’t good people.

“I hope he’s a good person. Otherwise, my faith will break down. It makes me wonder if only evil people can live better lives in this world.”

“Don’t be so pessimistic. We still have Human Sovereign.”

“That’s right. I wonder what Human Sovereign is doing. Why hasn’t he attempted the level?”

“Human Sovereign probably won’t give up on such a good opportunity. Before Human Sovereign entered the Apocalypse grade, he could already fight Apocalypse-grade creatures. When he enters the Apocalypse grade, which one of the dimensional fellows will dare cross the line?”

As people discussed, Laughing Li on the staircase had already moved.

A Guardian appeared behind Laughing Li and transformed into armor that enveloped his entire body.

Upon seeing the Guardian appear, no one could help but be disappointed.

In the end, Guardians were a reliance on dimensional powers for humans to become strong.

Could such a person be considered a human powerhouse?

Wearing the Guardian armor, Laughing Li walked up the staircase.

He didn’t walk very quickly. Every step seemed to take all his strength as though he was carrying a mountain.

“Old Zhou, do you think he can make it?” Li Xuan felt uneasy in front of the Cube. He didn’t even dare look at the Cube’s screen.

“I don’t know.” Zhou Wen shook his head. He had never seen anyone use a Guardian to walk up to the Destiny Platform. He didn’t know if the rules of the Destiny Platform would allow such a person to reach the top.

“Can’t you say something auspicious?” Li Xuan sat back in his chair like a deflated balloon.

“If I say I don’t know, it means that there’s still a chance. If I say there’s no chance, there’s really no chance,” Zhou Wen said.

“You…” Li Xuan was momentarily at a loss for words.

These words sounded true, but they also made him feel uncomfortable.

Laughing Li continued advancing. Although he walked very slowly, he maintained this speed without slowing down.

When he was about halfway there, the first stone step began to fall.

According to the speed at which the stone steps fell, if Laughing Li continued walking at this speed, he would probably fall with the stone steps before he reached the Destiny Platform.

Laughing Li took a deep breath and suddenly quickened his pace.

Everyone was surprised to see Laughing Li capable of increasing his speed. Li Xuan also clenched his fists in excitement.

However, Zhou Wen frowned. He saw some invisible cracks appear on Laughing Li’s Guardian armor.

The faster Laughing Li walked, the more cracks appeared on his Guardian armor. Soon, even Li Xuan could see the cracks.

“Will something bad happen?” Li Xuan became more and more flustered.

If the Guardian armor shattered, how could Laughing Li reach the Destiny Platform?

Crack! Crack!

After walking for a distance, Laughing Li’s footsteps slowed down. The cracks on his Guardian armor grew bigger and bigger. One could even hear the sound of his armor cracking.

Laughing Li was still dozens of stone steps away from the Destiny Platform, but it looked like his Guardian armor couldn’t last much longer.

The stone steps behind fell faster and faster. They were only a few hundred steps from Laughing Li.

“Come on Old Pal. We’re almost there.” Laughing Li raised his leg and took another step.

However, the armor on his body was cracking. The armor on his calf cracked and a piece fell.

With every step Laughing Li took, some of his armor fell. Furthermore, it fell faster and faster. It was about to collapse.

Laughing Li took another step forward. He was still more than ten stone steps away from the Destiny Platform. There were only a few dozen stone steps left before all of them fell.


The Guardian armor on his body completely shattered, turning into fragments that filled the sky. Laughing Li’s body was completely exposed as though he had been nailed to the stone steps.