Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1852: Astonishing Discovery

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Chapter 1852: Astonishing DiscoveryTranslator: CKtalon

“Do you know this thing? Is it an Apocalypse-grade creature?” Zhou Wen asked Karoman.

“You don’t even know about the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed? Oh right. You are a human from Earth. What could you know about the dimension? Before the Immortal Thearch unified the dimension, there was actually another race that could fight the Immortals—the Devils. However, the Devils were later destroyed by the joint forces of many races in the dimension. Unlike the Immortals, the Devils are the public enemy of the dimension. This Nine Tribulations Devil Seed is one of the Devil King’s Apocalypse-grade pets,” said Karoman.

“Pet? Did you say pet? An Apocalypse-grade creature is just a pet? Isn’t it a Devil?” Zhou Wen was alarmed. To be able to treat an Apocalypse-grade creature as a pet, how powerful were the Devils back then?

“Yes, a pet. The Devils back then… Tsk tsk… Speaking of which, if the Immortal Thearch hadn’t appeared, the various races of the dimension would be nothing but toys. If that Immortal Thearch hadn’t suddenly vanished, there would be nothing for the races of the dimension.” The Immortal Thearch that Karoman mentioned was naturally The Thearch.

Zhou Wen thought to himself, It’s no wonder Grim Demon is so afraid of Demonic Neonate’s identity being exposed. The Devils were wiped out by the combined forces of all the races in the dimension. They are public enemies of the dimension. Even if it’s to eliminate them completely, it’s impossible for them to let any of the Devils off.

“I originally thought that all the pets under the Devil King had died in that battle. I never expected the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed to be here,” said Karoman.

Zhou Wen hadn’t figured out if he was touching the creatures in the crystals. It wouldn’t be good if the things inside came to life after the crystals were destroyed.

Furthermore, the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed was the Devil King’s pet. The Devil King might be Demonic Neonate’s elder. This thing was also related to Demonic Neonate. It was considered Demonic Neonate’s pet.

The two of them continued walking forward. After a while, Karoman suddenly pointed at a mountain-like crystal and said, “Skyfiend Consort, why is she here?”

Zhou Wen looked at the crystal and saw an enchanting demoness with a black veil covering her face. She looked seductive and beautiful, but her body was several times bigger than a human’s. She was more than ten meters tall.

“Is this a Devil?” Zhou Wen asked.

“Not really. She’s similar to the Nine Tribulation Devil Seed,” Karoman said with an odd expression.

“This is also a pet”? Zhou Wen looked at Skyfiend Consort with a complicated expression. He found the Devil King quite kinky to have this as a pet.

Karoman suddenly sped up and flew forward. The horror on its face intensified as it exclaimed from time to time.

“Hell’s Gatekeeper Dog… Six-path Devil Heart… Seven Sins Phoenix… Star Devourer… What the hell is going on… Why are the Devil King’s pets here… Weren’t they by the Devil King’s side during the battle back then?” Karoman cried out.

“The Devil King should be a collector. He amassed so many strange pets.” Zhou Wen was nonchalant as he admired the various strange creatures in the crystal.

“What happened in that battle back then? Why are these fellows trapped here? Did they not participate in that battle, or did they escape after that battle?” Karoman muttered to itself.

“Let’s not worry about why they are here. Let’s find a way out.” Zhou Wen wasn’t interested in knowing why they were here.

Karoman nodded and continued flying forward. Thankfully, there were no more creatures that left him alarmed.

Occasionally, he would see creatures sealed in crystals, but they weren’t famous.

“This is…” Karoman stopped shouting. It was Zhou Wen’s turn to cry out in surprise.

In an island-like crystal not far ahead, there was a dilapidated ship frozen.

The ship looked identical to the one Zhou Wen had seen in Ah Yong’s photo. At the very least, the bow was the same.

Heavens, could this be that huge ship? Why is it here? Zhou Wen was puzzled.

This was because he had always believed that the ship was somewhere in Chess Mountain.

Otherwise, how did Wang Mingyuan and the former principal board the ship? Could it be that they didn’t board it at Chess Mountain?

Instantly, Zhou Wen was somewhat confused. This made his gradually clearer thoughts turn blurry.

According to Zhou Wen’s previous speculation, the ship had been damaged during the battle between The Thearch and An Jing’s mother. It had automatically sailed between Earth and the dimensional zone for a period of time.

It was during that period of time that the man resembling An Sheng and Ah Lai boarded the ship. The ship came out of the source of life and wandered the dimension for a period of time.

Later, The Thearch was defeated. Due to the oath, she was trapped in Chess Mountain by An Jing’s mother.

Back then, An Jing’s mother should have already found the damaged ship and placed it in Chess Mountain.

The reason for this inference was that after Zhou Lingfeng and company went to Chess Mountain, Wang Mingyuan and the former principal should have seen the huge ship there.

However, if the previous speculation was true, why would the ship be here?

Zhou Wen was momentarily unable to figure out what was going on.

“It’s a crappy ship. What are you looking at?” Seeing that Zhou Wen wasn’t following, Karoman flew back and asked.

“Leave first. I want to take this ship out to take a look.” As Zhou Wen spoke, he condensed In the Human World and slashed at the crystal that enveloped the ship.

A crack appeared in the crystal, but it was nothing compared to the massive crystal.

Zhou Wen ignored Karoman and focused on slashing at the crystals. Soon, the crystals were sliced off by Zhou Wen.

“Is there anything special about this crappy ship?” Karoman looked around but couldn’t see anything special about it.

Karoman didn’t dare proceed without Zhou Wen. It was afraid that the crystals would grow on it again, so it could only wait for Zhou Wen.

It was unknown how many In the Human World strikes he had delivered. The crystals outside the ship constantly shattered and fell.

When the crystal outside the ship finally shattered and revealed the hull, Zhou Wen realized that the crystal was only wrapped around the ship like an eggshell. There was no crystal inside.

It was unlike the other creatures where crystals grew out of their bodies.

Although he could already board the ship, he still cleaned up the crystals wrapped around the ship for safety.

The ship finally completely escaped from the crystal. It slowly floated forward and actually moved by itself.

Zhou Wen flew towards the deck of the ship and landed where Ah Yong’s mother had taken the photo.

Since a human had boarded the ship, it meant that there wasn’t much danger on the ship. Zhou Wen wanted to know whether it was that huge ship. If it was, what else was on it?

Looking at the shattered door, Zhou Wen secretly gathered his strength and walked into the cabin.