Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1853: Cabin

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Chapter 1853: CabinTranslator: CKtalon

The wooden hull was damaged in many places, leaving only a few wooden planks strewn or hanging around.

Zhou Wen pushed open the wooden door and walked in. He followed the wooden stairs down the narrow passageway to the cabin.

There was a corridor below. On both sides of the corridor were rooms. Many of the wooden doors were open.

Zhou Wen looked at the length of the corridor and couldn’t help but frown slightly. It was probably longer than the entire ship’s hull. Clearly, there was a special space in the cabin.

“Why did you enter this crappy ship?” Karoman followed him in. After all, it planned on following Zhou Wen wherever he went. It didn’t plan on separating from Zhou Wen before leaving this godforsaken place.

“Just taking a look.” Zhou Wen walked forward.

The first room on the left of the corridor was 001, and the first room on the right was 002, the doors to both rooms were open. Zhou Wen looked inside and realized that although the room wasn’t big, it was well-equipped. There was even a stand-alone bathroom. It was just a little small, allowing a person to stand inside to take a shower.

Although it was small, it was better than nothing.

There were also tables, beds, and other things in the room which were fixed to the ground. Although they were simple, they were very useful.

There were no living creatures in the two rooms, so Zhou Wen didn’t enter and continued walking forward.

On the left were odd-numbered rooms—001, 003, and 005, etc.

On the right were even-numbered rooms. Zhou Wen checked the first few rooms and found them open. The things inside were similar, but he didn’t find anything special, much less any creatures.

The door to 007 was closed. Zhou Wen walked to 007’s door and took a deep breath, preparing himself for battle. Then, he reached out to grab the door handle and tried opening it. The door opened.

There were still the same things behind the door. There were no living or dead creatures.

From the looks of it, all the creatures on this ship have probably escaped. Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed as he continued walking forward, hoping to find the captain’s room. Perhaps he would gain something.

Although he felt that there might not be any creatures in the cabins, he still checked them one by one without missing a single room.

He scanned every room with his domain, afraid that he would miss something.

“Eh, that thing looks familiar,” Karoman suddenly said as it looked at a room.

“What looks familiar?” Zhou Wen turned his head and looked at the room. He had already seen the room, but there was nothing inside.

“Do you see the symbol engraved on that table? It looks a little familiar,” said Karoman as it walked in and came to the wooden table. It stared at a symbol that looked like a text.

“You recognize this symbol?” Zhou Wen had seen the symbol, but he didn’t know what it meant.

“I think I’ve seen it somewhere before. Let me think.” Karoman thought for a moment and suddenly shouted, “I remember now. This is the mark of the Three-Eyed King.”

“Three-Eyed King? You mean the golden Three-Eyed God?” Zhou Wen said in surprise.

“Yes, I remember now. You went to the Three-Eyed God’s divine mountain in the Cube’s battle. That’s right. It’s those Three-Eyed Gods. At their respective peaks, the golden Three-Eyed Gods were almost on par with the Immortals. That means the Immortals still had their Immortal Thearch. The Three-Eyed God King I’m talking about was the king of the golden Three-Eyed Gods back then. Legend has it that he already had strength that wasn’t inferior to the Immortal Thearch. Later on, for some reason, the Three-Eyed God King vanished. All the Three-Eyed Gods also vanished strangely. Even the divine mountain vanished.”

Zhou Wen suddenly recalled the story Grim Demon had told him about rabbits, wolves, and hunters.

If the hunter back then was the Devils and the rabbit was the Immortals, then the wolf should be the Gods.

Zhou Wen remembered that Grim Demon had mentioned saving the rabbits and raising the wolves. Did that mean that the Immortals were saved and the Gods tamed?

When Grim Demon recounted this outcome, his tone was filled with mockery. In fact, the Immortals had joined forces with the various dimensional races to completely eliminate the Devils.

As for what role the Gods had played back then, it was still unknown.

However, from the fact that the golden Three-Eyed God had transformed into a golden trident for Zhou Wen’s use because of Demonic Neonate, the Gods might have stood on the side of the Devils back then, resulting in their present outcome.

However, based on the timeline, something didn’t seem right. The Gods were still able to fight the Immortals at their peak. This meant that they had prospered for a period of time after the destruction of the Devils.

In that case, the Gods might be on the Immortals’ side and had joined forces with them to destroy the Devils.

“Are you sure this is the mark of the Three-Eyed King?” Zhou Wen asked Karoman.

“There’s no mistake. I’ve seen this symbol before. It’s the Three-Eyed King’s personal mark,” said Karoman with certainty.

“Why is the mark of the Three-Eyed King here? What is this ship?” Karoman asked Zhou Wen.

“I also want to know what this ship is.” Zhou Wen really couldn’t answer Karoman. Up to now, he didn’t know where An Jing’s mother and this ship came from.

He could now guess that the Three-Eyed God King had once been imprisoned on the ship. Zhou Wen carefully scanned the room again. Apart from this mark, there were no other symbols or text.

After leaving the room, the two of them continued walking forward. This time, Zhou Wen didn’t let go of any symbol or text. Unfortunately, the information he obtained was still zero.

“Is this room locked?” When he arrived at Room 014, Zhou Wen grasped the door handle but couldn’t open it.

“Let me do it.” Karoman’s eyes emitted a divine light as two laser-like beams shot at the door lock.

However, the door lock remained intact. It wasn’t even scuffed.

“What… What is this…” Karoman was given a fright. Although it hadn’t used its full strength, its Apocalypse-grade strength couldn’t even damage a lock. This was too shocking.

Karoman once again gathered the power of the Apocalypse, hoping to blast open the entire door. However, when the power of the Apocalypse struck the door, the wooden plank that looked like it couldn’t withstand a single strike acted like a sponge. It sucked up the Apocalypse power that Karoman shot out without budging.

“What the hell is this ship?” Karoman looked at the door in horror.

“I also want to know what this is.” Zhou Wen stared at the door lock for a while before condensing the In the Human World power and slashing at it with one hand.


Zhou Wen smashed through the door lock with one hand as the door creaked open.