Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1856: Disordered Images

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Chapter 1856: Disordered ImagesTranslator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen carefully looked at the sphere. It was the size of an adult man’s fist. Half of it was made of the white metallic plastic, while the other half was black like glass.

Zhou Wen picked up the sphere and carefully studied it. He realized that there was a small circle on the upper hemisphere.

After touching the small circle, the black half of the sphere suddenly lit up.

Zhou Wen hurriedly released his grip and looked at the sphere warily.

The sphere automatically floated up. The black glass half shot out a beam that produced a holographic projection in the air.

The video was of a woman and a baby. It looked like it was recorded from inside the ship’s helm.

The woman looked quite beautiful and looked like the mother of the baby. She seemed to be an ordinary human woman.

The baby was somewhat strange. She was placed in a sealed transparent box. The woman was only teasing the baby from the outside.

It was obvious that the baby was very weak. She reached out her tiny hands in a bid to hug the woman, but all she could do was touch the transparent lid and look helplessly at the woman outside.

Could this be An Jing and her mother??Zhou Wen thought with a strange expression.

There were many scenes in the video. Some of them were of the woman watching the child, while most of them were of the baby.

It was obvious that the woman was recording the baby’s growth. It was also obvious that the woman loved the child very much.

The woman sometimes spoke, but Zhou Wen couldn’t understand a word she said. It wasn’t a language he knew, so he naturally didn’t understand her.

Those were pretty much all the scenes. Zhou Wen found them meaningless, so he decided to let it play by itself while he searched for other useful things in the helm.

Under the tattered wooden planks, he found many daily necessities—nothing useful.

“July 14th…” Suddenly, Zhou Wen heard a familiar voice. Furthermore, he understood it.

Zhou Wen hurriedly turned his head and saw that the holographic projection projected by the sphere was no longer of the woman and child.

It was an image of another woman. The moment Zhou Wen saw the woman, his eyes widened.

Sigh of the King…?Zhou Wen immediately recognized that this woman was definitely the woman in the Sigh of the King. There was no mistake about her figure and temperament.

The difference was that this woman was wearing a white uniform and had strange glasses on her face. She sat expressionlessly facing the video and wrote something in a notebook while speaking.

“July 14th. Successfully discovered coordinates Z14. Experiment in progress…”

The scene changed. It was still of the woman sitting there writing.

“July 15th. Spatial positioning activated. Failed for unknown reasons.”

“July 16th, spatial positioning successful. Phone system connection successful…”

“July 17th, failure.”

“July 18th, failure.”

“Failure… Failure… Failure…”

After a few consecutive days of failure, the scene switched to the woman and baby.

“Holy sh*t!” Zhou Wen couldn’t help but shout gloomily.

He knew what was going on. If his guess was right, this sphere was used by the woman in Sigh of the King to record the results of her daily experiments.

However, for some reason, it ended up with An Jing’s mother. An Jing’s mother used it to take videos of her child’s daily life. For some reason, it overwrote a portion of the experimental records.

After a while, the scene suddenly switched to the laboratory.

“September 7th. The experiment is about to end. It seems a little boring. Should I add something interesting…” On the screen, the woman’s lips curled up slightly, revealing an evil expression.

This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen the woman show an expression in front of the camera. It gave him an odd feeling.

The scene changed to the woman and a baby again. It gave him a headache.

Zhou Wen stared intently at the holographic projection, but all that followed were pictures of the woman and baby. After it ended, there was nothing. The sphere automatically shut down and fell to the ground.

Zhou Wen was momentarily rendered speechless as he picked up the sphere and put it away.

Karoman was already impatient as it shouted for Zhou Wen to leave quickly and find a way out of this godforsaken place.

Seeing that there was nothing useful here, Zhou Wen got off the ship with it and watched as the ship continued wandering in this strange space.

From the looks of it, An Jing and An Jing’s mother come from another world. I wonder what relationship that world has with this place. Is it like the relationship between Earth and the dimension??Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss.

The other world didn’t seem like the dimension, but like another place where humans lived.

From the fragmented experimental records, he could roughly guess that the phone was probably made by the woman in Sigh of the King. However, he didn’t know how it ended up in the hands of An Jing’s mother.

The Lost Immortal Sutra definitely belonged to the woman in the Sigh of the King. It had nothing to do with An Jing’s mother.

The phone and Lost Immortal Sutra are all hers. Is the interesting thing she mentioned the Lost Immortal Sutra? Or is it something else??Zhou Wen thought of the Guardian in Ant City.

Unfortunately, the video isn’t complete. Otherwise, I would have known what’s going on.?Zhou Wen really wanted to know if the woman in Sigh of the King was still alive.

He couldn’t understand what An Jing’s mother was saying, but he could understand what the woman was saying.

If the two of them came from the same world, he shouldn’t have understood either of them.

That was unless An Jing’s mother had nothing to do with this world, and that woman was the one who was related to this world. She knew the language of this world, so she could use this language to record the results of her experiments.

An Jing’s mother had used some means to obtain the phone, Lost Immortal Sutra, and other things from the woman. It was even possible that this huge ship originally belonged to the woman.

Is there really another human world in this world??Zhou Wen’s curiosity had already reached its peak. If there really was one, he wanted to take a look and see that woman’s world.

This place seemed to be the same as the dimensional space. It was boundless. No matter how fast Zhou Wen and Karoman sped up, they found themselves going in circles.

After a while, they realized that they had returned to the vicinity of the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed.

“What the hell is this place? I don’t want to be trapped here for the rest of my life. I don’t want to be turned into a specimen like these fellows,” Karoman roared gloomily.

“Since we can’t find a way out, let’s give it a shot. If I peel off the crystal, will the creature inside still be alive?” Zhou Wen looked around and planned on finding an experimental subject.