Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1855: Ant City Blueprint

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Chapter 1855: Ant City BlueprintTranslator: CKtalon

The sketch was of an ant. From the first few simple strokes to the subsequent details that were gradually filled in, it presented a strange cartoon design of an ant.

However, no matter how one looked at it, this ant looked similar to the ants from Ant City.

It couldn’t be said to be similar. They were identical.

Zhou Wen hurriedly scrolled down again. There were many more sketches. This time, it was even more obvious. The various ant prototypes from Ant City could be found here.

Without a doubt, the sketch here was likely the prototype of the Ant City dungeon.

Zhou Wen wished he could become a linguist who could immediately understand what the words meant.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t one. He could only look at the illustrations.

This document was filled with original blueprints of various ants, but he didn’t see any other pictures.

Zhou Wen closed the document and clicked on other documents to look for illustrations.

In the same folder, Zhou Wen found the design sketch of the Ant Nest. There were all sorts of scenes inside, and they were basically the same as the ones on the phone.

Could it be that this fellow designed Ant Nest??Zhou Wen looked at the corpse with a complicated expression.

He flipped through all the documents and carefully looked at all the places where he could see pictures, but he didn’t see any pictures related to phones.

He didn’t see the sketch of Ant City’s Guardian either. He didn’t even see the design of the cocoon.

Strange, why aren’t they here??Zhou Wen was puzzled.

Ant Nest’s design drafts were all there, but there were no designs of Ant City’s Guardian. There was no cocoon in the map either. This was somewhat strange.

As he couldn’t read or find files like videos and pictures, he could only put away the notebook to study when he returned.

Zhou Wen originally wanted to take the corpse out for burial, but when he thought about it, where else was more suitable as a grave?

It was basically impossible for a living person to come in and disturb him. If he was taken out for burial, someone might dig up his grave hundreds or thousands of years later and use his corpse to witness the existence of history.

Zhou Wen only took a picture of the celebrity and left her there to accompany him.

After leaving the room, he continued exploring the remaining rooms with Karoman. Most of the rooms were empty. There were a few locked rooms. After Zhou Wen opened the doors, he realized that they were empty and even cleaner. It was likely that no one had lived there.

After passing through the entire corridor—a total of two hundred rooms—he didn’t see any other creatures. He guessed that when the ship was damaged, all the creatures inside had escaped.

At the end of the corridor was a staircase that led downwards. The two of them walked down the stairs and realized that there were all sorts of machinery and equipment below. There was no space for people to live.

Zhou Wen didn’t know much about machinery, but he could tell that the ship’s machinery was a little strange. It was different from all the machinery Zhou Wen had seen before.

The various machinery inside wasn’t made of steel, but something that looked like a mix of metal and plastic. He did not know what it was.

Many machines and instruments had been destroyed. There were several large holes in the ship’s hull. It was likely that it had suffered serious damage during the battle.

Among the destroyed equipment, Zhou Wen saw that there were no circuit boards or other components inside. They were all made of rows of crystals. Only the outer shell was made of the metal and plastic-like material.

Zhou Wen picked up some crystal fragments and the material that had fallen to the ground and planned on getting someone to study them.

Although the interior was severely damaged, there were still a few instruments and some machinery operating. This was probably the reason why the ship was still moving on its own.

After circling the area, they didn’t discover anything, nor did they find any other paths. Zhou Wen and Karoman returned to the cabin on the upper level. As they walked back, they looked around again. After confirming that there was nothing else, they left the cabin.

Zhou Wen looked at the second floor on the ship. It was the control room of the ship. It had been severely damaged.

Half of the helm had been destroyed, and the remaining half was tattered. It was unknown if there was anything valuable inside.

“This ship is really strange,” said Karoman.

“How is it strange?” Zhou Wen asked casually.

“The thing down there should be the energy source of this ship, right?”

“That’s right. That was the engine room. What’s wrong with that?” Zhou Wen didn’t understand what Karoman meant.

“Since there’s an engine room, why does this ship have sails?” Karoman pointed at the tattered sails.

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback. He had really never thought of this problem.

Previously, he had the impression that this was a ship with many sails, so he didn’t sense anything amiss.

However, with Karoman raising the issue, Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss.

The ship’s propelling system was so advanced that even though it was damaged to such an extent, it could still propel the ship forward.

With such advanced technology, was there a need to use sails?

However, not only did this ship have sails, but it also had multiple sails. It was like a sailboat that could only rely on wind in ancient times.

“Are these sails meant to save energy?” Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss.

Why would a ship that could sail freely in space need that bit of wind? Furthermore, there wasn’t wind everywhere.

“Could it be just for decoration?” Zhou Wen said after some thought.

“If it’s really for decoration, there’s no need to get so many sails. Three sails will be more aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, I’ve just seen them. The design of these sails is very reasonable. They should be usable,” said Karoman.

“What do you think these sails are for?” Zhou Wen couldn’t figure out what they were for, so he asked Karoman.

“How would I know? Maybe when they are on break, they will raise the sails and let it float around,” said Karoman casually.

Zhou Wen felt that this answer was even more unreliable, but he couldn’t think of any other explanation. Therefore, he stopped thinking about it and went to the helm on the second floor.

The helm was filled with rotten wooden planks. Half of the rudder had been destroyed, and only a small portion hung on it. It looked like the drive rod had snapped.

Zhou Wen moved the wooden planks away one by one, hoping to find something useful inside.

Soon, he discovered a plastic bag with words he didn’t recognize printed on it.

When he opened it, he saw that it was filled with white things. Zhou Wen took a careful look and his expression turned odd.

This was clearly a pack of baby diapers. Zhou Wen immediately thought of An Jing. It was very likely that An Jing’s mother had lived in the helm with her and had even changed her diapers here.

Karoman was also rummaging through something on the other side when it suddenly said in surprise, “What’s this?”

Zhou Wen turned his head and saw it touching something spherical with its hooves.