Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1872 Master-Disciple Battle (3)

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Chapter 1872 Master-Disciple Battle (3)

Wang Mingyuan couldn’t dodge the third strike. He suddenly extended his hands and clamped down on Zhou Wen’s Human Sovereign Stone Saber.

With the augmentation of the combat suit, the power of the Human Sovereign Stone Saber was unparalleled. Wang Mingyuan’s hands were blasted away as his body plummeted like a meteor.

The woman regained her freedom and immediately fled in one direction.

How could Zhou Wen let her escape? The answer to all the mysteries lay with her. He had to capture her and interrogate her.


The woman hadn’t flown far when Zhou Wen appeared in front of her and struck out with Small Perfection of Wisdom’s strength.

The force pressed down on the woman like a huge palm that blotted out the sky. The woman raised her palms to resist, but the crashing palm pinned her to her spot.

“Where are you from?” Zhou Wen asked the



Before the woman could answer, a flying sword slashed at Zhou Wen from the sky.

Zhou Wen brandished his saber and sent the four fused Immortal Vanquishing Swords flying. However, Wang Mingyuan appeared in front of him like a ghost as he grabbed at his chest.

Zhou Wen had no choice but to give up on suppressing the woman and raise his palm to parry with Wang Mingyuan. A terrifying shockwave immediately swept across the sky like a tsunami.

The two of them fought an intense battle while vying for the woman.

The woman had never suffered so terribly ever since coming to this world.

Although she had been injured in the battle with the Immortal Thearch, she had never suffered such humiliation.

Zhou Wen and Wang Mingyuan treated her like fish on a chopping board. They could grab her however they wanted. More importantly, she couldn’t muster any resistance.

Without the combat suit, the woman’s combat strength was on a completely different level from theirs.

During the battle, Zhou Wen discovered the magical aspects of the combat suit.

In battle, the combat suit constantly analyzed the enemy’s various stats. Wang Mingyuan’s various energy attributes, Speed, Strength, and other information would directly be reflected into Zhou Wen’s brain.

There were even various countermeasures and solutions listed, as well as some of the functions of the combat suit itself.

For example, the light blade that the woman had been using was one of the combat suit’s functions. The light hole ability that the woman used was also one of the combat suit’s functions. However, using these functions required the combat suit to expend its stored energy, especially the light hole skill. It consumed 1% of its energy every second. The remaining energy in the combat suit only had enough for slightly over ten seconds.

This 1% energy burn per second referred to the lowest power output. If the power of the hole was increased, the energy expenditure would be even faster.

Apart from that, Zhou Wen also saw many functions. He had never seen the woman use these functions. He didn’t know if it was because the woman hadn’t used them due to the lack of energy, or if she didn’t know that they existed.

One of the automatic combat functions piqued his interest. It wasn’t that he wanted to completely rely on the combat suit, but he could pry into the combat methods of that world through the combat suit.

Zhou Wen attempted to activate automatic combat mode before he felt his body being rapidly moved by the combat suit. The light patterns on the combat suit made the combat suit charge at Wang Mingyuan at an unbelievable speed.

Was the human brain stronger than a computer?

Zhou Wen didn’t know the answer, but the combat suit’s reaction was indeed faster than humans. It could instantly calculate the enemy’s various parameters and attack their weakness in the simplest and most effective way.

Furthermore, any reaction was almost synchronized with the body. To be able to make a judgment in an instant and receive feedback from the body was fascinating.

Even with Wang Mingyuan’s strength, he was at a disadvantage fighting the combat suit.

Even someone as strong as Wang Mingyuan didn’t have a brain comparable to the combat suit. In close combat, his body was repeatedly hit by the combat suit.


The fist of the combat suit emitted light as it struck Wang Mingyuan’s chest, sending him flying tens of thousands of kilometers.

Zhou Wen turned around and chased after the fleeing woman. Before he could grab her, the Immortal Vanquishing Sword flew over again, forcing the combat suit to dodge.

Wang Mingyuan appeared opposite Zhou Wen and blocked his path. “The technology of that world is indeed magical. Even the brain of an Apocalypse-grade creature can’t keep up with such analysis and reaction. However, such an ability has its weaknesses. It’s easy for me to crack it.”

The combat suit wasn’t Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen might stop to listen to him, but the combat suit wouldn’t. Light patterns flashed on its body as it charged forward like a combat machine.

“Life isn’t as simple as processing data. No matter how powerful a computer is, it can’t calculate all the possibilities of a chaotic system. Our brains, on the other hand, can infinitely approach that threshold.” Wang Mingyuan slowly stabbed out. This strike was very slow, so slow that it was incomprehensible.

However, such a slow strike caused the combat suit to fall into a frenzy of calculations. It was as though the CPU was overloaded and was hanging. It failed to react in time.


A blade of light flashed as Wang Mingyuan’s clothes were sliced open, revealing his chest that was covered in fine transparent scales. A bloody mark appeared on the scales as blood seeped out.

Wang Mingyuan extended his finger and wiped the blood from his chest. His fingertip brushed past his lips and tasted the blood.

“I forgot. You’ve already grown up. There’s no need for me to teach you. You already know everything I know,” Wang Mingyuan said with a sigh.

Zhou Wen was also observing the combat suit’s various modes. He also noticed the flaws of the combat suit.

No matter how strong its computing ability was, it was impossible to calculate infinite values. However, although it was difficult to get an exact value, a human’s brain could rely on feelings to infinitely approach the correct value.

This feeling was very difficult to understand. If Wang Mingyuan could do it, Zhou Wen could do it as well.

However, Wang Mingyuan didn’t treat Zhou Wen as a true opponent. He never expected Zhou Wen to be able to do this, so he was injured by him.

“From the looks of it, you have indeed grown up. You are no longer my disciple, but an opponent who can fight me.” As Wang Mingyuan spoke, light threads surged out of his body. They quickly fused with his wounds and also caused his body to undergo a strange change.

His body gradually turned translucent, but his organs, bones, flesh, and blood couldn’t be seen at all. All that could be seen were countless starlight-like points of light flowing in his body as though it was an independent universe.

“Do you know what the strongest power in this world is?” Wang Mingyuan looked down at Zhou Wen like a creature produced by the universe.

“No?” Zhou Wen answered coldly.

“That’s the rules of Chaos. Chaos is nothingness. It’s a rule without any rules. If you can comprehend this, you will be the ruler of this universe. Nothing will surprise you again because everything in the world will be within your rules.” The power emitted by Wang Mingyuan tore through the Dimensional Airspace.

A tunnel that took the combined strength of nine Devil pets to open was torn open by Wang Mingyuan alone. Furthermore, the power that tore through space was only because of his excessive power. It wasn’t deliberate.