Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1873: Ascending to the Destiny Platform Again

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Chapter 1873 Ascending to the Destiny Platform Again

Zhou Wen watched as Wang Mingyuan grew stronger, but in the end, he couldn’t sense his strength fluctuations at all.

Not sensing any energy fluctuations didn’t mean that they no longer existed, but that he had such overwhelming power that it was undetectable.

It was just like how humans lived on Earth but couldn’t sense Earth’s high-speed movement. When the difference in strength was large enough to accommodate the other party, there was no way to sense it.

How many Apocalypse-grade creatures did he devour to have such strength? Zhou Wen was somewhat alarmed. Such strength was indeed terrifying As though reading Zhou Wen’s mind, Wang Mingyuan spoke with a smile, “Even if you absorb all the power of the dimension’s Apocalypse-grade creatures, it’s impossible to reach such a level. The source of strength isn’t about quantity; it’s about what you have and how it can be used.

“What you have determines your upper limit, and what you can do with these things determines if there’s a limit,” Wang Mingyuan said as he looked up slightly. Zhou Wen felt an omnipresent force pressing down on his body as though it wanted to crush him.

“Warning… Warning… Discovered cosmic power… Please immediately activate Cosmic mode…” The combat suit’s voice sounded in Zhou Wen’s mind again.

“Activate Cosmic mode.” Zhou Wen authorized the combat suit to carry out the order.

The light patterns on the combat suit immediately produced an intense reaction. The entire combat suit turned into light as though a ball of white energy was enveloping Zhou Wen.

After Cosmic mode was activated, the combat suit’s analysis appeared in his mind again.

“Unknown creature… Cosmic energy level… 0.99…” According to the analysis of the combat suit, Wang Mingyuan’s energy value didn’t even seem to reach 1.

Zhou Wen didn’t know how it was categorized. Such powerful energy wasn’t even at 1.

“Maintaining Cosmic mode requires additional energy from the owner’s body. Detected insufficient energy; using stored energy to maintain Cosmic mode. Currently, the energy level is at 16%. It can maintain Cosmic mode for 13 seconds… 13… 12…” The combat suit’s voice constantly sounded in Zhou Wen’s mind.

Wang Mingyuan looked at him and said with a smile, “That combat suit is indeed good stuff. Unfortunately, you know nothing about its essence, nor do you have the ability to control it. How long can you maintain this state?”

“It doesn’t matter how long it takes.” Zhou Wen switched off the combat suit’s Cosmic mode.

“Leave the combat suit and that woman behind and you may leave,” Wang Mingyuan said to Zhou Wen, believing that he had given up.

“Defeat me and everything will naturally be yours.” The Lost Immortal Sutra in Zhou Wen’s body circulated crazily.

“Is my action even required? Without the energy support of the combat suit, you aren’t qualified to be my opponent,” Wang Mingyuan said.

“Just because it’s not enough now doesn’t mean it won’t ever be enough.” As Zhou Wen spoke, his figure suddenly vanished. When he appeared again, he had already arrived behind the woman and grabbed her.

“It’s useless. Without the power of the combat suit, you can’t take her away.” Wang Mingyuan looked at Zhou Wen as the power of the entire universe seemed to press down on him.

Ignoring spatial teleportation, he couldn’t even move a step. The entire space pressed down on him, making it difficult for him to move.

Zhou Wen’s combat suit activated Cosmic mode again which enveloped his body like a blob of light.

“How many seconds can you last? Ten seconds? Eight?” Wang Mingyuan was like the ruler of the universe as he walked towards Zhou Wen step by step. No matter how Zhou Wen changed his position, he arrived in front of him.

No matter which way Zhou Wen went or how he used spatial teleportation, the outcome was the same-Wang Mingyuan appeared in front of him with a single step.

Wang Mingyuan wasn’t in a rush to fight Zhou Wen. He could easily defeat Zhou Wen and snatch the woman back when the combat suit’s energy was depleted.

However, when Zhou Wen moved again, Wang Mingyuan frowned and didn’t chase after him. He stood there and looked at Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen stood on the stone steps of the staircase and pulled the woman up.

“You plan on using the Destiny Platform’s energy to charge the combat suit again?” Wang Mingyuan watched Zhou Wen run up the stairs without any intention of chasing after him.

The Cube lit up again. To everyone’s surprise, Human Sovereign was pulling the woman and running up the stairs again.

“Again? Doing this again and again. Is he having a good time?”

“Boss, that’s a staircase, not a slide. Don’t do that…”

“Others scale the staircase, but what’s Human Sovereign doing?”

“Human Sovereign, can we be more serious? This is a high-end place in the dimension. How can you use it as a playground?”

Although people said that Human Sovereign shouldn’t be using it as a playground, they were all in high spirits.

Zhou Wen pulled the woman up. His speed wasn’t very fast because he didn’t use the power to block taboos. Instead, he suffered the power of the staircase.

His present strength was unable to resist Wang Mingyuan, and the energy reserves of his combat suit were insufficient. Only by using the Destiny Platform’s power to advance to the Apocalypse grade could he have the capital to fight Wang Mingyuan.

Zhou Wen had already tried countless times in-game. With his own strength, he couldn’t advance to the Apocalypse grade without the energy baptism of the Destiny Platform.

However, today’s battle gave him a new idea.

The energy of the combat suit and Wang Mingyuan inspired Zhou Wen.

Wang Mingyuan was right. It wasn’t necessarily true that one was stronger with greater powers. It depended on what one had and how one used these powers.

This sentence reminded him that the most important thing was the combat suit’s Cosmic mode. It gave Zhou Wen a new understanding of the Immortal Lost Sutra. He figured out why he found it so difficult to cultivate. It wasn’t that the Lost Immortal Sutra itself was difficult, but that the rules of the world he understood were different from the rules needed by the Lost Immortal Sutra. Therefore, Zhou Wen had never understood many things about the Lost Immortal Sutra.

However, after seeing the combat suit’s Cosmic mode and Wang Mingyuan’s strength, Zhou Wen knew what the problem was.

Without a doubt, the No-Rules power Wang Mingyuan had comprehended was essentially because he had understood the rules of another world. He had combined the rules of that world with the power of this world to produce the so-called No-Rules power.

Zhou Wen pulled the woman onto the Destiny Platform. The power of the staircase couldn’t stop him at all. Even the woman was pulled onto the Destiny Platform.

Terrifying energy immediately condensed on the Destiny Platform. However, this time, Zhou Wen didn’t wear his combat suit to receive the Destiny Platform’s energy.

He released the woman and removed the combat suit, allowing it to float beside him. He used his body to receive the baptism of the Destiny Platform’s power.