Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1877: Something Grandpa Left Behind

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Chapter 1877: Something Grandpa Left BehindTranslator: CKtalon

After leaving Chess Mountain, Zhou Wen knew that the battle at Destiny Platform was truly crazy.

Wang Mingyuan and The Thearch would participate in the battle at Destiny Platform to vie for the throne of the dimension. Unfortunately, he was also embroiled.

The name on Destiny Platform isn’t mine, but my Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign. I wonder if I can avoid participating in this battle. Zhou Wen wasn’t afraid, but he didn’t know why he needed to participate in this battle.

He didn’t want to become the dimensional king, nor did he have an enemy he had to kill. Why would he participate in this battle?

As he walked towards Luoyang, Zhou Wen kept thinking about something.

He could directly teleport to Luoyang City or even accurately enter a room, but he walked slowly because he was still in a dilemma and couldn’t make a decision.

The woman he trapped might be An Jing’s mother, but it was also possible that she wasn’t.

After all, even the woman’s own memories weren’t reliable. Who knew if the memory of An Jing being her child had been stuffed into her mind by someone?

If she was really An Jing’s mother, shouldn’t he let An Jing know of her existence? Zhou Wen felt that she had the right.

However, if the woman wasn’t An Jing’s mother, letting An Jing know of this would only add to her worries.

As he pondered, Zhou Wen had already walked to the door of Overseer Manor.

Although Zhou Wen had already concealed his true appearance and ordinary people couldn’t tell who he was, An Sheng was already waiting at the door.

“Young Master Wen, Overseer is waiting for you,” An Sheng said with a heavy expression.

“Why isn’t Ah Yong here?” Zhou Wen couldn’t help but frown when he didn’t sense Ah Yong’s aura.

“She’s out,” An Sheng said as he walked. “I owe that child too much. I should have spent more time with her, but unfortunately, it’s the most critical moment now. I really don’t have the time to accompany her.”

Zhou Wen knew what An Sheng meant. Now that Earth’s full-scale breakout was imminent, Luoyang might be fine, but all sorts of dimensional creatures had long run amok elsewhere. Most humans could only be active in specific dimensional zones.

The dimensional zones that used to look extremely dangerous had now become a safe zone for humans.

Of course, that was only limited to dimensional zones controlled by humans. Even so, there was still news of mutations of already-controlled dimensional zones, wiping out the humans hiding inside.

The reason Luoyang was better was firstly because of the An family’s actions, and secondly, because this was the place closest to Chess Mountain. This was the last place to break out.

What puzzled Zhou Wen was that An Sheng didn’t take him to An Tianzuo’s office. After passing through the City Lord Manor, he didn’t walk far from the back door before arriving at an area surrounded by an electric fence.

Even with An Sheng’s status, he needed to produce a special device when he passed by the guard, allowing the guard to verify it before passing.

After the two of them entered, Zhou Wen realized that there was only one building in the fenced area.

It was a strange building that looked like a huge metal rod embedded with crystals stabbing into the sky.

Although it was taller than many skyscrapers and had a diameter of dozens of meters, on careful look, one would realize that it wasn’t a building. It was more like an energy transmission device.

An Tianzuo stood in front of the huge pillar-like installation. Many staff members were busy working on it.

“Did you bring that woman?” An Tianzuo turned to look at Zhou Wen when he heard An Sheng’s voice.

“You know her?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown.

“No, but I can guess that she’s related to Little Jing.” An Tianzuo stared at Zhou Wen and said, “Before figuring out the truth, I don’t want anyone to disturb Little Jing.”

“Do you know the truth?” Zhou Wen asked An Tianzuo.

“No. Didn’t you come here to tell me the truth?” An Tianzuo said indifferently.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s the truth.” Zhou Wen didn’t wish to waste his breath on An Tianzuo as he recounted the woman’s relationship with Little Jing, as well as the woman’s origins and everything else.

An Tianzuo and An Sheng were shocked when they heard that. They only knew that An Jing wasn’t Zhou Lingfeng and Ouyang Lan’s child. When they saw the woman on the Cube’s screen, for some reason, they felt that the woman was related to An Jing, but they didn’t know that there was such a complicated relationship.

“In other words, there are two possibilities. This woman might be Little Jing’s biological mother, or it might be a memory that someone injected into her mind,” An Tianzuo said after some thought.

“Yes, if we want to know the answer, I’m afraid we can only enter the research facility the woman mentioned.” Zhou Wen even began to suspect if the world the woman mentioned existed. Perhaps it was just a research facility for higher-level creatures in the universe.

“How can we enter that research facility?” An Tianzuo clearly had the same thoughts as Zhou Wen. He wanted to visit it.

“That woman said that she brought a device along that allows her to return, but that device was lost in the battle with The Thearch. She doesn’t know how she can return now.” Zhou Wen sighed.

“Can’t we build another one?” An Tianzuo frowned slightly.

“I’m afraid it’s very difficult. That woman doesn’t know anything.” Zhou Wen paused and said, “However, The Thearch said that she has already vaguely sensed the existence of a certain inexplicable place. She firmly believes that’s where the woman comes from. As long as she takes that final step, she can reach it. Therefore, she will participate in the Destiny Platform battle and use the Destiny Platform’s power to take that final step.”

“Don’t tell me there aren’t any clues regarding that device?” An Tianzuo still didn’t give up. He had to figure out An Jing’s true identity before deciding if he should let An Jing know about all of this.

“You can ask her yourself.” Zhou Wen waved his hand and a ball of light the size of a glass ball appeared in front of An Tianzuo and An Sheng. The ball of light grew bigger and bigger until it was the size of a person. Through the ball of light, they could see the imprisoned woman inside.

“Your daughter is in their hands. If you want to see your daughter, answer their questions properly.” With that said, Zhou Wen turned around and left. He still had to see Zhou Lingfeng and didn’t wish to waste time here.

“Young Master Wen, I’ll walk you out.” An Sheng hurriedly chased after him, leaving An Tianzuo alone to interrogate the woman.

“Young Master Wen, this is the central area that connects Luoyang region’s entire dimensional zone. We call that fellow Optimus. If you encounter danger, you can come here. We can use Optimus to help you, but preparations take time. It’s best if you give us three hours to prepare,” An Sheng whispered to Zhou Wen.

“What can it do?” Zhou Wen asked as he glanced at the metal column.

“It can extract the dimensional zone’s power from the entire Luoyang area, including Chess Mountain’s energy. Although we haven’t fully harnessed its full power, we have determined from our tests numbering over a thousand that at full power, it would only need three hours to condense enough energy to kill an Apocalypse grade… Of course… This is only a deduction. There might be some mistakes…” An Sheng laughed dryly.

“How did you extract Chess Mountain’s power?” Zhou Wen asked in surprise.

“It might be an involved explanation, but the rough explanation is that there are veins between all the dimensional zones on Earth. However, these veins aren’t easy to find. We have more or less grasped the veins of the dimensional zones near Luoyang. We can use Optimus to extract the energy from these dimensional zones…” An Sheng had already put it very simply, but Zhou Wen still didn’t understand what the veins were.

After separating from An Sheng, Zhou Wen went to Zhou Lingfeng’s residence. After finding him, he told him what he knew.

After Zhou Lingfeng heard that, he said with a bitter smile, “I never expected there to be so many twists and turns. The real mastermind actually isn’t this woman.”

“Do you think she’s An Jing’s mother?” Zhou Wen asked Zhou Lingfeng.

An Jing had been personally carried out of the core by Zhou Lingfeng. He was most qualified to answer this question.

“I think so.” Zhou Lingfeng gave an unexpected answer.

“Why?” Zhou Wen didn’t know what basis Zhou Lingfeng had for saying that.

“If what you said is true, then the woman and Little Jing should be experimental subjects. Or rather, the real experimental subject is actually Little Jing. The woman is only the person who sent Little Jing over and completed the experiment. The woman and Little Jing are very ordinary. Why did they choose such ordinary people? If Little Jing is suitable as an experimental subject because of her congenital problems, then what about the woman? Unless there’s some inevitable connection between them. Even if the woman discovers the truth, she will complete the experiment according to their plans. This can only be because of family ties, so I think the possibility of them being biological mother and daughter is very high.” Zhou Lingfeng shared his thoughts.

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and felt that what Zhou Lingfeng said made sense. However, this was only speculation. He couldn’t confirm that she was An Jing’s mother.

“Was the phone and Earth Companion Egg really accidentally picked up by my grandfather?” Zhou Wen had always been suspicious of this. If it was really accidentally picked up by his grandfather, why couldn’t others use the phone but him?

“It was really picked up from the well by accident. Otherwise? Do you think our ancestors are qualified to participate in such a battle?” Zhou Lingfeng spread out his hands and said, “Anyway, that’s what my father told me.”

Zhou Wen thought that it made sense. Humans had no right to participate in the battle between the woman and Immortal Thearch.

“Apart from the phone and Earth Companion Egg, was there anything else?” Zhou Wen had come to Zhou Lingfeng mainly to find out if his grandfather had picked up the device that led to the research facility.

“Yes.” Zhou Lingfeng thought for a moment and said, “But I heard from your grandfather that the father-in-law of mine took it.”