Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1876: Truth and Illusion

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Chapter 1876: Truth and IllusionTranslator: CKtalon

“My home… Facility…” The woman’s expression turned odder.

Zhou Wen gazed at her and knew that there was indeed something wrong. How could anyone describe their world as a world without gods?

No matter how different the two worlds were, they would have some detailed descriptions and not say things like a world without gods. This sentence itself made Zhou Wen find it odd.

This didn’t seem like something a human would say. It was more like an answer preset by a machine.

The woman was clearly not a machine, so why did she answer the question like this?

“What do you remember?” Zhou Wen stared at the woman and asked.

“I remember that my husband and I were very loving… We had a daughter… But she wasn’t very healthy… And my world… I remember… I remember…” The woman became incoherent.

Zhou Wen could imagine her current feelings. If it were him, he might have collapsed as well.

“Tell me, how do you use the toilet in your world? What kind of food do you eat? Where did you buy food?” Zhou Wen asked some more questions.

“The toilet is in the room… The food is purchased from the food machine… I remember now… Everything in our world is automatic. Whatever we need, we just need to press a button and things will be delivered through the pipes…” The woman had already realized the problem, but she couldn’t bring herself to question her life. She was still trying to find some evidence to prove that her life was hers.

“In other words, you have never left your home. Everything you know comes from those technological products, right?” Zhou Wen asked after some thought.

“Of course I left home. How can I not have left home… Didn’t I go to the research facility…” the woman said with a pale face and trembling lips.

“And apart from the research facility?” Zhou Wen asked.

“Apart from the research facility… I… I…” The woman couldn’t continue.

“Also, you said that the research facility belongs to a very powerful person. Then what’s that person’s name? You never said her name.” Zhou Wen pressed further.

“I don’t know. I only know that she’s very powerful, but I don’t know her name…” The woman shook her head in pain.

“You are full of contradictions. You say that she’s very powerful, so she must be very famous. You even know that her cultivation technique is called Lost Immortal Sutra, so why don’t you know her name? At the very least, she should have a professional title or something,” Zhou Wen enunciated each word clearly.

“I… don’t know… I really don’t know her name…” The woman shook her head in horror.

“Then you should know your husband’s name, right?” Zhou Wen looked at the woman and asked his last question.

“Of course I know my husband’s name… His… His name is…” The woman suddenly broke down as she held her head and let out a heart-wrenching scream.

Without needing the woman to answer, he already knew the answer.

This woman was just a puppet. Perhaps her memories had long been tampered with. Perhaps she had been an experimental subject since she was born.

She brought the phone and Lost Immortal Sutra. The person behind the scenes probably wanted her to bring these things here. Who is the person behind the scenes? Is it the woman in the Lost Immortal Sutra? What does she want??Zhou Wen imagined that he could approach the truth after finding this woman, but he suddenly realized that the truth was even more complicated and puzzling than he imagined.

Who’s controlling all of this? Is the world I’m in real or illusory??Zhou Wen was already beginning to doubt the authenticity of this world.

The phone could simulate this world’s dimensional zone out of thin air. In the past, Zhou Wen only found it magical, but now that he thought about it carefully, he suddenly found it terrifying.

Why can a phone download dungeons in reality? Could it be that this world is built from data streams, allowing it to be downloaded into the game? Could this entire world be virtual??Zhou Wen felt a chill run down his spine.

Although he felt certain that this world was real, who knew if this feeling was just a kind of data?

Just like everything the woman had experienced, the truth she believed in, and even the fact that she was willing to risk her life for it, didn’t seem that reliable now.

“No… No… I have a family… I have a husband… I have a child… Yes… I have a child… My child can prove everything… This can’t be fake…” The woman pounced over crazily and grabbed Zhou Wen. “You know where my child is, right? You know, right?”

“Yes, I know.” Zhou Wen nodded slightly.

“Take me to her. My life can’t be a lie. I have a child.” The woman’s expression was somewhat distorted.

“Alright,” Zhou Wen agreed. Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign appeared behind the woman and pressed a hand on her head. A ball of light trapped the woman inside.

No matter how the woman struggled, she failed to escape the ball of light.

The ball of light had the characteristics of the First Order of Chaos. It was nigh indestructible against anything under the power of the Apocalypse grade.

The Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign reached out and grabbed it. The ball of light automatically shrank, turning into a glass ball the size of a pigeon egg that landed in Zhou Wen’s hand.

From the looks of it, I can only meet that person.?With a thought, Zhou Wen tore through the dimensional space and teleported back to Earth.

Now that the Dimensional Airspace couldn’t withstand Zhou Wen’s Apocalypse-grade strength, Zhou Wen arrived in front of Chess Mountain’s mountain wall.

The flower was still growing on the mountain wall, sunbathing lazily.

“The Thearch, I’m here,” Zhou Wen said as he looked at the flower.

There were a total of five people who had come into contact with the truth. Jing Daoxian and Zhou Lingfeng’s knowledge was likely limited. They had never been on the huge ship and knew nothing about the other world.

Wang Mingyuan and the former principal had been on a ship before, so they had some understanding of the other world. However, even they didn’t know if what they knew was the truth.

Zhou Wen guessed that the things on the ship were deliberately brought over by the mastermind. The credibility of those things wasn’t high.

If there was anyone who could understand the truth, it would be the Immortal Thearch who had wrecked the woman’s plan—The Thearch of present day.

“You want to know about that woman?” The flower’s green leaves extended out in an extremely human-like manner as though it was stretching.

“Yes.” Zhou Wen nodded.

“Then you’ve asked the wrong person.” The Thearch’s answer exceeded Zhou Wen’s expectations.

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Wen asked again.

“I’ve never been on that ship. I don’t know much more than Wang Mingyuan. If you want to know anything, you should ask Wang Mingyuan, not me,” The Thearch said.

“What I see might not be true. I want to know your answer,” Zhou Wen said after some thought.

“My answer is very simple. Go to that world and take a look. You will naturally understand everything,” The Thearch said. “If you aren’t confident, you can ask someone. She’s the person most likely to understand that world.”

“Isn’t it Wang Mingyuan?” Zhou Wen asked in surprise.

“Of course not. Everything that woman brought back then has been studied by that person. Do you think anyone knows that world better than her?” The Thearch said with a smile.

“Devil King…” Zhou Wen immediately knew who The Thearch was referring to.

However, the Devil King had already become the present Demonic Neonate. She no longer had her past memories, so what could he ask? Unless Zhou Wen allowed Demonic Neonate to fuse with the Devil Soul left behind by the Devil King and retrieve her past memories.

But was such a Demonic Neonate still Demonic Neonate? Even if she was still Demonic Neonate, would she forgive him for killing her?

Zhou Wen felt mixed emotions as he was momentarily at a loss.

“She has already grown up. Even if you don’t let go, she will slowly awaken. When she advances to the Apocalypse grade, it will be the day the Devil King returns,” The Thearch said indifferently as though she had long seen through Demonic Neonate’s identity.

“That’s true.” Zhou Wen sighed and looked up at the flower. “Do you need me to release you?”

There was no point in continuing to imprison The Thearch. If she wanted to be released, Zhou Wen didn’t mind doing the favor.

“Unnecessary. The break-out is at hand. I should have time to participate in the Destiny Battle,” The Thearch said with a smile.

“You want to participate in the Destiny Battle?” Zhou Wen was alarmed.

“Of course, I want to become the rightful Lord of the Dimension. Then, I’ll go to that world to see who’s controlling all of this. It should be a very interesting opponent,” The Thearch said.