Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1879: Break Out

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Chapter 1879: Break OutTranslator: CKtalon

Wh— Don’t I need to drip any blood??Zhou Wen was completely unprepared for this revelation.

The woman hadn’t mentioned that the combat suit could be connected to the phone, nor had she mentioned that the combat suit could directly activate the gaming phone.

On second thought, he understood the reason.

The woman hadn’t completely activated the combat suit previously. She had only used the passcode to activate some of the defensive functions of the combat suit—not the core functions.

Zhou Wen chose to enter the game and felt a virtual screen appear in front of him. The dungeon icon from the phone appeared in front of him.

After choosing the Destiny Platform icon, the scene in front of him changed. He realized that he had arrived at the staircase.

Is this the correct way to launch the phone games? There’s no need to use the phone and control it with my mind. I can directly enter the game. The combat suit will also be worn on me… If I die like this, can I revive…?Zhou Wen studied it for a while and realized that other than the combat suit, nothing from reality had been brought into the game.

In other words, he was still using his avatar in-game, but it was more three-dimensional and realistic than before.

If his perceptive feedback in-game was 50% previously, he was getting 100% now. It was almost no different from the real world.

The various functions of the combat suit could also be used in-game.

Zhou Wen attempted to ascend the Destiny Platform before using the combat suit to absorb the energy descending from it. The energy in the combat suit increased at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After the Destiny Baptism ended, the combat suit’s energy reached 21%. Zhou Wen chose to quit the game and realized that the combat suit in reality also had 21% energy.

That makes things easier.?Zhou Wen entered the Destiny Platform again and again, using the Destiny Baptism to increase the combat suit’s energy.

After six consecutive attempts, the combat suit was finally fully charged.

Zhou Wen didn’t attempt to activate the crystal with the combat suit because he didn’t plan on going to the world the woman came from. He had to resolve the matter at hand first.

Advancing to the true Apocalypse grade was his top priority. Otherwise, he wasn’t 100% confident of surviving the subsequent Destiny Battle.

The Thearch and Wang Mingyuan were existences that had already reached the epitome of this world. Zhou Wen had to defeat them.

After experiencing the advancement path of the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign, Zhou Wen now understood that the reason he couldn’t advance to the Apocalypse grade wasn’t because he lacked energy.

His own energy was enough to support the Lost Immortal Sutra’s advancement to the Apocalypse grade. The reason he hadn’t advanced to the Apocalypse grade was that he lacked a deeper understanding of the Lost Immortal Sutra.

Thankfully, Wang Mingyuan’s No-Rules and the features presented by the combat suit had already given Zhou Wen a deeper understanding of the Lost Immortal Sutra.

With this understanding, Zhou Wen was already confident that he could directly advance to the Apocalypse grade, but he didn’t do so.

This was because his understanding was only of the Lost Immortal Sutra, and the Lost Immortal Sutra came from another world.

If he used these insights to advance to the Apocalypse grade, it would actually be the Lost Immortal Sutra advancing to the Apocalypse grade, not him advancing to the Apocalypse grade.

Many parts of the Lost Immortal Sutra were incompatible with this world. Zhou Wen’s understanding of the world was also incompatible. Zhou Wen couldn’t accept advancing to the Apocalypse grade in such a state.

He wanted to modify the Lost Immortal Sutra and make it his cornerstone, not advance it.

The Lost Immortal Sutra was from another world—what Zhou Wen needed was a Lost Immortal Sutra he could call his own.

Zhou Wen calmed down and studied the Lost Immortal Sutra daily, waiting for the day it was completely compatible with him.

Time passed day by day. Occasionally, some creatures would attempt the Destiny Platform, resulting in more than ten names on the rankings.

Dimensional zones around the world constantly broke out. Earth had almost become a paradise for dimensional creatures.

In space, planets constantly exploded as all sorts of terrifying dimensional creatures emerged. Space became a new battlefield.

All sorts of cosmic creatures evolved through killing in the universe. Every lifeform’s starting point was at least a Calamity.

There were also many cosmic creatures that ascended Destiny Platform—the number of Apocalypse-grade existences was even higher from the dimension.

In this era, humans appeared increasingly puny and lacking in presence. If it wasn’t for the few human names on the rankings, the world would have almost forgotten this race that was originally the ruler.

Or rather, humans had never dominated anything. They had only been guarding Earth.

For some reason, although the battle in space was intense, Earth remained ignored. No cosmic creature came to Earth.

A human was fighting a dimensional creature in the wilderness when he suddenly heard cracking sounds in the sky.

Even the dimensional creature fighting him was stunned. It couldn’t help but look up at the sky.

With a glance, the person was immediately stunned. The blue sky seemed to crack like glass.

The cracks crisscrossed in the air and constantly spread. It looked like the entire sky was about to shatter.

“It’s finally coming.” An Tianzuo stood in front of Optimus and looked at the sky that was about to shatter. Behind him were rows of soldiers.

“Overseer, everything is in order.” An Sheng came to An Tianzuo’s side and saluted.

“Then let’s begin,” An Tianzuo said as he stared at the sky.

In Luoyang City, everyone looked at the sky in horror. They watched as the cracks in the sky grew bigger and bigger, winding for hundreds of thousands of kilometers.


A strange wind rose from their sides, like a wind that came from underground into the sky.

How could the wind blow from the ground to the sky? No one knew where the wind came from.

However, the strange wind became more and more intense. Some of the smaller things on the ground were blown into the sky.

A two- or three-year-old child was blown into the air by the wind because of an adult’s carelessness. Furthermore, he rose higher and higher as though he was about to fly towards the growing crack in the sky.

The child’s parents yelled in horror as they jumped to grab their child, but they failed.

Even they were about to be blown into the sky by the strange wind.

The shop signs on the streets were torn apart by the wind and flew into the sky. The trees rustled as some small trees were uprooted and also flew into the sky.

The wind! It grew stronger and stronger! Even the buildings began to tremble as though they would collapse at any moment.

Similar situations happened all over the world. Apart from humans who had long hidden in dimensional zones, there were humans swept into the sky everywhere outside. Many dimensional creatures were also swept into the sky.


In the middle of Luoyang, a white pillar of light rose into the sky. It was like an erupting volcano as it spread out in the sky. The spiderweb-like light gradually transformed into an umbrella that blotted out the sky, enveloping the entire area of Luoyang.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

When the light barrier fully enveloped Luoyang, the strange wind vanished. The things that were swept into the sky smashed down one after another.

Cars fell from the sky, smashing holes in the ground as all sorts of things rained down.

After a long while, when everything calmed down, the people hiding in refuge centers walked out and saw that the cracks in the sky outside the barrier were extremely huge.


With a loud boom, the sky shattered like glass. The entire Earth trembled as the clouds in the sky completely dissipated.

Looking from afar, it was as though the entire Earth was spewing out shockwaves.

As this happened all sorts of things on Earth spewed out.

Rubble, buildings, cars, machinery, icebergs, trees—all sorts of things were spewed into space.

Apart from the dimensional zones, everywhere on Earth looked apocalyptic.

The cities were completely destroyed. All human civilization was destroyed and thrown into space, leaving behind huge craters.

Oxygen was almost depleted. Only the ancient buildings in the dimensional zones remained standing, becoming humanity’s last sanctuary.

Everyone looked at the apocalyptic scene in horror as they looked up at the sky uneasily.

“We can finally come over!” A terrifying huge creature appeared in the sky, its shadow enveloping most of Earth.

The creature grew bigger and bigger, looking even bigger than the entire planet. It was descending towards Earth.

Everyone was extremely alarmed. Such a huge creature made Earth seem like a ball in front of it. If it descended, it would probably crush the entire planet.

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